Ballistix rib it - probe by Doc Johnson - review by Ninjacupid

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Ball Is Tic, Is Right.

We actually really like this, despite the sound effects it can have you making. The wife had no problem with the weight it is; and from both of us, once we understood it wasn't something to rush with, really do enjoy it, ribs and all.
No foul smell. Good firmness.
A bit heavy, wide head.
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As a couple we have been shopping for anal toys for a bit now. There was something about this toy that leapt out of the screen and said, try me! And well, we clicked right on it. The day it arrived there was a magical tingle in the air. All right, so it was really in my pants not the air, but close enough.

First noticeable thing about it was the fact that it had a sweet smell to the material even as we were ripping it out of the package. Mind you, my wife and I sat and stared at each other wondering why it smelled so familiar and then it dawned on us, cherry. Yes, the product itself smelled as cherry as it looked. It was not foul, just a bit odd. Neither of us were sure whether we were to eat it or play with it. Thankfully we curbed our carnivorous intentions and got down to business. (It didn't taste like cherry, just like the rubber it is made out of.)

This little guy, and I use the term ever so lightly, is as firm and rigid as it says in the product description. It is also a bit heavy, if anyone breaks in during play time, you can surely beat them with it and likely be the hero of the day. The texture itself is completely smooth, no seams to be of a bother which is nice. And of course, do remember it is rubber and as we all know, condoms are our best friends when wanting to share or just basically keep the toy lasting and a lot cleaner.

The head of this is actually a bit much to take at first; this isn't a toy for a first timer to lube up and dive right on. It is deceiving on that end (no pun intended). The other issue that arose is that because of the way it is tapered (and bear with me as I try to put this as gently as I can) it can easy cause air to sneak in there and cause some natural noises.

So I took one look at my wife and I said... you first. There was no way I was testing this boy out first. Being the brave soul that she is and a most amazing anal trooper|Anal Probe by Doc Johnson, she shook that sweet rump at me and after a bit of warm up exercises, this boy got his moment in the spot light. Now my wife is a pretty decent trooper with new things, but she didn't take to kindly to this toy at first. Apparently even for her veteran vixen rear, she found the head to be a bit much. A little too rigid with not enough give. (I am sure you can figure out how I was reacting, to know I was next!) It wasn't that it was unpleasant, just something that it took work to enjoy. This IS NOT something to just jump into, this guy actually takes some work getting use to. We do not recommend this for beginners.

Its length was actually pretty decent and later we would find it perfect for our harness. Which is, of course, when it was my turn. (AGAIN remember what this toy is made out of, rubber! Remember what that means! "Being porous, rubber does not clean well. You can make a rubber toy last longer and keep it cleaner by using a condom over it each use.") So a new condom and again some keen warm up exercises and it was my turn. As someone who is more on the intermediate level of anal play, this was a bit of a challenge. Admittedly, I liked how rigid it was, there was no twisting or turning of it and getting all bunched up and out of whack. It stayed in place when it got to where it was going and the ribs throughout the product were very stimulating, not just to my prostate but throughout the whole experience.

Once we understood this wasn't something to just whip out and play with and got used to the product, we have enjoyed it since. The length is fantastic for her to use in our harness and gives her a bit more then the average length of anal toys to use on me.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Thanks for mentioning condom use. Does a condom actually stay put, or roll up because of the shape of this?
  • Ninjacupid
    We had a bit of both, which thank you for asking as I always seem to forget something to add into these reviews. At first we had a bit of an issue with rolling, but once we figured out to get it to stay put all we had to do was make sure it got stretched down to the larger bulge we were good to go. If only it were made of a different material!
  • Backseat Boohoo
    This is a great review. Thanks!
  • Epiphora
    I like your sense of humor.
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