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Mini anal tongue

Anal kit by Lady Calston

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Forget the whole Six Million Dollar Man… I have the best part of him right here! ;)

Ok, this toy has got to be the best kept secret on this site, because, let me tell you… IT COMPLETELY BLEW MY MIND! It was quite the little revelation. It packed one surprise after another and thrilled me to no end...
Incredible strength, dexterity, ac adapter capable (no batteries!)
didn't come with an AC adapter even though it has a jack for one built in.
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Ok, so let me back up the bus here a sec. This toy is made by Lady Calston. This is the same company that created the famous top sellers the Tongue, the Tongue 2, and the Mini-Tongue. These are toys that most of you will be familiar with if you've spent any time at all on this or any other adult toy store website. They have a bit of a following pretty much anywhere you go and have even been praised in some of the top women's magazines in the States.

So, considering all of that, it came as a bit of a surprise to me that this one, the Anal Tongue didn't seem to popping up on anybody's radar. The only thing I can think of is that the name sparks off a sense of taboo in some women who aren't ready to be quite that adventurous just yet, but those ladies aren't looking at the greater picture here. This toy is capable of a LOT more than may initially meet the casual observer's eye. Although it is absolutely fantastic as an anal toy and shot me off into another galaxy in the way that only the best of the best anal toys can do, it also has a secret ability... It can do something that no other in its line can do, and as such, should be purchased and adored if for no other reason…

G-spot manual stimulation/orgasm of the likes you've never had in your life with any other toy. I am SOOO not kidding here.

Here's the thing. This toy is long, and very slender. It's not much thicker than my finger, but unlike my finger, it never gets tired. Lol! I don't have an easy time stimulating my g-spot. Yes, I know where it is and I can reach just fine, but when it comes to actually stimulating it into any sort of pleasurable outcome it's a very long, drawn out ordeal. I've never had what some refer to as a true g-spot orgasm (in which they orgasm from nothing else but stimulation of the g-spot. Sorry, but I'm a clit girl all the way! ;) ) and I've never experienced female ejaculation. None of the toys I've ever used for g-spot stimulation have ever worked because they were all of the vibrating kind. For some reason, they just won't affect me in any way, whereas I'm an absolute power queen when it comes to clit toys. Go figure.

It didn't click with me until I turned this toy on for the first time at full power what else I might be able to use it for, and then that was only after getting the shock of my life in regards to the strength at which this thing can flick back and forth. I reviewed a toy just a month ago that was built upon the same concept as the Tongue, and I thought that was fairly nice novelty item. Hah! I have now had a Ferrari put next to a Honda, and the comparisons have shamed the poor little Honda! Lol!

But here's the thing. Forget using batteries. If you pop batteries into this toy, you're not going to get much juice at all. I was actually very upset about this until I realized the toy had a built in jack for an AC power adapter. This was a detail that escaped me when I initially selected this toy for review.

Even though it doesn't come with an adapter, chances are you already have one in your house somewhere that serves some other purpose that you can borrow for a while. (just make sure you check the voltage output. It can't be higher than a 6 volt or you run the risk of frying your toy.) If not, they are not that expensive, and easy to find at any electronic store.
If you are using an adapter, you will find that this is going to be one of the strongest toys you've ever experienced in your life. And another unrealized benefit that will make the fans of the Golden Nugget sit up and take notice is that it comes with a bullet, that's on a cord that you can plug into the toy itself. When you do that, not only will you have the only bullet I have ever heard of that is electric and therefore does not rely on batteries, but a bullet that is EVEN STRONGER THAN THE GOLDEN NUGGET!

Did ya get all of that?? Stronger. No batteries… and did I mention stronger? I was so not expecting that at all!

Another great benefit to this toy that many will like is that it is very lightweight in comparison to the other Tongues. The heaviness of the other items in this line seems to be an ongoing concern, and I am happy to report that this doesn't apply to this one at all. It is still loud, but I honestly don't care one bit about that. Frankly, it could sound like a Harley was parked on my chest and I still wouldn't care. Trust me, you won't either!

Oh, and I really enjoyed the pyrotechnics! This toy has a rainbow hued light show that is actually quite lovely and unique. Not typical of what you see in a lot of toys that have some sort of flickering light in them. This toy is really quite a lot of fun to play with and worth the cost of admission several times over. And like I already said at the beginning of my review, it is a fantastic anal toy as well, one of the best I've ever tried. I was concerned about whether or not I would like it, as I tend to like larger toys when it comes to anal play, but this toy's ability to flex and contort does an interesting thing to the sphincter muscle which leads to very intense orgasms that will have you seeing stars for a while. Just be careful and always use a condom with this toy if you are going to use it both ways. Plus, it makes clean up a breeze.

To close, I would say that I would definitely recommend this toy to anyone, male or female. There are just so many different ways it can be used, and so many perks to having it. If you've been on the fence about it for a while (or didn't even know said fence existed until now and maybe what I've said has gotten you thinking about hopping on over it) then I would strongly suggest taking the plunge. I'm glad I did!
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  • Epiphora
    Wow, what a great review! I've had this toy on my wishlist but wasn't sure if I actually wanted it... now I know that I do!
  • Sammi
    This looks great - it's too bad it doesn't come with an adapter, though! It should.
    Great review on this!
  • Crystal_Rose
    Epiphora, the bullet alone is worth the price of admission! lol!

    Sammi - what's amazing is that it doesn't even say anywhere in the product info that it even has a power adapter jack. This surprised the heck out of me when I got it, especially since I was already concerned about it running on triple AAAs. My experience is that anything running on triple AAAs doesn't tend to be strong enough. And you're right, it should come with a power adapter. But to be honest, they only cost about $6. (You can get one on ebay) and chances are, you've already got one in your home somewhere that you can "borrow" to use for it. Just make SURE it doesn't put out too high a voltage (it will tell you on the back of the plug box thing what the voltage output is.) If you plug it into anything higher than a 6v you run the risk of frying your toy, So when you shop for one, make sure you ask for a 6v. (or enter 6v into your search field if purchasing online).

  • Oggins
    Okay, you've convinced me! This one is going into my wish list right now! Thanks for the condom tip! Trueskin is porous so you definitely don't want to go from your rectum to your vagina! A condom is a perfect way to protect the material. Thanks for the review! Smile
  • 2BudZ
    Ok, you have convinced us as well.....wish list goes! We will surely purchase this toy per your review.
  • 2BudZ
    Well, we bought it and it's will come shortly. We hope to have time to try it out today!
  • 2BudZ
    Meh...not sure if it's just the particular one we received...but this thing was horrible out of the box and with just batteries. I think we will take your suggestion, go to Radio Shack and purchase an A/C adapter....try it out and then write our review. I sure hope that will change this pumpkin into a prince! Sad face
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
  • pinkzombie
    Great review!!
  • married with children
    nice review
  • Woman China
    Nifty!!! But it should come with an international adapter!!!
  • Antipova
    Ah, wow! What an awesome review!

    I do wish this didn't come in only jelly, though (or that it still existed at all, I guess!)
  • damnbul12
    Thank you for the review.
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