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Grab your chaps, spurs, and get your laso ready because this is one hell of a ride. Though this Cowboy looks intimidating and excessive but it should be a serious consideration for any anal enthusiast. Don't be shy, with a little practice you too can break a wild mustang.
Unique and Charitable design, Combing graduation of length and depth
Scary, Huge, Expensive
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Before getting buried in the full capacities of this advanced toy, which could likely deter the potential average person, I'd like to note a selling point of this piece that could be appreciated by the people who aren't devious ass freaks. Assuming you can stomach the price, the long term value is incalculable. Cowboy theoretically could be your first and last toy. The tip is for the novice, the hilt for the pros, and everything else is for everyone in between. After accumulating about 30lbs of toys for anal exploration, I still found my way to this toy and regret not getting it earlier. The unique graduation of girth and length to such an extent as this, I have not seen in any other toys. And rather than feeling like you'll only use half the toy, well I prefer knowing there is more to use rather than feeling shorted.

At at length of a mans forearm it is good that Tantus crafted it from a softer silicone blend. It is obviously softer than all my other Tantus toys with the exception of the O2's. It is matte black which is preferable for the kind of deep work this toy is capable of. Beginning with a soft thumb size nub it graduates moderately between resting points. Of these, the average anal user would likely only utilize the first 3 to 4 resting points. Though beyond that is really when this toy comes into its own. It is designed to be soft enough to bend inside of you and with any luck, penetrate the sigmoid colon; located roughly 6-8 inches inside. That is the trick to utilizing the remainder of the toy. When I first saw this awhile back I thought it was a novelty item and not fully usable. However, this is why the average user would only use the first 3 to 4 bumpsand feel like they hit the wall. This is the precise reason I chose this toy, to help overcome this obstacle and train the sigmoid to behave and yield like my obedient outlying sphincter.

At thispoint we've gone advanced. If you can take this toy you are more or less capable and simulating deep (elbow deep) fisting. Hence, this puppy being elbow length and fist girth. Going this deep provides additional cleaning challenges. For deep cleanse I follow standard anal enema etiquette, and than bring the water up higher. Than I outfit the enema bag with a long delron silicone colonic tube that you must coax past the sigmoid and deposit water at this depth. The deep experience of Cowboy and the deep clean is all wrapped up into the same experience of exploring and learning the depths of your body, and is a very complimentary pairing. The delron tube is is much smaller and easier to use while keeping relaxed and finding passage into the upper tract, which gives you physiological clues and practice for Cowboys turn.

Overall, this toys intense. I'm constantly learning when using it. There is plenty of prostate pressure and I have had a Pspot orgasm while kneeling over it and bobbing up and down. During which I was only using the first 3 or 4 beads (novices listening?). So there is a plus for shallow swimmers. But my main focus with this toy is the depth. I cannot indefinitely conquer the final bead; just pop over, freak out, and pop back up a bead for air. But even this feels like a huge accomplishment. And the sensation itself is something other than mere pleasure. It is a deep, wholesome, nearly esoteric satisfaction. Like a hug from the inside out.
Follow-up commentary
I like to keep this challenge around. It is an impressive and unusual toy, that could keep us challenged forever. It is still as good as new after quite a bit of use and transport.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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