Tingle small silicone plug - e-stim plug by EdenFantasys - review by OH&W, Lovebears

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Great For Improving Your Sex Life! And Get Your Jollies At The Same Time!

We are not really into BDSM. Maybe some playful spanking at times. We love to enhance our sex life, though. We got this for automated kegels.

Vagina, Penis and Rectum Health is what I'm talking about. For women this is easier than using kegel balls. And for some women there's an added bonus - Orgasms!

For men it is easier than squeezing thin air over and over. And definitely more pleasurable!

I was skeptical at first when saw how small it was. However, after a few uses, it sold me!
High-quality silicone, Soft, Flexible, Long cord, Works very well!
Slightly larger base to ease fears
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This e-stim plug is one of the many accessories that can be used with the economical EdenFantasys' controller unit. This plug can be used one of two ways. One way is for BDSM play. It can be inserted into a vagina or anus to create tingles, shocks, and contractions.

Tingle small plug and control unit
Tingle small silicone probe/plug, control unit, included 58" cord

The other use is to improve both women and men's sex life in by inducing Kegels.

A woman can tighten her vagina muscles for more enjoyable sex. And some may become more orgasmic. This is achieved by inserting the plug into the vagina and dialing up the strength enough to incur kegels. And it's already common knowledge doing kegels can also help with bladder leakage.

For men, the benefit of doing kegels are stronger thicker erections and the ability to get it up more frequently.
This is explained in my review on the EF e-stim controller.
Of course one can do kegels without an e-stim unit and probe. However, it's easier to let a machine do it for you.

Since everyone's anatomy is different, one will need to find the right size accessory/probe. EdenFantasys' has various sizes and types of materials of plugs and probes. Everyone should be able to find the right size.

The Tingle Small Silicone Plug can be used by beginners and intermediates. I can't speak for advanced anal users, though. As long as the plug makes contact with the inner tissues kegels will be induced.

For both men and women anus kegels can make the sphincter muscles tighter. Of course, this could take quite a few sessions. It will depend on how open you are down there.
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    • Couples
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    • Can't be used in water
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    • Quiet
    • Travel friendly
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    • Kegels in vaginal
    • Rectum

Material / Texture

EF's e-stim plugs are available in metal and silicone. This one is high-grade silicone. It's somewhat soft and a little flexible. It feels a little grainy when you run your finger on it. With a little lubricant, it will slip in easily. There are seams but your orifices' won't feel them.

Silicone is a great material for sex toys. Silicone is body safe, latex free and phthalate-free. Being totally non-porous it will not harbor any germs or bacteria. And a good characteristic of high-grade silicone is non-retention of odors.
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all
    • Odorless

Design / Shape / Size

We chose this particular probe to create kegels. And wanted one we could use with everyday activities. It had to be long enough to create a kegel but short enough to wear while sitting or walking. This one fits the bill perfectly. The metal e-stim wand creates great kegels but can only be used while lying down. The small metal anal plug doesn't quite create strong kegels.

e-stim wand,  metal small plug, silicone plug
Wand/Probe, Metal e-stim small plug, Small silicone probe/plug

This is 3" long with 2 15/16" of it insertable.
It measures 3 3/4" around and is 1 1/4" at it widest point.
It is oblong shaped. It is also fairly light. You won't notice the weight or feel stretched out. You will only feel the tingling and kegels.

size carparision
Here are some smaller sex toys for size comparisons

As you can see in the picture the retention ring of this is not that wide. It's oval shaped and measures 1" x 1 1/4" wide.
Size queens and kings may have an issue with this. Good thing EdenFantasys has a few other larger probes. I have the black Tingle Silicone Probe on order and will review it soon.
    • Futuristic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

As with any e-stim toy/instrument, you need to pick what type of stimulation you want to be felt. On the control unit there are various options. Each provides a different sensation. Then dial up the strength to your liking.

For tingling only a small turn of the strength dial is needed. For inducing kegels, one needs to dial it up until a contraction is felt. Of course, how much you turn it up depends on your own body's anatomy and the amount of lube is on the 2 polar contacts. The 2 black contact pads need to make contact with body tissue for current to stimulate your nerves.

Neither the control unit or the probe/plug will make any noise. And neither can go underwater. However, the cord is long enough to leave the controller outside if you want to use this in the shower.

