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Motley runner

Butt plug by Glassvibrations

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Bunter Flitzer, The Motley Runner, the beautiful glass plug

The Motley Runner (Bunter Flitzer auf Deutsch) is a challenging toy, with a great learning curve, design, and overall appeal. This large plug is NOT for the beginner, and the intermediate anal player will find this a challenge.
Design, colour, shape.
The base may not be flared enough for some.
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This is not the plug for anyone who doesn't consider themselves to be "advanced" when it comes to anal play. At 2 1/8" in diameter, this is a LOT to take in. The tip of the runner gives you a preview of what the rest of the runner is all about. It starts off kinda small at the tip, just enough to get you worked up for more. After that is a preliminary rim, if you can't get past this part, you'll have your work cut out for you. After the shape defining and preliminary rim, you'll find an abrupt 1 1/2" or so to go from about 1 1/2" to 2 1/8". At the very base of the runner, the somewhat flared base should keep it from getting lost where you don't want it lost.

The Motley Runner isn't for thrusting, it's for working up and stretching out. The best time to pull out this glass plug is after an initial warm up and the first toy to explore, i.e. NOT the first thing you start the evening out with.
    • Intermediate to advanced anal players
    • Long / extended session

Material / Texture

The Motley Runner is made from tempered glass. This is a very safe material (as long as it's not chipped, cracked, or in other ways damaged). This is not the same as Pyrex glass. Tempered glass isn't quite as smooth as Pyrex. It's not jagged by any means; however, you can feel the little imperfections that come with this handmade toy. There are a few bubbles and dimples on and in the Runner, but it's still just as safe as any other glass toy as long as you follow the safety instructions and common sense. The back of the package will help you out there (so will Eden Fantasy's forums and safety information).

Glass toys, The Motley Runner included, are safe to use with any lube.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Runner is NOT for the beginner. Unlike the other glass plug I own, the Motley Runner's nipple/rim preview tip will let you know what you're getting into (or getting into you). The nipple/rim design is a great feature for the Runner. With a plug, the main idea is filling, not thrusting. The Motley Runner IS FILLING!

The base, though not entirely flared, shouldn't worry anyone with fears of losing expensive glass toys up their back door. The ends of the base are about on the same level as the thickest part of the toy.

The size/dimensions of the Runner are challenging, though not entirely a put off. I found it a challenge and so did my girlfriend. Neither one of us have managed to enjoy the entire toy... yet.


The best aspect of this toy is the learning curve. It's designed to be a plug and is very well designed for filling; however, it can get big on The length was enough to stimulate my p-spot comfortably, but too wide to go hands-free.

I wasn't able to take the whole toy, but still enjoyed it all in all.

The only thing about the Motley Runner that I didn't care for was the base. It is wide enough to stand on, but it's not quite enough to walk away from unattended. Since it's tempered glass and not Pyrex, I don't believe it's as strong and COULD chip. Check out Eden Fantasy's material listings for more information on tempered glass.

Care and Maintenance

The Motley Runner came with its own non-padded yet discreet pouch (rayon, i think). When not in use or drying, store the Runner in the pouch and not near anything that could damage the toy (like a hammer or something).

Glass toys (tempered and the rest) are easily cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and water, toy cleaner, boiling, or the top shelf of your dishwasher.

For temperature play, don't go from one extreme to another with this or any glass toy. You will shatter it and be very sad.

Glass is compatible with every lube I've ever used.


You know you have a quality product when you're impressed by the packaging. The Motley Runner came in a magnetically fastened, satin(?) lined box with its own non-padded yet discreet pouch. On the back of the package, in about 6 different languages, is a brief rundown of things to watch out for and warnings for their product.

Something that really struck me though, was a series of pictures on the package of other products from the same company.

Personal comments

Glassvibrations is a German company with a wide range of products and designs. While the name of this toy in English is "The Motley Runner", the German name for this toy is the "Bunter Flitzer", or "Colorful Streaker".

Even though I wasn't able to fully enjoy Der Flitzer, I look forward to taking the whole thing on. Thanks for the challenge Glassvibrations!


I used the Motley Runner with my favourite silicone lube (since I was in the shower/bath and find using water based lubes counter-intuitive).

After getting myself ready, I made my first attempts with this toy. It wasn't until I got to the thickest part did I feel any discomfort. The nice part about the design is that it has a great learning curve. If it feels too intense, just back off a little and try again; which I did... a few times. After about 15 minutes trying and trying, I was defeated. I couldn't take the whole thing in... surprising to me! The Runner seemed to thank me for trying by being EXACTLY the shape and size to hit my p-spot. I was so surprised that I almost let go of it! THANK YOU MOTLEY RUNNER!
Follow-up commentary
I actually would up this to a 5 star.

As of last Thursday I was actually able to get it all. It took a lot of work up and patience, but it was worth it.

Interesting note on this though, every single O I've gotten while using this toy has been 99% hands free. It seems as though just attempting to take it in was a freebie.

To repeat: this toy is NOT, in any way/shape/form, for the beginner.
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  • kittenpet88
    Would it be worth the money?
  • El-Jaro
    Yeah...I think so.

    Just make sure it's something you are willing to work with. It IS large, something to work up to if you're not quite there.
  • SexyTigerX
    Wow, awesome review! It's so gorgeousWinking
  • El-Jaro
    thanks CG!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Awesome review!

    This looks fantastic! Big smile
  • sweet seduction
    great review
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