Dr.Joel Kaplan power probe - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Jimbo Jones

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Giving the Power to the People?

The Power Probe is a two-speed push-button vibrating toy that is produced by California Exotic and designed by Dr. Joel Kaplan for prostate play. It is waterproof so it should be safe to put through the dishwasher (top rack, no soap) or 10% bleach solution works. Although this is designed for anal play, since there is not flange, it is extremely important that use of this toy anally be done carefully as there is nothing in place to keep it from going all the way in.
Covered in pure silicone? two speed vibrator with little noise
No flange, not enough to hold on to
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I apologize for starting this review with negative commentary, but I really need to. I do not consider this toy to be safe for anal play|Guide to anal toys. I don’t know who this Dr. Joel Kaplan is, but if this is how he designs his anal toys|Dr.Joel Kaplan prostate massager, then he needs to find a new job. Now you’re thinking, but Jimbo, you’ll stick anything up your ass! While there is some truth to that, and don’t think I didn’t do that here, it would be remiss of me to not say that this toy is missing a very important part of any true anal toy and that is a flange. Actually anal toys don’t have to have flanges, but they should have something in place to prevent end users from losing the whole toy up their ass. With that said, I will continue with my review.

There are some good attributes about this toy. The product insert says it is pure silicone but I doubt that the battery housing and internals are anything but plastic and metal, so I will suggest that it is covered in pure silicone which is the most important thing since that is the part of the toy that comes in contact with body parts. The Power Probe|Dr.Joel Kaplan power probe offers two different vibration intensities which are pretty decent without causing too much noise. Its power surprised me since it uses just one AA battery. In fact, if I were to break this toy down, I would say that it is essentially a pocket rocket with a silicone covering that has a bend in it for prostate (or incidentally g-spot) stimulation and a button on the bottom for activation instead of a knob. I should mention here that the toy says it is waterproof and I did wash it without incident, however I did not submerge it to truly test how waterproof it is. I do not see an o-ring on the screw on cap, but the silicone covering does cover the seam pretty well. My guess is that it would probably be okay for some moderate water play, but I would not suggest it for hot tub purposes.

Now, since I did use the Dr.Joel Kaplan Probe for its intended purpose I will put some results here and provide more detail in the experience section. For prostate stimulation, I thought that it was adequate. I could definitely feel it and the vibrations were pleasurable. We also used it on my female partner and she also said it was so-so. I think what it is really missing is length. This toy makes me think that California Exotic is trying to come up with different ways to re-package toys that they already make. At least they are using a silicone shell for this one and have given it some curve to add stimulation. Overall, I would give this toy two stars. It definitely would have merited more stars if they had included a way to make this toy safer for anal use.
After opening this toy up and perusing the insert materials (not much there really) I inserted a battery and made sure that it worked. After a little bit of warm up, my partner lubed the Power Probe up and carefully inserted it into my anus. It is tapered, so it slid in relatively easily and was soon in as far as either of us wanted it to go. The vibrations were pretty good and it was nice that it had two different intensities. She tried moving it around, angling, thrusting, etc. and although I could definitely feel it, it just didn’t provide enough sensation to get me over the edge. I think the main problem is that it was too short to keep a good hold on it so she could move it around more vigorously.

After appropriate cleaning, it was her turn to take on the Power Probe. It really wasn’t that good for her either. Despite vibration, it really didn’t provide enough g-spot stimulation to help her reach her orgasm. In reality, vibrations don’t usually do a whole lot for her g-spot anyway, and although she could definitely feel it there just wasn’t enough there. I think some length probably would have helped for her as well. It definitely won’t go into her masturbation favorites because of the lack of size.
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  • Cherry21
    awesome review!!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Thank you for the compliment, Cherry21.
  • wetone123
    Doctors? Kaplan and Berman really piss me off! The worst toys are made by or endorsed by doctors! Did they really go to medical school? I wonder. Thanks for the awesome review!
  • Kitka
    Great review! This is a g-spot vibrator so that would be why there's no flared base, it wasn't really intended for anal use, but I can see how you could use it anally with caution.

    Thanks for sharing your review!
  • Jimbo Jones
    You are welcome wetone123 and DynamicKitty. Thank you both for the compliments as well. wetone123, it upsets me when these "doctors" endorse awful toys. You'd think they'd be more discerning about what their name gets slapped on. DynamicKitty, my review was written before this was billed as a g-spot vibrator. When my review was written it was being sold as a prostate stimulation device and you'll notice that in the product information it still states "Dr. Joel Kaplan recommends this probe as a prostate massager" which is what I have issue with.
  • LilLostLenore
    nice review
  • Jimbo Jones
    Thank you for the compliment, LilLostLenore.
  • eeep
    Great review.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Thank you, eeep.
  • MR Chickhabit
    those doctors are about as medically minded as doctor pepper.
  • Antipova
    Hehe I love how this review was resurrected!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Amen, MR Chickhabit!
    It is kind of interesting isn't it, Antipova. People just keep commenting on it, not that I mind of course, but it is curious.
  • Tbanda
  • Jimbo Jones
    You're welcome, Tbanda.
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