Pure pleasure - smooth dildo wand by Topco Sales - review by Sexalicious K

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Not a whole lot of cash for such luxurious glass!

Fun toy! If you don't have glass toys, try this one. Its very well priced and with a bit of creative thinking can be used to enhance you sex life in many ways.
Exquisite looks and durable material. This toy offers many opportunities for unique sensations.
Nothing could be improved on. Just be careful not to lose it somewhere...
Rating by reviewer:
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The purchase of the Pure Pleasure probe was again was one of my husband's ideas. I was a bit skeptic and frightened at the idea of glass sex toys. A material that could break being thrust in one of our most sensitive and sacred places?! The idea was he wanted it for anal play on himself so who am I to say no. This must be safe… right?

When the probe arrived it was well packaged and came in a red velvet bag with a draw string. Upon inspection I was impressed with its clarity and crystal like appearance. There is just something about the elegance of this glass probe. I have seen many more expensive glass dildos that have various blends of colored glass in them and they seem a bit overdone. The probe is advertised at 6 ¾” long however, ours measures about 7 - ¼”. It seems like glass toys can vary slightly in size. It features 4 segmented bulbs measuring 7/8”, 1 - 3/16”, 1 – ¼”, and 1 – 5/8” in diameter. Nice subtle increase of size. Of course being glass or “e-glass” as Topco advertises, it's completely stable and free of odors and can be used with any type of lube you want.

Time for the test drive and my hubby eagerly went first! I was working it for him so he could totally relax. Starting from the small end and working slowly he liked the smooth feel combined with the initial cold glass. This is something we had never thought of so you should be careful that you are aware of the temperature of the probe before you start. This material also leaves the possibility of heightening your senses by intentionally cooling it in a fridge or warming it up by putting it in hot water just prior to use. Just be mindful of the temperature. I managed to get the first 3 bulbs completely in his ass and stroked it back and forth between the 2nd and 3rd bulb. This drove him crazy! He liked the hard glass feeling “gently bumping” his prostate. He used other toys before but nothing this hard and he loved the pressure and feel. Make sure you keep any lube off the last bulb so it makes a good handle. I made sure to warn him if we lose the entire thing in his ass he is going to explain what happened to the ER doctor because I will be in the car.. Seriously, there is no flared base so those who are a bit more “accommodating” of larger anal toys should proceed with caution. The probe can also be used with the large diameter first and use the smallest 2 bulbs as a handle. Just proceed with caution. My sister is an ER nurse and she has tons of stories about something like this going wrong.

Clean – up and sterilization is absolutely a dream for the Pure Pleasure probe. It's even dish washer safe! EWWH! I know people say that and it's probably true but would anyone really ever put their sex toys in with their dishes? We simply used anti-bacterial soap and hot water. The e-glass is pore free so no worries about bacterial left lurking below the surface. During a cleaning my worst fear came true. My hubby grabbed the towel it was resting on and the thing hit the floor! Made a heck of a noise however, no breaking or cracking whatsoever. That eliminated my initial concern about the durability of the material.

All up this is a great product at a phenomenal price. Will last forever. It's easy to clean. The material offers completely new and unique sensations for those who have never used glass or hard material sex toys. I think it would also be pretty good for traveling.. Perfect addition to anyone's collection!
A few weeks after the arrival of the Pure Probe we were engaging in a bit of foreplay and I decided to use the Pure Pleasure probe in my pussy. My husband decided he would return the favor I showed him. Keeping in mind his first experience, I requested he go soak it in some warm water before he used it on me. I hate cold things. He ran some warm water and left it in the sink about 3 minutes. He then lubed it up and inserted it large end first. The temperature was noticeably warmer. He used he used the small bulbs as a handle to stroke it gently. I love the hard feeling! I have always used soft material dildos and vibes so this was a unique and new experience. After he saw I was enjoying the sensation he increased the frequency of strokes and that sent me off! We have played with it many times since and the only negative issue we encountered was in our spa bath. If you drop something this clear in a tub of water you won't be able to see it until you feel or kneel on it. Yea, that kind of ruined the mood that evening.
Follow-up commentary
Glass toys are great for fast and safe clean-up which gives you "peace of mind" when you are sharing toys. I've been using this toy on my husband's wanting ass for a few months. I have been getting into anal play myself with smaller toys and eventually I decided it was time to move up! After thorough sterilization, I begged my husband to take me to the next level in anal play by using the large end of the Pure Pleasure probe in my willing ass. I gave him very clear directions that I only want the large bulb inserted while he holds it by the smaller 2-3 bulbs. After "loosening me up" with plenty of Maximus lube, he slid the smooth Pure Pleasure probe past my rosebud and held it there until I acclimated to the feeling. I loved the exquisite sense of fullness and cannot believe how erotic anal play is. He gently pumped the probe back and forth just a 1/2" inch or so. Although glass toys are hard, the smooth exterior contributes to the "gentleness" which is desired for beginning anal play. After successfully accepting the 1 5/8" diameter bulb and enjoying every tender move, we quickly went to the next step. After many years and attempts, I lost my "anal cherry" later that same evening as my husband gently maneuvered his cock in my lubed and ready ass. Since this time I have incorporated the Pure Pleasure probe from the small in during double penetration solo play. This is a great "graduation" toy!
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  • Jimbo Jones
    Interesting experience in the hot tub. Something I would not have considered and a place where a colored glass toy would be useful. The simplicity here is really attractive though. I appreciate the mention about cautious anal play because of lack of a truly flared base. I think if you are using the dishwasher method it should only be sex toys since you are not supposed to use soap in there. Thanks for the review.
  • Sexalicious K
    Jimbo - Comments much appreciated. I'm still not putting sex toys in my dishwasher.. Maybe there is a market for really compact sex toy washing appliances that could be installed inconspicuously in bathrooms? Big smile
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I also think that putting toys in the dishwasher (or boiling) is a bit weird. I am supposed to use the same kettle for potatoes or what? LOL Except, with a dishwasher, I think maybe running an empty load after the toy(s) would be a little less "ick" for me.

    As far as the base, was it any problem for you? Did you worry it would slip in? Do you think it would work for most people?
  • Sexalicious K
    Adriana - As a couple we are still beginners at anal play so it wasn't as much of a problem, because we don't push the limits, as it was a concern. I could imagine things getting heated and wild and without a base... well something bad could happen. I think that most people who regularly enjoy backdoor lovin' would be fine.
  • Princess-Kayla ?
    Great review. Thank you.
  • damnbul12
    Thanks for the review
  • faust
    nice review
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