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Handcrafted wooden dildo #213

Dildo by Hardwood dildos

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The handcrafted wooden dildo #213 has everything that you are looking for in a simple sex toy made of wood, and homemade wood at that! It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, smooth enough to feel effortlessly frictionless, and surprisingly lightweight enough to make you feel as if you aren’t fucking a piece of wood at all. More suitable for beginner; may not offer a lot of thrills to those who like something harder, bigger, and louder in size, shape, and form.
Small, smooth, frictionless, handmade, waterproof
Base is too small, shape is very lackluster, smell is VERY strong
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The handcrafted wooden dildo is one of those "night cap" sex toys, the kind that you just want to share with yourself and maybe once in awhile with your partner, but for the most part, this toy says "this is all about me and my pleasure." It is rather small and slim, and extremely lightweight for a toy made of wooden material. Internally, it is the equivalent of inserting two fingers inside of you, and because of it's small size, you can literally push it in ALL the way and just melt with the pleasure. The only problem is that the base is rather small; it makes it difficult to maneuver the toy in and out and side to side. You have to be especially careful when using this dildo anally; the small base can easily be swallowed up by the rectum, but the dildo itself fits perfectly in the anus as well as the pussy.

Material / Texture

The one thing that you will instantly notice about this dildo is the smell; it literally smells like strong and pungent wood, and makes your vagina smell like a piece of newly bought furniture. Some people might find the smell to be "too much," but the toy itself is divine. Internally, the toy is smooth and frictionless, but light and firm; sometimes you forget that you are fucking a piece of wood! The key to the stimulation with this dildo is the smooth and firm texture of the shaft, and its small size, which allows for some deep internal fucking action and makes it fun to carry around in your purse or in your pocket. For those who are trying out wood for the first time, this toy is perfect, but if you prefer something larger and with a bit more oomph, this one may not exactly be what you are looking for.

Design / Shape / Size

I was kind of taken aback by the shape. It gives off the illusion that it is nicely curved, but it isn't really. It is not curved upward enough to provide any extra sense of pleasure; for the most part, it feels a bit too straight. Though the smoothness of the wood made it very pleasurable, this dildo could have used a bit more of a more distinct shape and design, just to add some spice to it. As mentioned, the thickness of this toy is the equivalent of having two fingers inserted inside of you. That is pretty small. It is even small enough to fit into the size of my hand, which makes this toy seem even smaller. Overall, it is average as far as the pleasure it can give, but it is wonderful for travel in case you want a quickie during work, after work, or during vacation, etc.


The most wonderful aspect of this toy is the fact that it was handcrafted out of love, for our pleasure. The wooden material is so light that it might catch you off by surprise, and the size alone makes it fun if you really want a dildo that can go inside of you all the way. The not so great thing is that the base is so small; it makes it frustrating when it comes to maneuvering the toy, and also makes the toy feel limited as far as how deep you can really go with it. It is probably not wise to walk around with it anally or vaginally; if one does, just be careful. Another problem is that the base is really not wide enough to even use it for harness compatibility, at least with most harnesses, which is a disappointment.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for this toy is easy! You can bleach it or simply wipe down with soap and water (it is waterproof, so there's no need to worry about it molding or wearing with time). The toy comes with a storage pouch; I usually store it along with the rest of my toys, or you can store it in a drawer or someplace else cool. You can use just about any lube with this dildo (saliva, water based, silicone).


This toy was packaged in just simple a plastic bag. I was surprised that there was not a single advertisement or even a brand logo on the bag; it literally looked as if somebody just made the dildo fresh from home and wanted to make it anonymous. In some way, it is nice that the package is as straightforward, plain, and simple that it can get, but at the same time, one would wish that there was something more. The package is not pretty enough to just offer as a gift, and even though the storage pouch is useful, you might want to replace it with something else if you prefer something a bit more fancy and pretty.

Personal comments

All in all, this little guy is okay, but didn’t necessarily blow me away. It is perfect for those who want to experiment with wood and want to go with something light and simple before stepping up to let’s say, the Treeze line of wooden dildos. And as usual, as with many wooden dildos, this little guy really matches perfectly with any wooden furniture, and is just so cute and beautiful to look at. If you can stand the strong smell of wood and having your pussy smell like a newly bought piece of furniture after using it, then surely you will get a load of thrills and fun with this one.
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  • Femme Mystique
  • Epiphora
    Kinda weird that it smelled, but there are worse smells than wood, that's for sure.
  • Foxxy Kitty
    There's nothing really abnormal about the smell, i mean, there are many sex toys that have a smell and are perfectly fine. I just wan't expecting this one to smell so strong, but it is just wood, and the smell fades eventually.
  • ToyingCouple
    LOL! Love the new furniture pussy smell comment! Excellent review that made us laugh and was informative.
  • Selective Sensualist
    Too bad about the strong wooden smell! Thanks for the review!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Awesome review
  • CynicallyYours
    great review!
  • Xavier7
    I didn't realize that wood would have a smell! Great review!
  • Nkev
    thanks for the review
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