Blue thunder ultimate penetrator - anal probe by Doc Johnson - review by T&A1987

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Not Ready For The Wild Blue Yonder

Cheaper is not always better. Between the danger of the material, the floppiness of the probe and the size, there's little I can recommend about Blue. In fact, that best part may be that the flared base is so large even the most paranoid user needn't fear about losing it in the colon.
Big flared base
Unsafe Material
Too Big
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Blue Thunder Ultimate Penetrator might be a product without a true user. Or perhaps it’s a product with a very temporary user: anal experts who aren’t picky about material. Between the girth of the toy, the length and the jelly material, there’s little to recommend about Big Blue.

The circumference of the toy excludes almost any beginner and intermediate anal user. It’s quite large and even when lubed can be painful to insert. Further, the jelly material, to be discussed later, is typically frowned upon by more experienced anal users due to the poor construction and safety rating of the material.

For those who would want to use this toy, there are no physical issues that preclude use by either gender. The flared base allows for harness use, providing 6.5 inches of insertable length, but again, the material hinders even this use. Pegging issues will be discussed in performance, but long story short, Blue isn’t very rigid.

Finally, Blue’s color makes this an excellent toy for Navi or smurf fantasy play. I’m not sure if such fantasy play exists, but if it does, Blue’s color and shape would make an excellent addition to the night’s activities.

Material / Texture

Jelly is oftentimes considered persona non grata to many toy users and for good reason. To begin, this material cannot be sterilized, even with cleaning or boiling as it is quite porous. For a toy that ventures into the dirtiest, most bacteria ridden area of the human body, sterilization is somewhat important.

The risk of bacteria forming or dirt hiding within the crevices of the toy is ever present in porous toys. Sharing is strictly prohibited unless toy covers have been used during each use, but even then, sharing is most definitely not caring.

Further, there is the overall safety of the material. The eden materials ranking places it as a two, which means there is a definite risk of having a bad reaction to the material. Such reactions include, but are not limited to, rashes, hives, redness and irritation, swelling, itching, burning and more. If this sounds painful now, remember that we’re talking about these problems occurring on anal and/or vaginal tissue. Anecdotal evidences suggest that chemical poisoning of the vagina may also be possible, although this is likely an extreme case.

Design / Shape / Size

Blue is undeniably big. The circumference is a whopping 4.75 inches, in contrast the A-bomb is just a little larger at 7.5 inches of circumference. The length is 7 inches, 6.5 of which is insertable and it has a diameter of 1.5 inches.

This toy is shaped well for what it is meant to do. The flared base allows for easy harness use and is so large that losing the toy in the colon needn't be a concern. The large width and length makes Blue an excellent shape for anal play that penetrates deep and wide into the colon.

It’s worth noting that Blue, like most jelly toys has a distinct chemical odor. It is rather unpleasant, although not overpowering. While this won't disqualify Blue, it certainly adds to Blue’s list of problems.

For those perturbed by realistic toys, Blue will not disappoint as it’s only realistic if being used by a smurf or Navi. Lack of realism does not make for a more discrete toy however. As the shape and suction cup base clearly indicates it’s a sex toy, this toy should be hidden when traveling or even during storage, unless the user is fine with prying eyes discovering it. Finally, the length makes easy hiding and storage difficult, so travel with this toy is discouraged.


This toy failed in virtually every aspect of its performance. To begin, it was far too large for use initially. When first purchased, it barely went in, even with copious amounts of lubrication. Such a problem itself is not disqualifying as the failure is more on the user’s end (pun kind of intended) than the toy’s end, but Blue’s problems don’t end there.

After training, it finally entered more easily, but that’s where the jelly material reared its ugly head. As a jelly toy, it is flexible, which is fine for certain toys, but not probes. When sat upon, despite its width, it could barely be felt inside, outside of the intermediate pain of the anus being stretched. During use, I was less aware of the toy and more aware of the pain.

Thrusting proved difficult due to the width of the plug, but this is more of a personal issue than an issue with the toy. After applying more lubrication, Blue, despite its width, kept slipping out and would not remain inside until sat upon. While Blue would likely work with sitting sexual acts such as oral, intercourse, or even walking around with the plug may prove difficult.

Topnotch plugs and probes are supposed to be rigid in order for the anal muscles to contour and contract along the toy in order to provide stimulation. Blue is floppy, flexible and difficult to control, imagine sex with a half erect penis, doable, but not that pleasant. While I have not attempted pegging with Blue, based upon its floppiness Blue would likely not perform well, barely entering and once inside slipping out, or not providing enough rigidness and stimulation.

Care and Maintenance

As previously mentioned, jelly is difficult to clean, making blue an arduous product to maintain. The size and shape make wipes an easy option, as well as hot water and soap, but because of the porous material, Blue will never be truly clean. Further, harsh soap may corrode Blue so avoid any powerful disinfectants.

Water and silicone based lubes are compatible with Blue. I have not tested Blue with silicone lubricants, but Maximus (water-based lubricant) worked well enough for insertion.

Jelly toys should be stored in dark places to avoid bacterial problems. Further, as they can never be completely sterilized, storing in a bag, separate from your collection may be the safest course of action.
Follow-up commentary
When I cleaned my toybox, this was one of the first to go. It was too big, too flexible and made of jelly. With limited space, I' rather have something that neither stank, nor was mildly toxic.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    Great review, thanks for sharing it with us! While I like the look of the toy, I definitely don't care for the material.
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