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No vibro, only balls.

Bottom line...I was disappointed because I thought that somehow someone has actually figured out a way to get anal beads to "vibrate" vs. just the ball inside moving around. That isn't vibrating, it's subtle movement. So subtle in fact that it was barely noticeable if and when it occurred.
The size is great. Clean-up is so-so.
Size, quiet, dual purpose.
Don't actually vibrate, lacking excitement, better vaginal experience, boring.
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The Vibro Balls were sold as anal toys but before trying them as they were mostly intended, I tried them vaginally.

First, out of the box, they were a tad larger than I was expecting. A pleasant surprise. However, on the flip side, they don't actually vibrate. I read the description incorrectly so that was disappointing, but at the same time I feel the name is a bit misleading.

There is another ball within each ball that gently rolls around with movement. It makes next to no sound what-so-ever but the weight of the ball within has the outer ball go to and fro. Both trying this toy vaginally and then anally (I don't recommend the other way around without taking proper safety precautions) on separate occasions, I found the movements of the balls within that is supposed to create the sense of "vibrating" to be barely noticeable.

The string makes retrieval easy although I was a tad bit nervous when trying them anally since the string is not that long and a lot of movement could pull the string in.

Material / Texture

The Vibro Balls are made of what looks like gold plastic attached to one another in railroad style by a nylon string. Slight dimpling on the surface keeps them from being completely smooth but I don't feel enhances or takes away from the experience.

Design / Shape / Size

I liked that the balls were larger than expected. They were a perfect size for both vaginal and anal experiences.

I don't think this toy would be a good one for the anal newbie to start out on as it could be a bit intimidating. As with all anal toys I highly recommend a lot of the proper lubrication and the ability to just relax and enjoy.

One would travel with this toy since it makes next to no noise with the exception of the outer balls hitting one another. (bring the lube too)

Since this is gold though for some reason it popped into my head that it would be a fun holiday gift (on the fun, sexy, secretive side). Purrrrrrrrrrrr


The balls are very easy to use. Caution should be taken for the newbie anal toy user though as the balls do not provide a graduation of size. It's pretty much, BAM, in your face...or ...your bootie I should say. With proper lube and ability to relax the sensation is fairly quick and pleasant.

Removing the balls should be taken carefully as it is a nylon string that keeps them attached to one another. The string could hurt a bit if pulled in against the edges of the vagina and anus so just take caution. It's not a big thing but something to make note of if it's pulled out too much to the side.

They should be removed slowly, especially when they have been used anally. Besides, removing them slowly was the best part. Again, relax and enjoy the sensation.

Care and Maintenance

The balls are plastic and easy enough to clean. The cord is nylon...also fairly easy to clean. This applies to vaginally. However, if used anally, more serious attention to cleaning and sanitizing should be taken. I don't recommend putting them in the dishwasher or to be washed with anything else. In the bathroom is best.

Storage is not an issue as neither heat nor cold will wreak havoc. Sturdy little balls, they are!


If giving the toy as a gift you might want to take it out of it's original packing and either put them in a silk/satin bag, or box lined with a soft, sensual material cradling the balls for a more appealing presentation. The box is nothing special but if it's for yourself, who cares, right? As long as what's inside provides hours of fun. ;)
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