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I was incredibly disappointed in the poor design of this plug's structure. Despite being completely enamored of the way it feels and the realistic material, I was thoroughly crestfallen to find that it was difficult to insert and use on my own! Not a beginner's toy and not good for playing by yourself. Also note...It smells dreadful.
Realistic feel, appealing design w/delightfully pleasurable ridges and sensation of fullness.
Flimsy, poorly designed, horrible odor, not for beginners, difficult to insert/use in solo play.
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Being that this toy was my very first assignment, I was extremely excited to receive it and try it out! I rushed over to the mail room on campus and picked it up straightaway. I didn't even make it back to my dorm room before I opened it, lol! I stopped at my car in the parking lot to get it out of the box and check it out. All right, I admit. I'm kinda short-handed in the patience department.

Well...first impressions. I find the appearance of it very arousing. The head of it isn't nearly as bright pink as it looks in the pictures on here. It's much more toned down. The packaging was extremely easy to open and I popped the plastic casing apart while I was in the car and took the plug out without the help of scissors or anything. I pulled it out of the packaging and felt it. It felt WONDERFUL. It's so realistic. You can feel the more solid, stiff core beneath the smooth, silky, New SuperSoft "skin". It feels like a real cock.

However, on first coming out of the package, it left a thick, greasy feel on my fingers. I brought it back to my room and hopped into the shower to try it out. First, I rinsed it off, washing both the plug and my hands with soap. That got rid of the oily sensation, but then I noticed a very...shall we say "distinctive" odor. The toy has a strange, sickly sweet smell...It smells terrible and the scent is just overpowering. It reeks of chemicals. I'm hoping, desperately, that this smell fades rapidly. Oh, and, for the record...I gave the tip a little lick before I used it and...It tastes just as bad as it smells!

Once in the shower with my newly cleaned 4 1/2 inch little buddy, I lubed up and slowly prepped myself, playing with my fingers and with a slightly smaller, vibrating toy. Even still, the UR3 Raging Butt Plug was a bit large for me. This is my first plug and let me say, despite the claims in the description of this product, this is NOT a beginner's plug. If you're a first-timer, try something slimmer. Trust me.

The worst thing about this toy (besides the odor) is that the base and the narrowed notch are just too damn flimsy. I had the hardest time just getting it in, even with my careful prep work. The base is too floppy for you to just hold and press it in. You have to grip around the actual shaft of the cock, which is much stiffer than the weak base. This grip makes it an extremely awkward insertion process. It's difficult to find an angle at which you can control the toy easily. The best way I found to play with it was to lie on my side and reach behind me. That's the only way I could grip it to move it in and out and even then the base doesn't have enough structural integrity for it to be used easily or comfortably.

It does, however...Feel absolutely wonderful. The large, "veiny" ridges are delicious. It feels amazing inside and gives a comfortable feeling of fullness. I have extremely mixed feelings about this toy. My deep love of the way it feels is very nearly overpowered by the horrible stench and the feeble structure of the base. I wish that this toy had a better design at the base and that it was more user-friendly!

Be sure to wash before and after each use and dust it with corn starch or baby powder to help the delicate material maintain its realistic feel. Use only water-based lubricants as oil or silicone-based lubes can cause some surface damage. The plug has proved, thus far, very easy to clean on the surface, but because of its material it is likely to hold odors and germs. It is recommended that you cover this toy with a condom before play due to the porous material that it is made from, especially if you will be sharing it with a partner or using it on your other entrances as well.
Follow-up commentary
While I still stand by the claim that the handle / base is poorly designed and is much too flimsy to be convenient, this baby has helped me to a heaping load of orgasms at this point. I am absolutely infatuated with it. The color is nothing like what is shown in the pictures here, especially now that I've had it a while. The tip has faded to just a very dull pink, almost the same color as the shaft and base. There's only a very slight difference. Also, the overwhelming, sickly-sweet scent has faded, but is still present. The deep ridges are positively delicious. I love to pull it out veeerrryy slowly, ridge by ridge, and just give it a little nudge and let it sink back inside of me. With a bit of warming up and a fair amount of lubricant, this toy has become one of my very favorites. If you can figure out a creative way to hold it so that you have a secure grip, it's absolutely divine to fuck yourself with it. The texture is incredible. I can't get enough.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    I'm glad it's not so bright pink as the picture. That always sort of creeped me out. Lol. Good review. Smile
  • Contributor: Sammi
    Lol - the look of this one freaks me out. Hopefully the smell will dissipate for you.
    Good review!
  • Contributor: Viv
    I'm also really glad it's less pink. and too bad the base is so floppy. Definitely want to stick to cornstarch on this. Talc powder has been shown to be a health risk when used in this manner.
  • Contributor: lexical
    Thanks, Carrie Ann and Sammi and Saurou. I really wasn't sure about the bright pink, but the shape of it is actually very arousing to me Smile I like those ridges! Mine is powdered and feels very nice and soft, but still with that awful odor...I hope it starts to fade soon!

    Talc powder is a possible carcinogen, isn't it, Saurou?

  • Contributor: PurpleReign
    The colouring in the photo sort of has the 70's novelty shop/sex shop vibe to it.

    Glad it worked out in the, er, end.
  • Contributor: lexical
    LOL, PurpleReign! Big smile
  • Contributor: lexical
    I'm still loving this toy. I wore it the other day when I went grocery shopping and came home soaked through my jeans. It's extremely comfortable to wear for prolonged periods, but is still bulky enough to constantly remind you of its presence!
  • Contributor: titi
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: pinkzombie
    Thank you!
  • Contributor: butterflygirlxo
    awesome review
  • Contributor: lexical
    You're so welcome! And thanks for the comments!
  • Contributor: bayosgirl
  • Contributor: booyahshaka91
  • Contributor: LavenderSkies
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