Half Good and Half Evil

Good, good, good vibrations!!! Toss the beads though! I rate the Vibe a 4, the beads a negative 1 for unnecessary distraction and potential unfortunate events.
Easy to clean, powerful vibe with assorted vibrations at a touch of a button.
Anal beads that have the potential of living in the anus, or harboring bacteria.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
My First Anal Kit was not my first anal kit, there have been many previous anal invaders before My First Anal Kit. But, if you were to buy a first, the vibrating, pulsating probe would be a nice introduction.

My First Anal Kit comes in two parts - a string of anal beads and an anal vibrator.

Toss the beads, they are crap! There are 4 plastic marble sized beads on a clear plastic string. I am sure bacteria would find a home in the beads' holes. The beads are hard plastic separated by hand done knots. My final bead on the string had its knot hidden inside the bead. I gave a tug and the bead came off in my hand. Better to come off in my hand than go wandering through the walls of my intestines. At least it had a decent pull ring...

The vibe itself is the reason to buy the kit. It's perfect for a beginner because it's anatomically curved, and it has a T bar base that stops it from rocketing up through the canals of the Netherlands. The T bar base also transmits nice vibrations around the pelvic floor.

It's three and a half inches long, and just over an inch in diameter. It's not scary, it won't hurt to insert! You can also use any kind of lube you desire. Its a nice navy blue plastic vibe with two lovin' lumps and a matte velvety coating that holds on to the lube really well. It's long enough for prostate stimulation, it's like an finger, lengthwise, albeit one with arthritic joints,

My First Anal Kit's vibe is on a long long cord, attached to an ergonomically shaped plastic velvet coated power pack. Press it on, press to increase vibration, and finally to pulsation pattern. It takes 2 AA batteries and the vibrations kick ass, literally and figuratively speaking. It made me wish I had a prostate. Almost...

Easy clean up with soap and water, especially anti-bacterial cleanser. After cleansing I wipe the whole thing down with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and let that evaporate. Careful with that battery pack!
Toss the balls, or use them in a condom as Ben Wa Balls. They were not going anywhere near my okole puka. The vibrator probe however is fantastic. It's also really quiet. I felt it through my entire pelvis. It's also one of the few toys I do use for double penetration. The wall between the vagina and the rectum is really thin, it's not made of Kevlar, so you cannot be too careful. This is especially true if you are post menopausal, on certain meds that can make you dry (anti depressants, antihistamines,etc..), or have had a hysto. Use lots of lube, and never put anything that was in your okole puka (butt hole) into your punnani (vagina) or anyone else's. Be safe, think ahead, and have great sex! Aloha for now.
Follow-up commentary
For an inexpensive toy, it feels like a half a million bucks. Get one, toss the beads away or play marbles with them. It's so easy to clean and the motor is quiet and durable, and the cord is long. Awesome for double penetration for you or your partner.
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