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Multi-Use Beads

Anal beads are a great way to explore anal play in a gradual manner. The wide differences in designs have different end results; this one with the largest bead at the front lets you have more control over sliding smaller beads in and out during sex for added sensations. The handle is also a wonderful addition, keeping the toy from being lost but also being sturdy and durable.
Easy to use even for beginners, handle is sturdy and easy to control
Material collects debris
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Your use of these beads really is limited only by your imagination and cleanliness. The sturdy ring at the end lets you keep a good grip whether you're inserting them or wanting to use the toy for some light whipping actions. The length can be easily bunched into the vagina, and the only downside to anal use is that the first bead is the largest, which might be a problem for those who want to ease into a larger progression.

Material / Texture

These beads are made of silicone. There's some give to them when you squeeze pretty hard, but 'flimsy' isn't a word I would use to describe them. While smooth, there's also a bit of a drag so lube really isn't an optional thing if you aren't inserting them into a self lubricating hole. The material isn't a terrible lint magnet, but it will likely hold onto stronger scents unless aired out a bit. It smelled like the soap I cleaned it with for a few days after washing, but after being left in the general open it no longer carries that scent.

Design / Shape / Size

It's just about 9" from end to end with 6 1/2" being insertible. The o-ring type handle is about 1 1/2" across on the inside, and about 2 1/2" across from the outside diameter. The first bulb is an oblong shape approximately 1 3/4" long and about 3 1/2" around at its widest. It's got a tapered point to make insertion easier and more comfortable, and traveling down the shaft you'll find round balls in decreasing sizes. Those who routinely use large items anally may not have much of a use for this set of beads, but even people who don't usually play at the back door should be able to use this without much trouble. Anybody who does use it will want to make sure they keep it tucked away if they don't want anyone to know about it, because it is pretty obvious even if it travels well.


These beads really can be pretty versatile. As mentioned earlier, you could use them similar to a small whip (be careful since you could easily bruise yourself or your partner). They also bunch very nicely into the vagina where you can either let them sit and practice your kegels, or use the handle to slowly insert and remove beads, or just for general thrusting movements. Using them for their intended purpose is similar to using them vaginally, although I'd recommend not letting them sit in there for hours on end as you may find them difficult and uncomfortable to remove.

The handle is a great size for almost everybody. There's enough room for one or two fingers to easily hook and control the handle, making a solid and stable base. It's also very easy to control either by yourself or to have a partner in charge of it for you.

Care and Maintenance

This material will pick up bits of debris from wherever it's left laying, so I would recommend cleaning it before use each time you pull it out. You'll obviously want to clean it after each use as well. You can do that with an antimicrobial soap and plenty of hot water, and follow that with either boiling or using a diluted bleach solution that you would wash back off before use again. It's recommended to stick with water-based lubes, but you can patch test your favorite lubes on the handle to check for reactions.


These beads came in a sealed clam shell type package that needed to be cut open. It had some basic information, but was on the whole not something worth saving.


I admit it's been a while since I've done anything anal, so I was a little nervous at first. The largest bead being at the front also seemed counter-intuitive to me, but having the smaller bead at the base actually made it a lot easier to pop it in and out during use which really heightened everything for me. My favorite way to use these is by myself while I'm on my stomach and controlling it from behind, particularly with thrusting motions. If I want something quicker I'll keep them just in my vagina, but for in depth play I'll get prepped for anal and have at it that way. It's also a good segue into actual anal sex as well.
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