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Can Your Ass Hold All of These?

My husband had an absolutely incredible orgasm while using these anal beads. I can't remember seeing him like that before!
Mind blowing orgasm!
The length is a bit intimidating, especially for a beginner!
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Before I started to write this review, I went back and looked at the description of the beads on the product page. Some of the pictures show it bent around an apple, or longer than a pepper. Things I didn't initially notice. The first thing that really caught my attention was how damn long they are.

They have nine and a half inches of *insertable* length. I've never put anything that long in my ass before and these are called "beginner" anal beads|Small anal beads. I actually got these beads primarily for my husband. I like anal sex, and anal toys|Experimenting with anal, but he needed a bit more of a slower introduction. Perhaps, like many men, it was a mental adjustment, or just different anatomy.

So needless to say, I "told him" to try his new toy one night. Much to my delight he was cooperative. I wasn't in the mood to tie him down. He grabbed some lube and went to work on the self-insertion while half kneeling over me. I admit that he made some interesting faces then. He told me later that because it's so long, the lube made it slippery. He had no easy way to hold on to it, and no easy way to work them in.

Oh, but he liked it.

There was something about those little anal beads in his ass that set him off right quick. He was ready to fuck me right then. He came hard, and he came with moans and screams that I just don't normally hear. He collapsed on the bed, and didn't want to move. Told me later that he seemed to be out of his mind. Far, far more than normal. I enjoyed watching him. I'd say that he practically had an "anal" orgasm with fucking as a sidenote- although both were present. He pretty much exploded.

Now back to the length and size of this toy. The beads themselves are fairly small. My husband is tall- 6'4". A quick search on the internet says that the rectum is ... "10-15 cm", "5 inches" and "8-10 inches." I'm guessing there is tremendous variability here depending on individual bodies. My husband had no problem, and enjoyed it immensely. I think- like anything else- use a bit of caution, and if it actually hurts then stop. [Editor's note: this toy is silicone, so it can be sterilized and safely shared.]
Follow-up commentary
I have to admit that I had a great time with these as well! My initial review talked a lot about the length, so I’ll address that first. I’m 5’4’’ and I was able to hold this baby without any discomfort. I learned to love anal sex about two years ago, and I’ve played with a couple of anal toys. The Jolly Jack is still my favorite. My husband was right though, it’s a bit of a challenge to insert it by yourself- especially with lube. It’s just too flexible, and ends up being slippery and wiggly. I figured out that when you bend over- everything works much better. The base is round and has a bit of a suction cup effect to it. I admit I wondered if that was part of the design or random. It doesn’t work to stick it anywhere then try to shove it in your ass- it just falls over! OK. I admit to a bit of amusement and frustration here. I had a goal. Somehow this just seems like a two person toy…

There was something about my mood the day, I played with this. I was alone, and I wanted to see how it worked as “torture” for awhile. Insert. Dress. Go sit at my desk and try to work. Umm. Right. I didn’t manage anything productive for hours. I did find that I loved the feel of it in my ass. It was quite the distraction and I was instantly ready for more. The base fit nicely- with just enough feel to actually cause me to want to move back and forth against it. I wanted another toy. I wanted my fingers. I wanted a cock. (I wanted to wait for my husband who wasn’t coming home for hours... I did.) I was nicely frustrated and turned on. The drawbacks? Some toys fit better than others. This one is long, but slender. I’m in good shape, and not overweight. This toy is too thin for me. It kept wanting to slip out. OK- when sitting down trying to torture yourself as foreplay that’s not too bad. I worked my ass a lot…

The bottom line- I had a lot of fun with this bead string, but it won’t pass the Jolly Jack as my favorite. I think it suits my husband more. I want to hear him scream when he comes and see him nearly pass out! I think it is a great toy for those who are just beginning with anal toys|Beginner anal kits, but it works best with a loving, knowledgeable partner! As a reminder- It’s silicone so it’s easy to clean and can be sterilized by boiling. Also only use water-based lubes with it.
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  • Wow, those don't seem that long. Maybe because they have fewer actual beads along the length... I haven't tried anal beads, but I'm semi-convinced that the top could just start folding over if they're longer than the length of the rectum.
  • Jimbo Jones
    9.5" insertable is quite a bit. Glad your hubby enjoyed them so much. After you give them a thorough cleaning, are you going to try them out as well? Keep us posted! Thanks for the review.
  • I am planning on trying them out! I'm very curious as I love anal toys. I was going to before I wrote the review, but...

    I don't think that it ever crossed his mind that they mind about the length. He was adventurous that night!
  • Oggins
    Yikes! That does seem to be a bit long especially for a beginner! I think I'm going to have to pass on these this time! Thanks for mentioning the length!
  • I don't know Oggins. Given his reaction- I'm dying to try them, and I'm only 5ft 4... I'll try to let everyone who has left a comment know what I think of them!
  • ToyingCouple
    Great review, glad that your hubby enjoyed his initiation! We can't wait to hear a follow-up review.
  • Oggins
    HA! We're the same height! =P I'll definitely be watching for an update to see what you thought of them now! =)
  • Bulma
    Neither my husband or I have tried anal beads yet (mostly just plugs and dildos) but I bet the beads would feel great. I might pick up a pair of these for hubby (larger ones for me), and love that they are 100% silicone. Thanks for the review! These are definitely going in my wish list :)
  • Dragon
    OK. I had a lot of fun with this today. As soon as Eden lets me write a follow up review- there seems to be a small bug, I'll be posting it.
  • His scarlett
    i have never tried beads before - though i adore plugs - these sound like something i would love to try
  • Dragon
    These beads are long and thin, but connected! They are more like a thin, long plug than actual beads. I do still remember how my husband reacted though. He just loved them!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Awesome follow up review. Glad you were able to enjoy them some yourself. My limited experience with anal beads has put them behind plugs because they just don't provide as much sensation inside. It does feel good when you remove them right at the point of orgasm, but that goes for most plugs as well. Long live anal toys!!!
  • Dragon
    Hey Jimbo... Never actually tried removing them at the time of orgasm. I'm personally fond of fucking with something in my ass. Removal then... well.... nobody actually cares.

    This particular toy, might be a bit long for quick removal, but it's thin so someone might try!
  • Oggins
    I just read your follow up and I'm really glad that you had so much fun with these! I haven't tried any anal beads yet but, these are sounding better and better to me! The fact that they aren't connected with a string that would absorb anything is also great! Thanks for letting us know what you thought of them! =)
  • Dragon
    Yeah, I haven't tried anal beads either, but I have some. This is somewhere in between a large plug and beads.
  • Kcito
    good toy
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
  • ejrbrndps
  • jamesbeam
    great review
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