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The Elektra plug is an electrosex-enabled butt plug designed especially for beginners. With the slim size and a fully self-sufficient system that's ready to go straight out of the box, newbies to electrosex will find this to be a good purchase. While you may need to do more research about the safety of electrosex toys as the instructions are sorely lacking, the plug itself functions particularly well and makes it easy to experience the pleasures of electrosex at an affordable price point.
Ready to use, Versatile use, Plug electro-contacts well-placed, Comes with battery, Portable
Remote electricity is pointless, Plug needs wider base for anal play, Lacking detailed instructions
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For those looking for an insertable and affordable electrosex toy, the Elektra Plug is designed to be beginner-friendly and entirely functional. Unlike other electrosex toys which may require multiple pieces for a set, this item is self-sufficient on its own. The Elektra Plug comes with the remote, the required battery, and the plug. The plug is detachable from the remote, and other applicable Elektra items can be attached to the remote instead. However, if you own no other Elektra items, this is a self-sufficient item and requires no other accessories.

The Elektra plug comes with basic instructions. These instructions only include a few illustrated diagrams (most that don't apply to this toy, but instead, other electro toys in the line), and will not be particularly helpful for most when considering how dangerous electrosex play can be.

Despite the large silver, button-like design on the remote, the Elektra plug's control unit has no button. The remote, instead, includes multiple switches located along the outskirts of the remote. There's an "Out/In" switch, a "Slow/Fast" switch, and a scrollwheel that adjusts the intensity.

Elektra offers two modes: "In" mode and "Out" mode. In "In" mode, the remote control (the portion with the button-looking design) receives the shocks. The plug does not even need to be plugged in. In "Out" mode, the plug itself receives the shocks. There is no way to do both at once. Critique for both modes:

"In" Mode: The instructions mention that this mode is designed to relax the hands when the remote is gripped against the palm. This does not work as intended. If you wrap your hands around the remote in any way that would solely use one hand, both of the contact probes can't make enough contact. The only way to use this to massage the hands is to use a separate hand to press the remote fully against the opposing palm. Most people may not get any function out of using the electrosex feature of the remote portion.

"Out" Mode: Out mode works particularly well no matter what orifice you happen to use it in. As long as it's surrounded by tissue, you'll feel the pulsating electric shocks from the remote. It can easily be held in a hand, slid in a butt, or used vaginally. As long as some portion of skin is contacting both metal plates on the attachment, you'll feel the shock with no problem.

The plug itself is relatively slim; it is less than an inch in diameter. As the draw to this toy is not the size, but instead, the electric capabilities, this should not be an issue. The slim size will allow for beginners to enjoy the plug, however. Like mentioned before, as long as body tissue is contacting both electricity plates fully, you'll have no problem.

At the same time, ensure extra safety because of the design of the plug. The plug is slim, but the base of the plug is also particularly small. Without the cable, the plug sliding fully into the butt may be a concern. However, the plug is attached to a nearly-two-foot cable that plugs directly into the remote. The cable is undetachable on the side of the plug; it only detaches on the remote side. This offers extra peace of mind during use.

The Elektra is powered by a CR2032 button battery. This battery slides into the remote. It may take a couple tries to get the battery properly aligned. It tends to slide from its proper spot when the cover is slid shut.

Since the Elektra plug is designed to go into areas with bodily fluids, special care will need to be taken during cleaning. While it's a problem for any electrosex toy, you'll find that body fluids and lubricant may get trapped near the electricity plates on the plug. Special attention, possibly including using toothpicks or cotton swabs, may be required to get the toy fully clean. MAKE SURE the plug is detached from the remote and the remote is turned off before cleaning. Electricity and water don't mix. Avoid any direct running water contact with either piece, and for best conduction, use this plug with water-based lubricant. Even if only holding the plug in the hand for muscle relaxation, a bit of water-based lubricant will help the electricity become more conductive.
This toy uses electricity for pleasure. Yes, electricity. As such, make sure you know the basic healthy and safety information about using electrostim toys. As the information included with the toy is severely lacking, make sure to educate yourself through online searches. Basic safety information includes:

-Avoid use of any electrosex toy if you're pregnant, might be pregnant, or have any irregular heart problems.
-Avoid use of any electrosex toy while wet.
-Remove any electronics, watches, jewelry, or piercings when using electrosex toys.
-Avoid use of any electrosex toys above the waist - and certainly avoid the face and near the heart.
-If using vaginally, remember that an IUD may be made from metal. This can conduct electricity and effectively be VERY ow!

Make sure to take it slow during use. Start at the lowest setting and slowly ramp up intensity as you find out what the body is comfortable with.
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