Dinky bead - anal beads by Mantric - review by Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

Dinky bead

Vibrating probe by Mantric

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It's small, but there's nothing dinky about it!

All in all, a solidly made product ideal for singles or couples wanting to experiment with anal play, or simply add a practical, easy-to-use (and handle!) anal toy to their collection!
It's the perfect combination of manageable size, yet powerful performance.
The vibe only has one setting and takes watch batteries to power it.
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First impressions of the Dinky Bead are generally the same - made from bright purple thermoplastic, it looks utterly delicious!

Resembling a big lollipop, the Dinky Bead consists of three large rubbery 'beads' with an oversized fourth bead and a cute, heart shaped 'plug' at the end - but as delicious as this 'lollipop' looks, your mouth is not the orifice it was designed for!

The fourth bead on the Dinky Bead can be fitted with a bullet-sized vibrator, included in the package, which turns the purple product into a shuddering, juddering probe - ideally suited for anal exploration.

At just over three inches in circumference, the Dinky Bead isn't a particularly intimidating anal product. Even anal newbies could probably take the full length without too much squirming. That being said, the little bullet vibrator is surprisingly powerful - sending vibrations all the way through the five-and-a-bit inches of insertable shaft. The bullet can also be removed and placed in other sex toys, or used discretely on its own. It only has one setting, which is fairly high.

The combination of manageable size and powerful vibes make it an excellent product for those just starting out with anal play, or for couples who want to be able to use an anal toy, but don't always have the time to wrangle a jumbo-sized butt-plug or dong.

The Dinky Bead is made of rubber, which means it does have a slight rubbery odor to it and is best used with a condom, for ease of cleaning (and especially if you intend on sharing it.) It's also important to only use water-based lube with it. No lube is included in the packaging.

One advantage is that the Dinky Bead is entirely waterproof - making it an ideal product to use in the shower or bathtub with a like-minded partner!

The only downside of the product is that the bullet uses watch batteries, which aren't as easy to come by as AAAs and are a little more difficult to change (especially with the waterproof seal.) However, that's a small price to pay for having such a tiny, powerful bullet vibe and the compromise is worth it.
We used the Dinky Bead during an extended bout of sixty-nine. My wife was on the bottom, while I straddled her face and fed my straining erection into her eagerly sucking mouth.

While I spread her thighs and feasted on her freshly-waxed pussy, she popped open a bottle of KY Warming Lubricant and squirted a liberal dollop between my butt cheeks - somehow never missing a beat with her talented tongue and lip-work.

Then, as I sucked and slurped at her clit, I felt the hard, cold rubber against my buttocks and eagerly pushed back.

Even without that much lube, the Dinky bead 'popped' inside of me without much problem. My wife then teased me with the second bead, popping it in and then out of my clenching ass while she eagerly swirled her tongue around the tip of my straining cock.

It was only when the third bead had 'popped' inside of me that she switched the bullet vibe on the the dinky Bead started throbbing powerfully - sending the vibrations up the shaft of the toy and right up against my prostate.

It was wonderful! An excellent combination of manageability (being able to get the toy inside me quickly and cleanly) and power (the vibe was very effective at stimulating me.)

Despite thickening my erection and bringing me closer to orgasm, the Dinky Bead didn't send me over the edge - instead my wife and I disentangled and I threw her face-down onto the bed.

With the Dinky Bead still buzzing away inside my ass, I spread my wife's saliva-streaked thighs and pressed my slick cock against her pussy. Soon I was fucking her roughly from behind, feeling the buzzing between my buttocks as I did so.

My wife enjoyed my enthusiasm and bucked her hips back against me. With that added stimulation, I really couldn't hold on much longer and I exploded inside of her. The vibration on my prostate made my climax incredibly powerful - I spurted like a firehose inside of her. My wife later joked that if we'd been doing it doggy style, instead of with her lying on the bed, I'd have probably sent her flying across the room when I came inside of her!

Afterward, it was easy to remove the buzzing probe (which was getting pretty intense after I'd already climaxed) and we washed it clean with soapy water.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • ToyingCouple
    Quite the experience section.... your story makes us want to run to the bedroom!
  • Naughty Student
    Yeah I agree with Toying couple! Hot!

    I love warming lube for anal play only with smaller toys, with bigger toys it tends to be too warm for me. Does it do the same for you?
  • Sammi
    Good review - this looks like a lot of fun!Tongue out
  • Dame Demi
    It's late for me and I may have just missed it in your review, but have you tried this for vaginal play? It looks like it might be effective.
  • Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)
    Hi Naughty Student!

    Yes, with warming lube 'big' toys can be a bit of a struggle. This was great and the warming lube helped it be more stimulating even though it wasn't a struggle to 'get it in.'

    Hi Dame Demi!

    We haven't tried it for vaginal use - we did use the bullet on it's own on my wife's clit (got the thumbs up) but she prefers her Rabbit, because it fills her up more than the Dinky would, and the vibe is a little more ideally positioned.
  • Meowmix
    Good review!
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