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This is great for getting orgasms if you want to invest the time. It doesn't get me off by just sitting on it but puts me is a very good mood. To get my orgasm I have to grind it for a good length of time. Fortunately it's easy to clean since you will need lubricant to help the process. To really get off I suggest a small dildo with a small firm base. Fortunately I had one from another toy kit
Long lasting charge, waterproof ( not submergible )
Didn't like the anus rumbling, but that's just me
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First impression

I ordered this, hoping it would give vibrations like the famous Sybian. Of course, I would not expect it to be as good since the Sybian is much bigger, powerful and expensive ( $1k). I figured, why not. At this price nothing to lose and hopefully something to gain. When I unpacked it I was impressed with the size and weight of it. It was pretty flexible. I bent it easily.

I powered it on and went thu the various settings. Both bumps vibrated, the front much stronger. The control tab was conveniently located at the front of the pad. It was easy to push and setting changed instantly.

Charge light is also where the control tab is

Charge port on underside
Usb charging contact goes underneath the front edge

First Use

My first use was on my sofa chair. I was concerned it would be too loud. When I unboxed it and powered it on, it was very loud on my kitchen table. It was very quiet on the sofa chair. Unfortunately the sofa was too soft for me to feel much more than some shaking. I bent the front up to contact my clitoris and was able to feel it's power. Setting # 3 was powerful. All the ensuing setting were various rumbling, pausing, intense or winding patterns. I said to myself," this has potential.

I also tried this in bed and laid on it. As expected didn't do much. Since I was motivated I reached for my trusty Rose. Rose is one my current favorites. It's effective, long lasting and easy to hold. Here's a link to my review.

Further Experience

I was in a hurry on my first use. I didn't really expect it to be effective on the sofa or in bed. I laid it on my shower bench and expected better results. Sure enough, there the Vibro pad felt 10 times stronger. It was very pleasurable and enjoyable. Since I was going to shower I was naked and getting cold. After 5 or so minutes I got off of it. I had a big smile on my face and very thrilled as I showered.

I got back on when finished my shower and went thu the settings. All of them were great. Rumbling, pausing, winding and #3 high power. In no time I was grinding back on forth on it. I orgasmed few times. Grinding on it really helped.

Vibration Map

The vibration intensity is strong but not super powerful as a electric wand. Of course a wand's head will pinpoint on the clitoris perfectly. Leaning forward and grinding made it feel almost as powerful as a wand. Compared to a wand this takes longer to orgasm.

All of the powerful rumbling is felt in the front. It does vibrate on the little back hump but not much. Which to me is okay. I didn't really want my anus area to be rumbled. Kind of distracting in my opinion. I would have liked a on off switch for the back hump.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

On a scale of 1- 10 my orgasm was only a 5. And it took a long time. Grinding on it enabled me to orgasm. I'm just glad my husband didn't catch me humping the pad. " Ah honey, what are you doing in the shower?"

I remembered watching a few videos on the Sybian years ago. The gals really go shook up and orgasmed nonstop. Then I got the idea to mimic the Sybian machine. Their machine besides being as strong as a "motorcycle" had a little dildo on the saddle. So I got one of my smaller dildos with a small base.

The little red pegging dildo was perfect. The base was firm and should pick up a ton of vibrations.

Good  accessories
BS is Nice Cow Dildo ( 1 3/4" wide and G spot curved) Little Red Pegging dildo
Dual stimulation
Sometimes smaller is better. This fit inside me and the firm base picked up tons of vibrations. Being thinner it also shook my insides like crazy. Now that's what I call an ORGASM!
Flat base dildo works
This is thicker but curved. The base was softer than the red one but it shook me up too. Unfortunately I couldn't ride it to get G spotted while using it on the pad.
Pleasure Meter

This is how
I describe
my orgasm

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