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The X-10 extreme anal beads are just that... extreme! They have pushed me to depths that I never thought possible and... sniffle... have made me so proud... sniff. My partner loves watching and helping me slowly insert this toy and it's become a great addition to our foreplay activities. Cleaning is fairly simple but silicone construction and a safer base would garner the elusive 5 stars rating from us.
Different design with the girth at the tip of the toy, smooth contours, challenging length.
Unable to sterilize, base too small to prevent loss.
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The X-10 Extreme Anal Beads by Cal Exotics is a delightfully different spin on the typical butt bead designs. Obviously made for ass insertion, the X-10 Extreme beads become smaller as the strand is inserted, the largest part of the toy being the pear-shaped head. Made from smooth TPR material and having a deliciously sinful length with a handy ring for your fingers it's becoming another favorite in our toy chest.

Material / Texture

Cal Exotics chose thermoplastic rubber for this toy and while being reasonably hygienic it cannot be sterilized. This is a toy that can't be shared or switched from butt to pussy (can you say infection?) without covering with a condom. There are some lovely silicone beads at EF to choose from if you want something that can be swapped between partners and orifices. The Extreme just isn't that one...

There is a very faint seam line that runs the length of these beads but I had to put this toy about an inch from my eyes to finally see it. It's barely noticeable and definitely not something my innards can feel. The TPR construction allows the beads to be firm enough that you have some control to get them in your ass but enough flexibility that the strand can bend around your insides comfortably if you're experienced enough to take the whole thing.

When the package was originally opened we did notice a slight rubbery odor but it quickly disappeared after the first soap and water cleaning. It hasn't taken on the smell of ass after multiple uses either like some anal toys seem to do. All my sniffer can notice is the smell of our candy scented bathroom soap. Yum!

Design / Shape / Size

The X-10 Extreme design is what really caught our eye when looking for a product to review. Most butt beads gradually increase in size as they are inserted. The X-10 has most of the girth at the tip which seemed very different. The head of the toy is shaped like a pear (or kinda like a tiny bowling pin?) and eight more beads of decreasing size follow behind. The total insert-able length is a little shy of 12" and that is one long way to go into an ass! This isn't for the faint of heart or the rookie anal player. You are going to want gobs of lube, plenty of patience, and tons of care and relaxing to take this long strand into the depths. The maximum diameter (at the head of the toy remember!) is a respectable 1 1/8" which sounds simple enough and it is at the start of the insertion. At 10" inside the ass you get some more respect for that girth!

The grasping end of these beads consists of just a molded TPR loop designed for a finger or two to hang onto. It works but could be a larger size as it's not much bigger than the beads themselves, is easily compressed, and does nothing to prevent the entire strand of this toy from being sucked up into the darkness. Be very careful to avoid a super-embarrassing trip to the emergency room for extraction and giving the local nurses another story to tell their friends.....

As far as being discrete, we would never personally travel with this toy. Call us fuddy-duddies, but I really don't want a 12" long beaded anal toy showing up on the airport scanners. Whether you choose the pink or smokey gray color, it's pretty obvious that it's designed to go up an ass!


These anal beads perform just as I think they were designed to. They are a fulfilling girth if you can only take the first few inches of the length because of the more bulbous head. The firm yet flexible material allows for decent control during the insertion process but also forms nicely to your insides. Gentle thrusting is possible with these beads but you certainly won't be hammering them in/out with abandon! My partner has ran them back and forth slowly and deliciously but I was super relaxed. We haven't used the Extreme on him but I would guess that it's a fantastic design for stimulating a prostate with all the bumps and ridges of the beads. If it was silicone I'd be able to give you some more info but we aren't big fans of covering our toys with condoms so sharing is out.

The end of the Extreme really should be larger to prevent loss so always keep a finger or two inside the loop and I would certainly recommend against ever saying "Look, no hands!"

Care and Maintenance

Water-based or silicone lubes are a must! And copious amounts or lube will be necessary to successfully manage to fully take the length of these beads. Put a towel down to catch a drips! Yes, you will need that much lube and when you think you have your ass and toy slicked up enough add even more.

Because the X-10 extreme is diving quite a few fathoms you'll also want to be squeaky clean inside. Make sure you've had a recent bowel movement or you'll likely hit things you really don't want to find inside you. I almost expected to find that penny I swallowed when I was 4...

The ridges and grooves are a little tough to clean but we didn't have much trouble washing the toy with warm water and soap after use. We keep this toy from coming in contact with any other toys in our arsenal by keeping all our toys in plastic bags. It's TPR and shouldn't react with other materials but I wouldn't want my vaginal insert-ables touching a non-sterilizable butt toy. Better safe than sorry.


Packaging for the X-10 Extreme is the typical clam shell molded plastic. It's hinged for easy opening so you won't have to worry about slicing your fingers (or new toy) with a box cutter. The bead design is molded into the clam shell so even if you tear up the cardboard insert describing what the product is the recycling man will still know what the naughty people living in that house have ordered! Or you can just cut it up and throw it in the trash too.....There are no instructions for these beads but I think 99.99 % of the population can figure out what should be done with this sort of product. Beads + Lube + Butt = Mmmmmmmmmm

Is that the 'new math' we keep hearing about?


I personally love the X-10 Extreme! I consider myself a reasonably experienced anal player who's dabbled into toys and backdoor sex for years. These beads were a definite test for me though and it took quite a bit of time and patience to take the entire strand of rubber. We have a beaded butt toy already (the tiny X-10 Pacifier) but it didn't compare in the least because it only dives 4" deep. Gobs and gobs of lube is key to slowly taking these big beads. And my wonderful partner gave me a great applause when, at last, I had the final bead disappear inside me! Thank you, thank you very much... it really was my pleasure!

We may need another set as I can see the competitive look in his eyes...
Follow-up commentary
We still enjoy playing with the X-10 Extreme beads and they haven't worn in the least. The big head design still is a favorite in our toy chest and I've become quite adept at quickly taking the entire strand of these beads. Again, the key is gobs of lube and relaxation and my butt seems to have learned to let go and hungrily suck this toy in! My partner still loves watching my ass gobble this toy inside and gets him super horny. Still remember that no sharing of the X-10 is recommended without condom covering because of the rubber construction.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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