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Interesting Name. Interesting Anal Toy.

The Cogilia anal beads were designed with the anal beginner in mind. With flexible and body-safe silicone, the beads on the Cogilia slowly get larger the deeper they are inserted. With an easy-to-use handle that makes removal simple, the Cogilia anal beads are perfect for anal beginners and those who enjoy the sensation of anal beads. If you prefer larger toys, the Cogilia beads may not be as large or as filling as you prefer. For the average person, though, Cogilia will work wonderfully.
Interesting bead design, Silicone, Handle works well, Comfortably flexible
May not be filling enough
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The Cogilia beads are anal beads designed by FeelzToys. They are made from silicone, and they are slightly over nine inches long. They include a flexible and easy-to-grasp silicone loop handle, and at the widest diameter, they are only 3/4 inches in size.

Cogilia is best designed for beginners due to the small size of the largest bead. Even the largest bead is less than one inch in diameter. The smallest bead is barely 1/3 of an inch in diameter, and as you go up the strand of the Cogilia beads, the beads get larger. However, with the largest bead being less than an inch in size, those with regular anal experience may not find this sex toy as filling or as pleasurable as beginners might.

The Cogilia beads can be used for both solo use as well as use with a partner as well. Due to the handle at the base, the Cogilia beads work just fine for solo use as they can be removed easily and without much issue. With their small size that can easily fold up, the Cogilia beads also work as a travel-friendly option and work when discretion is important.

Material / Texture

The Cogilia is made from body-safe silicone. FeelzToys chose to make the Cogilia out of a nice, slick type of silicone. This silicone has very minimal "drag" to it, and as such, hands and body parts glide against it very nicely. This also means that it needs minimal lubrication, compared to other types of silicone, in order to feel nice during insertion. The FeelzToys silicone has absolutely no scent to it.

The Cogilia anal beads are not made of a plushy silicone, though. Each one of the individual beads are firm and rigid. The strand silicone areas between beads is flexible and easily allows the Cogilia to curl up into a ball, but the beads themselves are rigid and hold their shape. The handle is flexible and has some bend to it as well, so if wearing the Cogilia under clothing or while seated, the Cogilia is still very comfortable to have inserted.

The surface of the Cogilia anal beads is completely smooth. These beads have no texture built into the surface of the beads. Aside from their design, there is nothing that is felt when inserted.

Design / Shape / Size

Along with the slick, pleasant silicone that the Cogilia beads use, the Cogilia beads were designed very simply. The Cogilia beads are made up of four unique "beads". Instead of being placed onto a strand of string like some anal beads are, the Cogilia beads are all connected by strands of silicone. This makes the Cogilia easier to clean than other types of anal beads because there aren't areas where bacteria can easily hide.

Unlike traditional anal beads, the Cogilia beads have an interesting design to each of the beads. Each one of the beads resembles a lopsided hourglass shape. Instead of just being circular, this gives the beads more of a sensation. It's interesting because, when inserting the beads, the larger half of the bead goes in first. This seems like an odd design as many people prefer to start with a smaller item for insertion before moving to the larger item for insertion. However, the Cogilia beads do it the other way - with the larger half of the bead going in first.

At the end of the Cogilia beads, there is a circular handle. This handle is also made of the same type of silicone, and it's very flexible. The handle will bend in half when pressure is applied, but it doesn't bend easily enough that the anal safety is threatened. The handle is very easy to grasp, and it makes removal of the Cogilia very simple. The handle also has a small, ball-like decoration that is standard of many FeelzToys items. However, this decoration does not impact performance.


The Cogilia beads perform well. Each one of the beads goes in like it should, and the beads go in very easily. This is especially true of the first couple beads on the strand as these beads are smaller-than-average than most anal bead strands. Once the larger end of the anal beads is inserted, the smaller end doesn't make much of a sensation, and it just slides in just as simply. Even for an anal beginner, all four anal beads can go in very smoothly.

Along with this, the silicone of the Cogilia seems like it will hold up well. Despite multiple attempts at stretching the beads apart, the Cogilia holds together firmly. The silicone does stretch quite a bit between each bead (to the point where the silicone turns white in color), but that is a stress that won't be happening during regular use and only happened because of the stretching test that was placed on it.

Care and Maintenance

The Cogilia anal beads are made of pure silicone. This means that they can be sterilized by either boiling them or using a water and bleach solution. As the beads are a bit too long and thin to really stay nestled in a condom too well for protection, it's recommended that you understand how to sterilize them if you plan on using these with multiple partners.

For regular washing, the Cogilia anal beads can be washed with antibacterial soap and warm water. As these beads do not have any small crevices or textures, they are easier to wash than some other toys. However, do be careful to make sure to clean each bead individually to make sure that the full strand of beads is fully washed.

To lubricate these anal beads, which you certainly should do before using them, water-based lubricant is the best choice. Silicone-based lubricant could interact with the material of the beads and destroy the material.

For storage, as the box is abnormally long, storing the Cogilia anal beads in a pouch or storage bag may work best. The silicone material does not pick up a lot of hair or lint, so it doesn't require too much forethought to avoid it getting dirty before use.


The Cogilia anal beads come in a long cardboard box. This box is pink in color, and it has a front, clear panel that shows off the Cogilia beads sitting inside the packaging. On the backside and side panels, the box includes instructions about care and use of the beads in multiple languages. These languages include English, French, Spanish, Italian, and others. It also gives an explanation about what features the beads have. There's nothing on this packaging that would make it offensive to a gift recipient, but be aware that the box is not completely "square" (it has the triangular-point at the top), so it may be hard to wrap in traditional gift wrap.

Inside the packaging, the Cogilia is attached to a cardboard backing by twist-ties. There are two of these. They may take a bit to undo, so it may be suitable to get the Cogilia ready for play ahead of time. There are no written instructions included in the packaging.

Due to the packaging's abnormally long length, the Cogilia packaging may not be suitable for long-term storage of the anal beads. Since the beads also will easily fold up, finding a plastic bag or storage bag may be more suitable for storing these.
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