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Alice in Wonderland... Plug?

This is great plug for someone graduating from beginner to intermediate sizes. The Probe has a nice firmness, and enough flexibility to be very comfortable. Once fully inserted, there is a great hold and no fear of it falling out! Main downside is that it cannot be sterilized.
Good length, firm, flexible, works with silicone lube.
PVC smell (which does fade), very porous material, cannot be sterilized.
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California Exotics has come out with a new line of butt plugs, the Pixie line. With two different plugs, this review goes over the Probe which looks like a spade. The other plug is the Pixie Curve, which to me looks like a Who from Whoville. Both of these plugs are made from PVC, which isn't the most hygienic material on the market. This is a porous material that can harbor bacteria, so cleaning is a definite need. PVC cannot be sterilized, if one were to try, it would melt!

The Pixie Probe is actually a really nice plug, and it has a good tapered effect. It starts out small, and adds a good size of girth for that nice full feeling. It than tapers quickly back down so it doesn't slip out during use. The main issue I had with the Probe is that when trying to remove, it was a bit harder to take out because it didn't have the same degree of tapering as the inserting side.

How big is this little sucker you ask? Well the total length, including base, is 4.5”. The insertion tip begins at just over .25” diameter, the largest part is just over 1.75” diameter, and the neck just under 1” diameter. This plug does have a suction cup. I attached the plug to the top of my closed lap top, which weighs about 7lbs. and the suction cup held and picked up my laptop without failing.

To expand a little more on the PVC material, it is compatible with water and silicone based lubricants. If memory serves, oil based lubricants will break the PVC material down. This material does have a smell to it, however these plugs don't have a strong smell, and it has faded considerably since I received it.

Antibacterial soap and warm water would work for cleaning this item, but I do personally suggest using toy cleaner. I've had the Pixie Curve in my toy collection for some months now, and have seen no negative effects from it in regards to being around other toys. This toy should not be shared because it cannot be sterilized, if you plan to share, make sure to put a condom on it before the next person uses it.
I love finding that little white box from EdenFantasys on my doorstep when I got home! I opened it when I got inside and was greeted by this great looking plug. When I removed the packaging, I started checking out its firmness and flexibility. It is more firm the thicker it gets, but it still gives enough to not hurt the body. The Probe is not floppy at all, but is still very flexible. I did notice the PVC smell but it's gotten very weak.

After washing the toy and myself, I applied some silicone lube to it and myself. When inserting, I noticed it started small enough that it could penetrate me easily. When it started to get significantly thicker, the Probe was harder to insert. When I got the entire Probe in, it left a very full feeling inside. I walked around for a while. There was no slipping, and the suction cup bent enough that it was fairly comfortable. Removing the plug was a little difficult at first, but it became easier in my second and third uses.
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  • ScottA
    Interesting design - most plugs have the rate of change in the diameter get smaller as the plug gets larger - this one does exactly the opposite (which you noticed). Other than the more difficult insertion, what did you notice about this design difference? Any different sensations?
  • Avery Dragon
    Once the plug was actually inside, it was rather nice having the full feeling near the entrance like that, the neck was short enough that it kept it right there, but the plug didn't slip. After removal, I noticed that larger toys were easier to use afterwards.

    I do own the Pixie Curve too, got that at a corporate meeting, the curvature on it is interesting too, the tip is supposed to massage prostate, it doesn't do that too well, but it does still feel nice. Between the two, the Probe is more practical =)

    Compared to most plugs the main issue I really remember with this one is that when removing, because it tapers so quickly so it ends up really wide, removal is a little harder to accomplish. This plug is definitely nice though. =)

    I hope that answered you Scott ^.=.^;
  • Rockin'
    That other Pixie plug really does look like a Who. Good eye. This toy is too big for me but I'm glad you liked the interesting design. Very nice review!
  • Naughty Student
    Ha ha ha the curve definitely looks like a who. Maybe they got inspired by one of those characters Tongue out I don't think my pucker would accomodater this toy but I agree that it looks like a good transition toy.
  • Avery Dragon
    @ Rockin' and Naughty, Thanks ladies for the coments! It's kinda scary at first, but really not that bad! Smile
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Cute shape but what sudden increase in size. I can see why removal mgiht be tricky.
  • Sir
    Interesting toy. The title of your review definitely suits the product. Good review; the other toy in the line is definitely an odd one, it's very interesting.
  • Avery Dragon
    @ Sir, thank you very much, yea, both in the product line are odd but good, and my childhood suddenly seems raped. Ha Ha.
  • El-Jaro
    Great review!

    I gotta wonder though, when you stuck it to your laptop, did you have it in or out?

    I just got a funny mental image of someone walking around with a laptop on the wrong side of their lap!
  • Maddie
    I think I'm graduating from beginner, as I've used dildos occasionally. My butt plugs though were beginners.- One vibrating gave me a very nice feeling, but now too small, and slips out too easily. And I want one that stays nestled nicely in my ass when I walk around. I think this is the one to do the trick. I don't think I'd mind the difficulty taking it out, as the very thing that makes it harder to take out is just what I need (I hope) to keep it in! And the suction cup just sounds like a nice bonus, as long as it's comfortable and doesn't stick out too far. Does it?
  • *Huxley*
    It sucks it can't be sanitized completely
    Great review though!
  • pseudocute
    I got mine this past weekend and wanted to try it out. I had been searching for one that I could wear to class and the bar. It took a good bit of liquid silk but I finally got it in. After testing it for a while I wore it out to trivia, it felt amazing and the secrecy of it was very kinky. The only downside was it would feel like it was slipping but it wasn't. Weird I know.
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