One Plug You'll NEVER Want to Take Out!

Overall this is something good to own if you plan on getting in to more advanced anal plugs. If you're worried about something being too big, shocking your anal muscles, or having trouble removing a plug on your own, I suggest something with a longer neck and a wider flare. I know, for me, having a bad back, it can be hard to remove at times although I can get the job done. For someone with a more severe case, this could be harder.
Beautiful, Holds temperature Well, Comes with great storage
Sharp curve, Small flare, Large Head - Not good for beginner.
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I apologize that I can't do an extended review, it wasn't an option. Anyway, here we have the Moon Plug in a pinkish color. My camera is broken, so don't hate for no pictures! I'll get them up whenever I can.

The first thing I want to tell you is that this isn't a plug for beginners of any type. It's quite thick as you can see online, and I know that if I would have used this as my "first ever" anal toy, my ass would be sorry. It is, however, a wonderful intermediate toy and a delight for an advanced user. The base is a tad bit small for a glass plug, and it could be a bit larger, but it isn't so small that you might lose it.

When the Moon Plug first arrives in the mail you are going to say to yourself quietly "Uhhmm.... Why the hell is the bag so big?". Well, my friend - that is because it's a freakin HUGE toy. I had not expected it to be so large, and I was honestly about to give this thing away as a paperweight. However, I gave it a try and I can say that I am very pleased.

The Moon Plug has a yellowish pink design inside that makes it gorgeously unique. It is claimed to have real gold inside, giving it that yellow look to the pink. I thought this was awesome, and it was my main reason for wanting this toy so much. I only wish the had made a smaller size! It is gorgeous though, and it will have you staring and wondering just how XHale makes these things!

It does come with a bag that is just to die for. It's highly padded, but has just enough give to be able to pack it into a suit case if you needed to. A lot of the bags I have are just too thick, and don't "squish" well enough. That isn't the case with this bag, and it fits the toy perfectly. There is a little extra room if you want to pack a trial sized lubricant or a mini vibe. It's up to you. It also comes with a cool key-chain style loop so you can hang it up on a hanger in the closet, or attach it to something in your car. You have a lot of options with this one.

If you're looking for a plug, but you're not educated on them at all, I recommend buy a few smaller plugs with this one. The Violet Moon Plug is a great plug to get you ready for this one, but I would definitely buy one just a bit smaller or softer (silicone) to try out before you try either one. There is no way an unexperienced ass is going to accept this plug without pain.

I will say that this plug holds temperatures exceptionally well. I was surprised, because a lot of plugs are just so small that the temperature only holds for 5 minutes or so. This plug easily held a cold temperature for 10-15 minutes and a hot temperature for about the same. You always want to be careful and wait for your glass toy to fully cool or heat up to room temperature before switching from hot to cold to reduce any accidental breakage.

As far as discretion goes, Pyrex butt plugs are the best. They look like a common paperweight or glass art, and no one is going to think twice unless they own one themselves. And technically, if they own one themselves, they probably wont dare open their mouths to bitch at you about your plug. So no worries! And, you have the awesome padded bag which is sure to hide your toy away very well in your underwear drawer.

You want to purchase a good lubricant with any anal toy. I always reccommend the thicker ones, such as Maximus, Sliquid Booty, or any other "anal" lubricant. The thicker, the better. Pick your favorite type of lubricant because glass is compatible with them all!

To clean this baby, simply use warm water and antibacterial soap. If you're pickier than that, use a 10% bleach solution or stick it in the dishwasher, top rack on a regular cycle. Be sure to scrub and wash it first if you're sticking it in with your dishes. Also, avoid using dish soap as it can leave a residue on the glass. Some people even use white vinegar and water, so that's another option for you.
The next of this toy has a diameter of 1/2 inch and here are the other measurements: Length: 4 1/2" Insertable length: 4" Circumference: 6"Diameter: 1 7/8" Weight: 0.4 lb

This plug is a bit heavy - but that's something you're gonna get with glass a lot. I personally liked it. The bigger issue was getting the darned thing in.

What me and the hubby did was start with our smallest toy and work our way to the largest. I was able to successfully use this toy, but my hubby just cannot stand it. It's too large for him and the shape feels awkward. I personally liked it once we were able to use it successfully, and I think it's the only plug we'll need for a while!

It takes some getting used to, but I think after a day or two of practice I could easily use this plug all on my own. It feels great to wear around the home and it's one plug you aren't going to want to take out. I wore it to the grocery store (not recommended by the way! I was taking my own risk!) and I just felt awesome knowing I had my own little pleasurable secret!

I personally don't like the flare. For me, it's just the perfect size that you wont lose the toy - but it's right on the rim of being too small. It could have been a bit larger to help with ease of removal. I hate struggling to grab a glass flare that's covered in sticky or slippery lubricant. I have to deduct points for the size of the flare.

This is a toy for those who want something exciting in a plug. For those who want a more immediate curve, and not something gradual and less shocking like the curve on the Ryder or the Violet Moon Plug. This will definitely shock those anal muscles and send you into an exciting frenzy, which can be good or bad.
Follow-up commentary
I still like this plug, and I still give it 4 stars because the round flare/base still bothers be. Like I said, it's just big enough so that you don't lose the toy inside of you - yet it's just small enough to piss you off upon removal. One of the first times in my life where I want a VERY large base/flare on my plug! I rarely ever wish I had one, but when it comes to glass you really need it.

I use this less often, I will admit that. I don't use it as much as I once did. It's not because I don't like it, but it is very large and for the last couple months I have been sensitive to larger anal toys, and my husband had a not-so-serious but still serious anal fissure that is healing. So this toy is pretty lonely up in our closet. I'm not sure if using it so often is what made me extra sensitive, or if it's just one of those "weird" things that people go through. Who knows!
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  • Contributor: spiced
    Thanks for an outstanding review! Maybe, someday, I'll be ready for this lovely plug.
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    Thanks for the really great review. Appreciate the time you put into it.
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    Love the detailed review you gave this. Thanks so much!
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