Plush advanced - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Beaners

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Good idea, bad execution.

The bottom line here is that with a few tweaks to the design, or a change in material, this toy could potentially be fantastic. It's not half bad when used as a dildo to ride, but it's ineffective as a butt plug.
Bulges feel great, good for a wide range of experiences.
Material and design are not ideal. It doesn't stay put.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Ahh, the Plush Advanced. I wanted to love this toy, I really did. It just has so much potential and is such a fantastic idea. All in all, though, it was just poorly implemented and didn't work as well as I wanted it to.

Let's start with the size: The diameter of the largest ball is 1 3/4" and the neck of the base is 1 1/2". The insertable length is 5 1/4", with the full length being 6". I consider myself a novice to low intermediate anal play person, while my boyfriend is an expert at it. We were both able to handle this toy to certain extents. I could get every ball but the last one in, while he could go all the way with it. However, it's worth noting that it wasn't necessarily because it was hurting that I couldn't get the last ball in, it just refused. After that experience with it, I decided not to let my boyfriend play around with it on me; if I had, maybe he could have gotten it in. The size of the neck may have been a problem here. The neck is only 1/4" thinner than the last ball, which makes it hard for it to stay in. The base was also not as secure as I would have liked, which made me uncomfortable with really applying the pressure that may have been needed to be able to handle that last ball, but that brings me to my next topic.

The material: Futurotic is a mixture of PVC and silicone, also known as Cyberskin or UR3. It smells sort of like plastic, but this went away after we washed it. Futurotic is very flexible, and feels very close to actual skin. It's very flexible and "squishy." Futurotic is a pretty fragile material and can be cleaned with antibacterial soap and water. Personally, I'd be afraid to do much else for fear of damaging it. It also should be dusted with corn starch (like a Fleshlight) in between uses, otherwise it does get sticky. (I learned this the hard way after putting off buying corn starch for our Fleshlight. It started sticking together, but with one coat of corn starch, it was like new!) It is VERY porous so it's recommended that you use a condom with toys of this material, particularly if you're going to be sharing it. However, I'm going to put myself out on a limb here and be realistic and say that my boyfriend and I don't do this. I DO want to say though that we are long term and monogamous and know full well the icky things that we could be, and probably are, sharing by doing this. Just know that it's NOT the end of the world if you don't use a condom with porous materials. You just should. Nobody's perfect. However with this material, you NEED to make sure that you do actually clean it very well after each use. It's also recommended that you store it in a plastic bag separate from all of your other toys because it can pick up dyes very easily. (The clamshell packaging for the Plush Advanced is also very good for this purpose.) Also, you can only use water-based lube for this material. No silicone allowed!
The design (aka: what went wrong): Here is this toy's downfall. It has a ton of potential, with its 4 gradual bulges. It allows for use by people who aren't so anally advanced (me!) to people who are totally comfortable with stuff up their butt (my boyfriend!). However, the base is not sturdy enough as a result of the squishy material. Maybe if they made it a bit thicker, then it wouldn't be such a potential problem. While playing with my boyfriend, the thought was definitely in the back of my head to keep a feel and eye on where the base was, and even he got a bit paranoid about it for a second. Also, the material makes this toy a pain in the butt (har har) to insert. It doesn't hurt, it's actually quite comfortable due to the amount of give that it has, but it does require some finagling and patience. The first and second balls are the most difficult, with the first being the absolute biggest hassle. The third goes in the easiest, and then the fourth, for some reason, was difficult again. It also doesn't stay in on its own because of the thick neck. While it's great to have something be able to keep you stretched like that, it really takes away from the overall design of the toy.

The up side! This toy has a suction cup base, and it means business! This thing is insanely strong because the toy is hollow pretty far up. It says that you can put a bullet vibe in there, but we tried that and it didn't stay put. However, this toy is great for riding, as a result of the suction cup base. Put it on a table or stick it to the shower wall and you're good to go! However, just make sure that you don't pop it all the way out, or else you'll have to go through all of the work to insert it all over again.
Follow-up commentary
We still don't use this toy much. Every now and then my boyfriend will break it out because it's the only toy that we have that has a suction cup on it, but I don't play with it, and he rarely does. It's just very specialized in how it can be used, making it rare that we reach for it.
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