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Ever tried spreading that puckered anus to pour lubricant in where it's needed most? Enjoy having a truck load of lube spilling everywhere butt where it's suppose to? Meet the Lube Tube set; here to make anal (and vaginal) lubricating a lot easier and cleaner.
~ Gets the lube where you need it every time
~ Reusable
~ Doesn't leak
~ Insert comes out too easily when pulled right back when filling
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I often found that when I lubed up a toy, a lot of it would be pushed back on the toy as I was inserting it anally. This meant I had most of the lubricant around my anal opening and the toy inside was somewhat dry. Then I discovered these gems in an online store over a year ago. I eagerly snapped a packet up to make life in the anal world more pleasant.


The Lube Tube set is crafted from firm clear plastic and is produced by California Exotics. Plastic earns a safety rating of 8 because it's hypoallergenic, food grade as well as latex and phthalates free. Because there are two in a packet, one could be used for water based lubricant and the other for silicone. Or one for anal and the other for vaginal. Then again, with the low price you can afford to have two tubes for each orifice. There was no odour at all.
These tubes come empty for you to add your favourite lubricant.


It looks very similar to a medium sized medical syringe without the needle end. The smooth tube is 5” long and 1 ½” in girth with a large round finger hole (just under 1” in diameter) on each side towards the handle end. The insert that pushes the lubricant from the tube is X shaped with a small rubber ring on the tip to create a seal. On the end is a heart shape for comfort as it presses into the palm of your hand when depositing the contents. There is nothing preventing the insert from being completely pulled out of the tube when pulling it back to suck up lube. This can be a good thing cause it makes cleaning the tube much easier, but it can also be a curse if you accidentally pull it back too far when filling.
On the rounded tip is a rather large hole of 4mm in diameter and what appears to be a soft squishy silicone cap. There is a very slight seam that runs down two sides of the tube, but I have never felt them at all when inserted. They are barely noticeable to the fingers.

It holds approximately 0.23 fl oz (7ml). But when the insert heart handle is pulled right back it will require two hands to push the fluid out – unless you have rather large hands.

* Sorry guys, I'm not use to US measuring so I hope that makes sense to all.


For a vaginal used tube, I'd just give it a wash with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Toy cleaner would also do the trick. Then allow it to dry before putting it back together. Being plastic, it's not going to collect lint and it doesn't need any special storage.
I've only used one of mine at this stage and I use it for just anal. I clean it pretty much the same way as I would for a vaginally used one. Only, I use very hot tap water with the anti-bacterial soap. It could be soaked for a few minutes in a 10% bleach solution for sterilizing. I don't know that I would boil it, but the top rack of the dishwasher (without soap) might be kinder on the plastic as it won't be actually soaking in the extremely hot water. It might be wise to tie it by the handle so that it can't be thrown around the dishwasher with the torrent of water splashing around.

The tubes arrived in a clear, plastic, moulded, press together type of packaging that can be resealed. It clearly states “Lube Tube” on the front and back of the package. Not discreet at all considering the items can be clearly seen.

With some medical syringes, I found the insert can be somewhat jerky as you're trying to expel the contents. There is none of that with these tubes; it's very easy to control. They certainly are a wonderful item to have in all toy boxes. They save me a lot on clean up and the expense of lube, as I'm getting it exactly where I require it. The rounded tip is ultra easy to insert, especially if you expel a small bead of lube just before inserting it anally. Vaginal insertion is extremely easy.

A full 5 stars from me.
Follow-up commentary
These seriously are one of the best items I have bought. Makes lube application so easy cause I absolutely hate getting lube over my fingers. The wipes have to be pulled out for clean up before I even start playing. But with these gadgets, I'm saving on lube cause it only goes where I need it and I'm also not going through so many wipes! Save, save - I'm happy with that.
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  • Contributor: - Kira -
    I have these as well. They're pretty handy. Great review!
  • Contributor: bayosgirl
  • Contributor: Shellz31
    Thanks both

    They sure are handy. I'm thinking about getting a pack from here for spares later.
  • Contributor: Kindred
    I think you meant to write that 0.23 fl oz are equal to about 7 mL, not mm. And for those unaware, that's almost 1.5 teaspoons (5 mL per teaspoon). Thanks for the review. I'm looking forward to EF carrying these as well.
  • Contributor: Eucaly
    Really great review; and such an interesting product!
  • Contributor: Shellz31
    Ohhhh, oopsie.
    That's what ya get when ya write a review very early hours of the morning. Thanks for that.

  • Contributor: mikebooks
    Excellent review Shellz31, we really hope that EF will stock these again soon! Can not wait.
  • Contributor: biancajames
    I thought these were meant to be disposable?
  • Contributor: Kdlips
    Good review.
  • Contributor: reysgirl83
    great review!
  • Contributor: Shellz31
    Thanks all

    biancajames ~ They are very solid and more than capable of being reused many times.
  • Contributor: nori
    thanks for the review! Do they work well for partnered intercourse as well?
  • Contributor: Cutie1521
    thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Shellz31

    nori ~ I can't comment on that, but I don't see why they wouldn't!
  • Contributor: Silverdrop
    Can't wait to get mine! They're in my latest order.
  • Contributor: TheSlyFox
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Shellz31
    Thanks for reading it
  • Contributor: biancajames
    I love these!
  • Contributor: SexyPrincess
    Thanks, going to add to my wish list.
  • Contributor: Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
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