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I think I just got fucked by a ghost!

A hefty shaft with a nice curve, this prostate massager would act as a great couple's toy. Since it can be sterilized, she can use it for g-spot stimulation and he can use it for p-spot stimulation.
Can be sterilized, good for intermediate users, could give g-spot stimulation.
Cannot use silicone lube, small swirls may tear off.
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The P-Spot Rocker in Topco’s new Bottoms Up line is a rather versatile prostate massager. Made of silicone, this curvy toy is built to rub the prostate, and send guys into wild climaxes. The uses don’t end there. Despite being made for the prostate, women can use it as a nice anal dildo for themselves, or if preferred, it could most likely be used for g-spot stimulation.

Looking at this translucent toy, the higher of the two curves that stay outside the body is built to rub against the perineum (this could also work well for a gentle rubbing on the clitoris). Though somewhat flexible, he’s hefty enough to keep pressure against the prostate, however, that heft comes at a price. Because it's somewhat heavy and there isn't enough of a neck on the part inserted, the person using it would be best to lay on their back so it doesn't just slip out. The bottom handle is to be used to rock the toy back and forth, to keep stimulating or go so far as to milk the prostate. If used for anal, it is easiest to have a partner control the P-Spot Rocker. Plus, letting your partner in on the fun only makes things better!

Material / Texture

The packaging states the material to be "100% platinum cured medical grade silicone". When I first opened the package, the toy had a soft weird smell, but it has fades since, so I assume it was from when it was manufactured and not the toy itself. What I find cool about this toy is that it is translucent! It has a frosted look to it when dry, but add some lube (no silicone lube, only water-based or oil if being used anally) or even water when rinsing the toy and its nearly completely transparent. The material has a matted finish, giving it an easier glide, and though it is flexible it is also fairly firm.

Design / Shape / Size

Overall the design is visually appealing. The gentle swirls at the bottom and a meaty body on the top. The curves are subtle enough to not be intimidating. The size of the portion to be inserted is definitely not for beginners, it would work for an intermediate anal toy user. I like this toy because if it's left in the bathroom after being washed, no one would know what it was. There are no distinguishable features to make it seem like a sex toy, its just curves, which leaves it looking more artistic than anything else.


I think the best features to this prostate toy is that it has no discernible features. As said before, it has a classy, artistic look to it. Being made of silicone, it can be sterilized. and the portion that is inserted gives a good full feeling and can be maneuvered to actually press into and rub the prostate.

The issues I have with this toy are more just little things that bug me. The toy has a seem going along the entire toy. It is close enough to the toy that it wasn't noticed when being used, but visually it detracts for the appeal. I had a little issue with the P-Spot Rocker that I'm sure isn't necessarily an issue with the product, just an accident. When I pulled the toy out to initially examine, the little curl on the higher curve ended up tearing off. I believe there was a minor tear there to begin with, so that is why it ripped so easily.

Care and Maintenance

Because this toy is made out of silicone, it can be sterilized: boiling for 3 minutes, top rack of dishwasher (no soap), or 10% bleach wipe down. This is necessary if you plan to share with your partner or going between anal and vaginal use.

Personal comments

I learned something about silicone. We praise it because it doesn't allow anything into it, well that is true when you try to do something to fix it. I tried using some model glue on it, the kind that dries almost instantly, and it didn't help keep the little piece that broke off stay on at all.


After my initial examination of the P-Spot Rocker, I went ahead and got prepared to try it out. He felt rather nice sliding inside. The presence of something against my prostate was there, but not quite enough to push me over the edge in the end. I rocked him about and felt a good build up of sensation, and when I climaxed there was a rather good explosion. I was sad to see that the part that is supposed to rub against my perineum didn't do too much for me, I've come to enjoy the prostate stimulators made from hard materials, with the part that purposefully pushes into my perineum. I definitely think the P-Spot Rocker will still be getting some action from me, but not necessarily for the intended purpose.
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  • Naughty Student
    I'm shocked a piece came off, it should be more durable. Sounds like it could be a softer option for those who don't enjoy the plastic made massagers. Great review.
  • Tuesday
    What do you mean 'not for the intended purpose' in your last sentence?
  • Avery Dragon
    @Naughty Student - You're right, for those not wanting hard plastic, it'd be much better, thank you! Big smile

    @Tuesday - Since the intended purpose is prostate stimulation, i was meaning using it as a general dildo. Though short, it'd be good if I hadn't done anything in a while and needed to stretch
  • Alan & Michele
    Too bad it doesn't do more for the perineum because that's a sweet spot for Alan too. Thanks for the review Smile
  • LiftedUp
    Thanks for the review. Good to have more details on some of the products we were discussing. I'm in shock that the toy ripped though... especially when NEW! You also mention a seam in your description... would you say that these toys are poorly manufactured?
  • Avery Dragon
    I'm not going to say that they're poorly manufactured, I mean, I believe Topco makes some very good products. Plus I'm kinda clumsy, when I go to my company's meetings and have toy companies show us stuff, almost each one I've accidentally broken something. LOL! So it might have just been a fluke with my specific toy and others wont see that issue. As for the seam, many companies still have seams, so I don't really judge by that.

    Plus, the part that is to be used is still intact and does still bring pleasure =) it was just a little piece for aesthetics that's gone. It's more alarming when coming home from vacation and finding $100 in toys melted into each other, THAT is a heart breaker x3
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Please proof read.
  • married with children
    good review, thanks
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