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The Dai-Do #2 is a great g-spot dildo that is completely luxurious. It's sleek, easy to insert, easy to use, keeps lubricant long-lasting, and includes a silicone band for easy gripping. Despite being pretty cold when you first pick it up, it's still a gorgeous, luxurious dildo that I'm proud to own.
Pleasurable for insertion, hits the g-spot, sharable, smooth, luxurious.
May be a little hefty for some, needs time to warm up to body heat.
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The Dai-Do #2 is a gorgeous, hefty dildo by Big Teaze Toys that's made from aluminum, silicone, and stainless steel. The silicone makes up the band with the brand circling around the dildo. The stainless steel is what makes up the silver band above and below the silicone band. The body of the dildo itself is made from aluminum alloy. It's over seven inches long and at its widest part has a diameter of an inch and a half. Like other aluminum alloy toys, this one does feel quite heavy in your hand and during use at around a pound of weight. The bulb on the end of the dildo was designed for g-spot and p-spot stimulation.

The Dai-Do #2 comes in a beautiful black box. It gives all of the specifications of the dildo on the box itself and looks very professional and discreet. I'm impressed with the packaging. Straight out of the package, the dildo doesn't smell at all. The plastic tray that it came in actually does smell though - awkwardly. It's not a big deal once you seal back up the box, and the smell doesn't transfer to the dildo. Just something to consider if you are planning on keeping the dildo in the original packaging. The Dai-Do #2 also comes with a satin drawstring bag that can be used to protect the Dai-Do #2 from harm.

Unfortunately, the aluminum alloy manages to be cold no matter what I do beforehand. With the ChillDils now being produced, I'm sure I could work around this, but when I want to use my toy - I want to use my toy. But no matter where I put it in the house, it always manages to be downright frigid which makes me sad. I'm sure if I put it in warm water beforehand, it wouldn't be so bad, but I'm lazy, so that's a downside for me.

I have to say that I was a tad surprised by the diameter of the dildo. I had just assumed it would be a bit smaller than it was. However, because it is made from aluminum alloy, it actually wasn't all that much of a problem to insert. I normally have problems with larger diameter toys, but because of how smooth the aluminum is, it went in pretty comfortably without any problem.

The weight makes it feel filling when used. It can be a little painful to leave it in without any sort of help supporting the weight, so I recommend making sure you will have the extra hand to help during use (for those that like internet porn and the like). The weight does feel pleasurable though - very filling and very interesting.

So does it hit the g-spot? Yes, actually, it does. It hits the g-spot pretty nicely as well as feeling pleasurable. On the initial insertion, the bulb can actually feel a little too large, but once it's in, it's pleasurable. This isn't much of a toy meant for insertion - at least, it didn't seem so to me. It seems to be much more suited to a rocking motion.

A great part about this dildo is the silicone grip that goes around the tip of the dildo. This makes it easy to hold the Dai-Do even if your hand is covered in lubricant. I wish they would have included more texture on the silicone to make it even more useful, but it does help more than the plain aluminum silicone would.

Aluminum is non-porous and can be shared if you sterilize it first. It's also compatible with all types of lubricant and doesn't absorb lubricant, so it will last quite a bit once you use it. For washing, antibacterial soap and warm water will work, but if you want to be lazy, the top shelf of the dishwasher without any soap will work.

As a complete product, I'm impressed. It provides great g-spot stimulation without needing to use much energy. It's lighter than stainless steel, and as my first aluminum toy, I can see why everyone makes a big deal out of this material. All of the pieces of the Dai-Do come together to provide a real luxury toy that provides g-spot stimulation and pleasurable insertion in general. If you want a high-quality toy that's going to last a long time, I highly recommend the Dai-Do #2.
Follow-up commentary
I still like my Dai-Do. It's a fun dildo, and while I haven't managed to hit my g-spot like others have, I still enjoy owning and using it. It's an interesting sensation because of the weighty aluminum that makes use enjoyable. It still looks amazing, and it hasn't lost any color or anything with multiple uses. There's nothing bad to report. This dildo seriously seems like it's going to be around longer than I am.
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