Infinity plug royal - butt plug by Tantus - review by oliverHyde

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Better, but still not perfect

While I strongly prefer this larger butt plug to the classic butt plug design (round flared base, elongated bulb, short stem) it's not quite comfortable enough. The elongated base has formidable corners and the blunt bulb made insertion more difficult than was worth the extra girth. Although I've had a lot of fun with this toy, it still has a lot of room for improvement.
design makes this toy more comfortable than classic butt plugs, easy to clean, pleasing girth
not comfortable enough, squarish base can poke the cheeks if the fit isn't right
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This is a great choice for intermediate anal play fans looking for something more comfortable and filling than beginner models (like the little flirt, jelly royales, etc). The elongated base and stem makes it more comfortable between the cheeks than the rounded bases found on most butt plugs and the infinity-like shape of the bulb makes it easier to hold in than its rounded and/or tapered counterparts.

Material / Texture

The toy is made out of very firm high-quality silicone with extremely little give (making the toy feel even more filling). The glossy finish makes the toy feel very smooth, but since I very strongly prefer using silicone lube for anal play (and since silicone toys do not get along with silicone lube) I've only used this toy with a condom over it.

Since the infinity plug royal is made with such high-grade silicone, it is less likely to melt on contact with high-grade silicone lube than its poorer made counterparts. Patch tests with Ride Silicone lube and Pink showed no signs of degradation, but it's still a good idea to use a condom just in case.

The high-grade silicone also makes clean up very easy (always a plus with anal toys).

Lastly, the high-grade silicone prevents the very unpleasant odor build-up that other butt plugs can acquire over time.

Design / Shape / Size

Once again, this is not a beginner model. The girth (1 1/2" diameter - about the diameter of a shot glass) combined with the VERY blunt head of the bulb make this toy a challenge to insert without proper warm-up. The base has a very solid squarish base with curves that are supposed to make it rest comfortably in between the cheeks, but the same material that makes the bulb firm and unyielding also make the base uncomfortably unyielding. If the curve of your cheeks don't match the curve on the base (which, unfortunately was the case for me) the corners can poke with the same lack of give that makes the bulb so satisfying. It's still more comfortable than if the base was completely round with a short stem, but it's not as comfortable as it could be.

Aside from the issues we had with the base and the blunt bulb, the girth feels VERY filling and extremely satisfying (making the toy extremely fun for double penetration). The only problem was it wasn't satisfying enough to put up with the poking feeling of the base that happened whenever we moved out of the doggie-style position and we ended up taking it out before either of us wanted to.


Although the elongated stem and base make it more comfortable than classic butt plugs, it's still not quite comfortable enough. The base was *just* wide enough to make it difficult for me to get it as deep as I wanted and the square chunky corners pinched my cheeks when I tried to use it when sitting up or on my back. While the blunt bulb wasn't too much of a challenge, it was an unnecessary one. If it was elongated just a little bit more it would be significantly more comfortable without compromising much in the way of girth.

So although this toy is more comfortable compared to other butt plugs I have, it has much room for improvement.

Care and Maintenance

High-grade silicone is SO easy to clean! Autoclaving, boiling, and bleaching with 10% bleach solution will clean this toy efficiently enough to share with multiple partners (something I very much appreciate).

Although it's still not a good idea to use this toy with any direct contact with silicone lube, it did pass a patch test with Ride Silicone lube, Better Sex Essentials, and Pink (all high-grade silicone lubes). This means that the infinity plug royal is less likely to melt if you accidentally touch it with lubed-up hands or if you accidentally put on a pre-lubricated condom with silicone lube (something I did once to my feeldoe).

And, like most toys, this plug does tend to pick up lint, so I generally store it in a shoebox separate from anything that might shed (such as feathery toys, clothing, and my pets).
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  • Brian
    Nice review. While I've been interested in this model a little bit, your review confirmed to me that the base is like some of the others in being too pointy. Plus I like the longer neck of the Ace plugs better. If I get another Tantus plug I think I'm going to look at the Severin Medium instead. Out of curiosity, you don't have the Ryder butt plug do you? It seems like it may be a better choice than this one but with a similar design
  • Isabel0329
    I have a Large Ace Plug and I found the same problem with the base as you. It's now narrow enough and it doesn't sit between cheeks nicely. Totally agree about the blunt tip as well.

    Great review! Thanks.
  • Owl Identified
    I love this guy, although the corners really do suck. I can't imagine why Tantus, an otherwise brilliant company, thought that poinky sharp corners would be a good idea. I sanded them down a bit, so they're a little better. Thanks for the review.
  • bzzingbee
    I love the colors that these come in, I wish the corner issue was non-existent thought! thanks for the review!
  • oliverHyde
    @brian nope, don't have the Ryder but I agree. it looks like it solves many of the problems the infinity has. If I remember right, I *almost* got the Ryder instead of the Infinity.
    what I'm REALLY looking forward to is getting something like the ultimate butt plug (that sadly EF doesn't carry yet) []. I've heard really good things and it's the only other toy I know of with a lot of girth and a comfortable stem/base that's still effective enough to be safe.
  • gone77
    I've this plug and it's definitely not one I can work in. Yet. The thought of those pointy corners bother me, though.

    Thanks for the review and warning! heh
  • Sammi
    Good review!
  • badk1tty
    Great review
  • BlooJay
  • Harpina is gone
    Thanks for the great review!
  • captainsgirl
    thanks for the great review
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