This comes with a detachable 58" cord with 2 pins on the end. The pins fit very snugly in the ports of the probe. You actually need to apply some pressure to insert or remove them.
    • Long lasting power
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

With any e-stim attachments only water-based lube should be used. It applies to both metal and silicone e-stim items.
This is very easy to clean. The best way is to use EdenFantasys toy cleaner. Until that, some warm water and antibacterial soap with air dry will suffice. Soap and water will not be as effective as toy cleaner in removing odors, though.

EF Toy Cleaner EF Lubricant
Eden's own brand of toy cleaner and lubricant. Both work very well.

The ports do appear to be waterproof but I prefer not to submerge under water when cleaning. I leave the cord attached when cleaning and storing. It's a pain to remove and insert.

very small ports for polar plugs, ziplock bag

Silicone items should not be stored with any jelly or TPR toys.

Both the controller and this plug are very small, so very easy to take when traveling.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • Easy to take on trips


Tingle Small Silicone plug came in a reusable sealed package. I had to cut the top off to get it out. However, you can use it for storage by pressing down on the zip lock seal.

how it came
Nice waterproof resealable zip lock package

No instructions came with this and none were needed. Just plug and play.
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal

Personal comments

When I first came across electro sex toys I thought, "Why not?" A little surprise won't hurt OW. Then I learned they were good for inducing kegels. Discovering kegels did a lot for both men and women in bed really spurred my interest. Since getting our first e-stim toy/probe/wand, we have been searching for the perfect size probe to fit our anatomies. Looking at pictures, reading the dimensions can only help so much. To really know we have to get some and try them out.

A word of caution. You many want to improve your sex life but if you have heart issues or use a pacemaker please don't try this. If you must, please consult your physician first.

I also suggest doing enemas first when using anally. Nobody like debris surprises.

I saw in other reviews the users were concerned with the small base. Yes, it is possible for it to go in. However, the cords are really really secure. If it does go in, it won't be very far.

There is an easy way for males to check if doing their kegels properly. While the plug is in and powered for kegels, go to the bathroom. While standing up and urinating, it should totally stop the flow when a kegel is induced. If the flow doesn't stop, you need to dial up the strength. I get a kick each time when doing this. (Grin)
    • Electo stimulation
    • Exciting


I already tried the small metal Tingle e-stim plug shown in the comparison picture above. It performed kegels but I wanted more. It seemed to give more tingles than strong kegels. This is a little wider and longer, so figured should perform better. I notice it was like an oblong shape with one side more narrow than the other. I inserted one in my anus the thinner way since it would go in easier like that.

It was a nice feeling in there. Not like the njoys, of course, due to being so light and narrow. I had already lubed it and made sure the black parts had sufficient amount of lube. I also already had the cord attached and made sure the controller was off. Needless to say, it would be impossible to insert the cords once the plug was in my rectum.

Once the controller was powered on, I set it on massage. I slowly dialed the strength up until felt something down there. At first, it just tingled. Then all of a sudden it forced a powerful contraction. Exactly what I wanted!

I wore it while sitting at my desk. The good thing about an e-stim plug like this is you can wear it while walking and sitting down. I let it do its thing and occasionally dialed up the power. I wanted to be sure I was doing my kegels so as to strengthen my erections. At times if I fidgeted on my chair the contractions would subside. Sometimes I dialed it up too far and it would jolt me out of my chair.

I noticed it would tingle, then force a contraction and alternate back and forth like that. I figured it didn't incur a contraction each time until the inner walls of the rectum returned to their original shape. I let it induce anal kegels for about 2 hrs and decided to give my sphincter muscles a break.

The next time I used the plug, I did everything the same way as far as insertion. However, after it was in I twisted it 90 degrees so the wider side of the plug would be sideways. As I hoped, it was more effective. I got a kegel every time instead of tingle, then kegel. This lasted for a while then went back to the tingle, kegel pattern. I relubed it and tried again. It went back to kegel. So I think of the lube worn off with so many constant kegels.

After a few weeks of use, I got a big surprise. A grand bonus. When I went to insert my njoy pure plug, it was a tighter fit.

WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE KEGELING BEFORE MADE MY ANUS TIGHTER. (not as tight as a virgin, though, grin)

OW has not tested this sufficiently to share her experience yet. Her vagina muscles are already pretty strong. Her last childbirth caused a slight incontinence issue. So she has been already been doing vaginal kegels.
    • More powerful than it looks for it's small size
    • Performs well
Follow-up commentary
This still comes out when in the mood for some anal kegels. Still works as well as day one. It's small but so in my ......
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    What will they think of next? On e-stims they really should put instructions, though. That is a good helpful review.
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