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If you're looking to maintain good prostate health, the Prostate Health massager by Tantus will help to keep you in check between check-ups.
100% medical grade silicone.
Hard to insert.
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The Prostate Health massager isn't just another toy to get off with. This is a massager with a mission, that mission being the health of your prostate. Tantus designed this massager with a bulbous end and combined it with vibration to teach men to relax the muscles surrounding the prostate to reduce the risk of prostatis and BPM. According to Tantus, "smooth muscles relieve the pressures associated with prostate problems."

Prostatis is an inflammation or infection of the prostate gland, often resulting in swelling or pain. BPM is an increase in the size of the prostate, most often seen in older men. The Prostate Health massager was designed to get you to relax the muscles surrounding your prostate and fully empty your prostate through ejaculation, thus combating your risk of enlargement or inflammation. It seems the folks over at Tantus have more on their mind than just earth-shattering orgasms.

The biggest issue I had with the Tantus' Prostate Health was insertion. I'm still trying to discover the perfect water-based lubricant for my silicone toys. Not being able to use the right lubricant to insert this toy with hampered my fun. The awkward shaped shaft combined with the boxy, blunt head made this a massager that was nearly impossible to insert. Tantus, being the phenomenal brand they are, actually recommend Pjur Original Bodyglide (a silicone lubricant) with their toys. They promise that the blend of silicone they use in their toys is so pure, it won't react to this particular silicone lubricant. I haven't tried Pjur yet but I know that I need to and badly after the struggle I went through trying to use water-based lubricant for insertion.

Besides being odd shaped, there was too much flexibility towards the tip of the toy. I had to ask for some help from my partner but even she found trying to insert this toy to be a challenge. I had to manipulate this in, if it had been just a tad firmer I wouldn't have had so many issues. When finally in, it wasn't as comfortable as I had hoped it would be but that's alright; this is one of the larger toys I've used and a 4 inch circumference is nothing to wag your finger at. I wouldn't recommend this for first timers, you have to know that you enjoy anal stimulation because this is a thickness you'll want to graduate to. Based on size alone, if I had started off with the Prostate Health, I would have been turned off from ass play from the get-go.

This prostate massager comes equipped with an ergonomic, flat base with a thumb grip designed for a comfortable hold. This thumb grip will also do wonders for you if you love your perineum rubbed. For the most part, the thumb grip helped the massager to stay in, even through sex in the doggy style position. The only time it tried to slip out or readjust itself was when I came. It also comes equipped with a one speed, "one touch" bullet vibrator. It's fairly strong, whisper quiet, and 100% waterproof. To insert the bullet into the massager, make sure to put a little lube on it or else it will be hell to remove.

I've tried toys designed specifically for the prostate that were hit or misses. The Prostate Health is a hit, a major hit. This massager fully rubbed against my prostate resulting in a huge orgasm, perhaps the biggest of my almost 30 years. I literally surged inside of my wife, my cock pumping a multitude of times. It was a strong orgasm and it was satisfying. Unfortunately, my orgasm ebbed as the toy tried to slip out but that didn't deter me. Without question, this massager did what it was directed to do.

While it was hard to insert and was bigger than most prostate stimulation toys I've been using, it's a high quality product that can be fully sterilized. It resulted in a massive orgasm that made my toes curl and my partner gasp. The fact that Tantus also pushes it as for sexual health makes it a massager that will be getting a lot of use from me.
The Tantus' Prostate Health is made out of 100% "Ultra-Premium Platinum" medical grade silicone. You're able to fully sterilize this by boiling it, bleaching it, or running it through the dishwasher without soap. This toy can also be shared.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Gary
    Thank you for such a thorough review! I myself am not really that into feeling any type of sexual pleasure, but to keep my prostate healthy I could see myself using a toy like this 4 or 5 times a day.
  • Chou Wang
    That seems to be a decent one. Going to give it a go later this year, would be good to finally have a P-spot toy that works as promised without fiddling around wit breathing, contracting, relaxing and whatever a 50 pages manual says to do. How firm was the pressure? Did it really "milk" or was it rather a soft massage?
  • Average Joe
    lol Yeti.
  • Average Joe
    It definitely milked the prostate, Chou.
  • cutruss
    This really didn't hit the spot for me, its just too small. I'm just an average size guy, but I wish it would have been a little longer. And because of its wide base you don't have much 'wiggle room'.
    I don't get the 'hard to insert comment. Its much smaller than any average size (ie 6 inch) dildo.
    Maybe its just my anatomy; with something like this you can't expect one size fits all. I didn't bother to try the vibrator, no point to it.
    I suppose it makes an interesting sculpture.
    I'm going to try the Nexus Titus next.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review
  • sweet seduction
    good review
  • Devz
    Very nice review!
  • Steve of Eden
    Great review, thanks
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for that honest review from an Average Joe!!!
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for that honest review from an Average Joe!!!
  • dudemeister
    Thanks for the review.
  • lzee
    Thanks, great review!
  • PirateofPenance
    thank you!
  • roskat
    Thanks so much.
  • BlooJay
    Interesting. Thx!
  • Charry
    Thanks for the review!
  • tortilla
    thanks for the info
  • dbloom
    this model looks a bit different now. item #D363. My problem with it- it won't stay in, wo/ me holding it in. surprised the original review didn't mention this. i tried it on 2 different men, built very differently. had the same problem w both. not enough indentation for anus to hold in. too bad. wasted my money
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