Classic Design, Not Best For Beginners

While this plug might be too wide for some users, you can use it with or without the extra stim pack. Using it without the pack it will act just like any other steel plug, but with the pack you can experience the stimulation whether or not you can get it in all the way.
Good material, can be used with or without the pack
Too wide for most beginners
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While you can easily use this plug on its own, you'll get the most out of it if you pair it with an electro-stim pack, since it's meant to be used to provide stimulation that way. It's probably too wide for most beginners to use it comfortably, but if you're no stranger to larger toys then this shouldn't be a problem for you. You don't have to limit use to the back door either. You can take advantage of the stimulation vaginally, or even track it around the skin with some water-based lube.

Material / Texture

This plug is made of steel, which is a very unforgiving material. That means that it can feel larger than it actually is, and may be harder to take than a toy of a similar size but of a softer material. It's overall smooth to the touch, and you can warm it up or cool it down by dunking the end without the cord into a bowl of warm or cool water.

Design / Shape / Size

Top to bottom it's 4 1/4" tall with 3 3/4" being insertable, assuming you can get past the 6 1/4" circumference at the widest point. The point comes down to a nice rounded taper, and the base is wide enough to hold easily in your hand so even if you can't get it all the way in you can hold it in place. To the eye it doesn't look that overwhelming, but in use you may find that the size just isn't going to work itself all the way in. It'll travel pretty well, but you should keep in mind that it will likely set off metal detectors (if that's a worry) and is pretty obvious as to what it is.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The jolts you'll feel are controlled by an external remote that isn't included with the plug. If you choose to use it as just a plug, you'll find that the instructions are pretty much the same as they would be for all other plugs. Lube it up and work it in, but pay attention to your body's signals. If it hurts, stop pressing.

If you're going to use it for the electro-stim, you'll want to make sure that you've got a good water-based lube to transfer the shocks. If the skin isn't moist enough the stimulants won't pass to the skin. Start on the low scale and work your way up. The lower settings feel like light shocks. When you get higher it can quickly get into painful, and starts forcing your muscles to contract.

You can use it easily in the vagina and the back door, taking care not to go from the back to the front without a thorough cleaning first. You can't just slap a condom on this one or you'll lose the electric aspect. If you can't get it completely in on your own, you can hold it in place either with your hand or by sitting on it to take advantage of the stimulation.

You'll probably want to avoid using this in or near water.

Care and Maintenance

After use you can wipe it down with warm soapy water. Because it has a wire sticking out of the bottom I wouldn't advise boiling it, but you could also wipe it down with a diluted bleach solution. Store it in a soft cloth somewhere that it won't get scratched up. It's recommended that you use a water-based lube.


It came in a lovely black pouch that can easily be used for storage.


This was overall a fun experience for both my husband and myself. We played with it on the bed taking turns cranking it up and holding it in our hands, comparing it to one of those joke shock lighters or that old Uncle Fester machine you see at arcades sometimes. In use I found that I couldn't actually fully insert it into either hole, but I was able to pretty easily hold it with one hand or prop it against something firmer so that it stayed relatively in place while leaving my hands free. I found that externally the sensations were a lot stronger than it turns out I like, and when it bumped a metal piercing that was a whole new world of uncomfortable for me. Anally was an interesting sensation, and when turned up high enough in my vagina it forced contractions that reminded me a lot of using the Jopen Intensity after that came out.

If you know you like strong shocks you'll probably be really happy with this. I'm apparently more sensitive than I initially realized and I just can't seem to handle it all the way up.
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