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Don't let the size or shape fool you! It's small enough to bring on trips, and powerful enough to get the job done. The texture is soft and stimulating. The powerful vibe is centered on the nubbies, for ultimate stimulation while flowing through the petals, to stimulate the clit. I would give it a try; I don't believe you'd be disappointed!
Soft stimulating nubbies, powerful vibe for something so small!
Width a tad bit smaller than advanced users are used to.
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Petals: Produced by California Exotic Novelties arrived at my door in a small box.
When I opened it up, I have to admit... I laughed. After all, it was a bit funny looking (a cross between a purple peeled banana and a flower) and more to the point, it was small!

At first glance: This purple petal has soft stimulating nubbies, unscented (finally!) soft TPR, a rather small length and width, petals that flow outward from the bottom, and the very tip of the bottom contains a small white bulb for 2 speeds of vibrations.

Washing: I washed this with ease and it IS waterproof. It carries 1 AAA battery, which is easily inserted when you unscrew the bottom of the petals. I have to admit, I seriously had my doubts because this thing is pretty small.

Size: Like I mentioned, it looks pretty small. The actual length you can insert measures around 3 1/2 to 3 3/4". The very tip which contains the nubbies, measures around 1" - 1 1/4" with nubbies pretty prominent, and then the width tapers down some.

Use a water based lubricant.

Play Time: I wasn't expecting much, and surely NOT the claim of "stimulator" they had written all over the package. I have to say, I was SERIOUSLY wrong! I inserted it slowly and without turning on the vibrations, I could actually FEEL those nubbies! I have never had a toy which was as short as this, actually hit my G-spot but THIS one did. I turned on the vibration which was VERY easy, just a slight push of my finger, and the 1st speed came on.

Those Petals at the bottom REALLY work! I could feel the vibrations on them and they stimulated my clit. I then decided to hit the switch again, revving it up to the last and highest speed and OH MY GOODNESS! The power I felt in those nubbies alone! It was amazing! I pulled it out, and rubbed the nubbies against my clit which put me over the edge, it felt REALLY good and I ended up having an orgasm within moments!

Good Vibrations: The vibrations were perfect, it's not one of those where you think you'll go numb and all the fun is gone. The noise level is what you would expect. It wasn't loud, but I would make sure no one is sitting against the wall in the next room if you have thin walls!

This is my new favorite toy! It's small enough to bring on trips and powerful enough to get the job done. The texture is soft and stimulating and the powerful vibe is centered on the nubbies for ultimate stimulation while flowing through the petals to stimulate the clit.
Follow-up commentary
So, I finally got my partner and we pulled out the petals for a night of fun!

First off I want to say that I found the reason why it has really great vibrations, it's because it really uses that AAA battery! I had used it that way one time for a while, while playing with it vaginally. When we went to get it ready, I pushed the button and… nothing. So, make sure you have quite a few batteries on hand when you want to play with this!

So, here is my review when used anally. We lubed it up a bit and after quite a bit of use vaginally (I STILL love the feeling of it!), we prepped it for anal use. We decided to place that in first, and then my partner would enter me vaginally, because I wanted to get his opinion as well.

The nubs on the top didn't do that much for stimulation; it actually felt almost prickly while going in. The length of this wasn't long enough in my opinion. It almost felt like nothing was there. So, we put on the vibrations. 1st speed, I barely felt it, 2nd speed wasn't too much difference. We tried pumping it in and out a few times to see if maybe that felt a bit better, it didn't.

On to what my male partner said about it: We kept it in my ass while I was on top. He was on the bottom. I placed his penis inside my vagina and put the petals vibration on the 1st speed, and the 1st thing he said was "Oh, oh my god". Then I started pumping his penis inside me, and pressed the button to put it on the 2nd speed, where he then said "Holy crap, I'm getting’ real close!"

So, here are some problems: It wasn't very good for me. I didn't get much sensation and on top of that, this kept coming out while having vaginal sex. We had to constantly hold it. When we didn't have sex, it still was on the verge of popping out.

But, on the plus side: It felt REALLY good for him!

Using Petals Anally…

Pros :
If you’re having vaginal sex with a male partner, while using petals, he'll love it and probably get him very close to climaxing very quickly! It's easy to clean.

The battery life sucks. Expect to change the AAA battery after each use. Almost (at least for me) no stimulation to name. While also having vaginal sex, this kept popping out... had to hold it in place the entire time.

I still absolutely LOVE this toy vaginally! The nubs on the top really stimulate the clit and other areas of the body. The petal portion of this "flower" carries the vibes to your delicate places. It has an easy access button to change the speed of the vibrations, and those vibrations are pretty strong when your pumping yourself with this beauty. It's not big, but I love the size of this for when I go traveling.

I would NOT recommend this other than for vaginal use. For me it just wouldn't be worth it as an anal toy. I looked at the box again to see what it was being marketed as. I was expecting to see "anal toy" for some reason, but I didn't which is a good thing because I fear that they would have quite a few disappointed customers.
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    Did you only use this toy vaginally? I'm curious how it does anally, since it is after all an anal toy.
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    I love the looks of this toy! How was it anally, or have you tried it that way?
  • Medchic
    I will be reviewing it anally by the end of this holiday weekend, my partner wanted to be a part of that one Winking
    I figured I would try it out vaginally first...stay tuned!
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