Cleaner Torpedo - anal kit by Cal Exotics - review by Kinky Kitty

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Just Imagine a Turkey Baster...

Spend a little more money and get something that is easier to use and clean. While the Torpedo has a few good qualities, they don't make up for the many more pitfalls.

I really think this tool would be better listed as a vaginal douche.
Smooth texture, phthalates free, works well for a simple, shallow clean (nothing more), comfortable.
Very difficult to clean, hard to use, bendy material makes insertion difficult, etc.
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The torpedo's intended use is for an anal douche. I tried it over and over with unsuccessful results. Since it did not come with instructions, I was on my own to figure out the most effective way to use it. The best way I can describe it, is like a turkey baster.

The first step in the cleansing process is to fill the Torpedo with water. Filling a jar and setting it next to you jar works great. Insert the end with holes into the water and squeeze the top. This pushes out the air and sucks up the water. The next step is to insert it into yourself. This part is tricky. The texture is smooth making the actual insertion easy with or without lubrication (lube is recommended) but the flexibility makes it really bendy when you push on it. The size is not huge, but if you are inexperienced or very tight, this could be close to impossible. Lastly, squeeze the water into your body. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: After squeezing the water in, DO NOT let go of the top; KEEP IT SQUEEZED and pull out slowly allowing your bottom to close around the tip as you pull it out.

It took me a few times to figure this out. If you let go, the science of suction takes over and naturally sucks everything back out. Everything. (See maintenance section for detailed description on the cleaning problem this creates).

During a normal enema or douching, you should let the water sit for a few minutes before releasing it. It takes a little practice but once you have that part down, it works with any tool.

Material / Texture

The Torpedo is made of a smooth, black, phthalates free, PVC plastic.

I found the texture easy to insert with or without lubrication. It's very smooth and comfortable. It really doesn't feel like there is anything inside you.

It is hollow and very bendy, so the actual insertion will take a little practice. When pushing on it, it will sometimes buckle.

It has no obvious smell.

Design / Shape / Size

The circumference is not so big that its uncomfortable. In fact, it's hard to tell anything is there. While it has a 5 1/2 inch insertable length, it is not necessary to use it all. Overall it's very comfortable to use.

As far as the rest of the deign is concerned, I found it to be very inefficient. It only sucks up a little water at a time requiring you to repeat the process over and over again.

Length: 9 3/4", Insertable length: 5 1/2", Circumference: 3 3/4", Diameter: 1 1/8",

I do think it would be great for travel because it's really discrete. I can't think of anything else it looks like (defiantly not a toy).


The best part about this tool is that it is so comfortable when its in. It has no ridges so you (I) literally can't feel anything.

As far as the actual performance, it falls short. It just doesn't get the job done. If all you need is a quick shallow clean, then it will work fine. If you want a cleaning that is sure to leave you feeling confident for a number of hours, this is not the right anal douche/enema for you.

Care and Maintenance

PVC plastic should be cleaned with warm/hot water and antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Normally, this is an easy enough step. However, there are many things that prevent the Torpedo from being cleaned easily or efficiently.

#1: It is one unit that does not come apart. Like a turkey baster, you insert the bottom into a bowl of water, squeeze the top to push out air and as you release, it sucks up water. The science does not change when you stick it in your butt. Squeeze to push the water out, releasing sucks it back up. Unfortunately, when it sucks back it takes some of the {loose ends} too. (I FOUND ONLY ONE WAY AROUND THIS....SEE "USE" SECTION).

#2: The solid black color does not allow you to see whats inside. While cleaning this, I found myself repeating the system over and over and still saw chunks shooting out. YUCK!

HOW I CLEANED IT: I filled a large jar with hot soapy water, stick the bottom into the water and squeeze the top so it fills with water. I shook just a little (not sure if that was necessary) and squeezed it all out into the sink

Repeat, repeat.......

Compatible with both water based and oil based lubricants


It came in a box with a picture if the tool on front and back.

Sadly, it came with NO INSTRUCTIONS! This required me to do quite a bit of research and testing.

Personal comments

In my experience with this tool, I think it's very safe to say that the Torpedo offers, at best, a minimal shallow cleaning. There are many other products that offer a far better, deeper clean.
Follow-up commentary
Not much to say here. I stopped using it all together. It just doesn't get the job done :( If you need even a quick clean, any other of the douches work better.
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  • J's Alley
    Wow...just wow. I certainly wouldn't want something that difficult to clean. Especially since you need to use a cleaner. What if (since it doesn't come apart I can see this happening...especially to me) you don't get all the cleaner out. That could be seriously uncomfortable. Really, a turkey baster sounds about right, but they come apart.

    Great Review!
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Goodness! I'd be too paranoid about forgetting to take it all the way out before releasing the bulb to actually use it. What if the soapy water isn't enough? Do you know if it's safe to clean this with a 10% bleach solution, or will that damage the material? I'm just asking because I trust bleach to kill bacteria.
  • Kinky Kitty
    Thanks guys!

    I think this will answer both of your questions in one: I did consider using the bleach solution (although I could not find any info on the safety of this) I also wondered how I would know I got it all out. Just like soap or yucky chunks, I definitely DON'T want to be shooting bleach up there next time I use it.

    I'm just not sure I'll get any real use out of it again.
  • SexySkye
    Great review! If I ever venture into anal douching, I'll be sure to leave this off the list! Thanks for the warning!
  • 2BudZ
    Thanks for the great heads up on this tool. Good review. Sorry that it didn't work out for you guys.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Just Outstanding review! Big smile
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • Jammin14580
    Nice review
  • SadoMas
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