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The Mini Vibra Tease was a real winner for a first timer in anal play. The thickest part of the butt plug was a little much for my virgin rump to completely swallow, but the sensations were incredible none the less. This would make a perfect plug for the average player. The vibrations aren't too bad either. With one speed you wouldn't expect much, but the speed is neither too intense nor too dull. It really delivers just the right amount of "Oh!"
Comes with own bullet and batteries (plus extras), tapered end makes for easy insertion, waterproof.
Tends to slide out, was a little large for me to completely take.
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The Mini Vibra Tease, my very first plug, was a little intimidating at first. I had never taken more than single pinky in my rear, and although the Mini starts out small, it finishes off quite large. However, I knew I had to start somewhere and the word "mini" really caught my interest and sounded fair enough.

Before getting the Mini near my bum, I decided to give it the good ol' test on my clit to start things off. The vibrations emitted from the one speed bullet, which fits snug inside the plug, were more intense then I expected. In fact, I really quite enjoyed the way the soft pointed end of the plug directed the vibrations straight to my clit. The sensations were not at all dull nor were they overpowering, but rather perfectly in-between. Just a note for safety - I would not recommend using the Mini for both vaginal and anal play, as the TPR material is slightly porous and cannot be sterilized. I used it first while it was cleaned and new for vaginal play, but do not intend to re-use it for this purpose.

And then it was on to the real magic. With lots of lube on hand and a few deep breaths, I lifted my tush and delicately massaged the plug around my ass before slowly inserted the Mini inside. I took a few breaks to re-lube and try again (hey it was my first time), but I could never quite take the whole plug from bottom to top. It was just a little too much for one session.

Material / Texture

When I opened the Mini there was a slight rubbery smell to it, but the aroma was not harsh or overwhelming. I would relate it to a clean smell. The TPR material is somewhat porous being more so than silicone and less so than cyberskin. With that being said, I would avoid sharing this toy unless you are up to slipping a condom on during every use, which probably would not work so well with the Mini's odd shape. On the upside the material is also phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and latex free as well.

There is little texture to this toy, which makes it appropriate for most beginners and the more advanced user alike. It is smooth and a bit sticky when dry, without lube. This means that the Mini is very prone to attracting dust or lint so be cautious. Even if you cleaned the Mini after using it, I would still do a quick rinse to wash away any clinging particles. No one wants dust bunnies in their ass!

Design / Shape / Size

I got the Mini in a transparent sort of black, but it is also available in clear and purple. One downside of the black is that you have to be careful you clean it well because you may not see every speck like you would with the other colors.

The shape and flexibility of this toy was just perfect for the beginner like me. The tapered end makes it incredibly easy to slide right in. You don't have to worry about taking too much all at once. Instead, you can build your way up as I did. Still, I am not yet quite able to take the whole plug in my rump. This doesn't necessarily mean it is too big, but just that I need some more time and practice. Since I am almost sure there are still smaller plugs out there, I would say this plug would work better for someone who has had some sort of prior experience in anal play. But, this is just my opinion and everyone is different.

One problem I had with the Mini is that it did tend to slide out. Since I was unable to insert it all the way to the end of the plug, I cannot say for sure if it would stay put correctly once inserted all the way. One thing I noticed was that the package actually describes this toy as a probe rather than an anal plug. So being more of a probe, you may still have trouble keeping it in after all. Besides, you probably won't be able to sit down with the Mini in because the bullet slightly protrudes from the plug. Unless you just take it out altogether, I doubt any sitting would be comfortable.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The one speed, waterproof bullet really worked well for me. The way the vibrations rattle through the TPR material feels different from more solid toys, and it makes for some interesting high-intensity sensations. When the plug was inserted, the vibrations seemed to be pulsing through my whole body rather than just my bum alone. And the whole time you won't hear a thing. This is one quiet toy! I guess because more than half of the bullet is lodged into plug, it sort of muffles the sound. Whatever it is, the design works well and I couldn't be happier with it.

If this bullet isn't enough for you and you would prefer something with different speeds you could always take it out of the plug and replace it with another. It is stuck in there pretty good though! I had to lube the area surrounding the vibe and grab some pliers to get it loose. It helps to have someone pull the two ends of the plug apart so more of the bullet is exposed.

The bullet requires three watch size batteries which are included. And more surprisingly, three additional batteries are included as well for a total of six! To load the batteries, simply unscrew the top of the bullet which sits out of the plug.

Care and Maintenance

As I mentioned before, TPR is somewhat porous and should be cleaned well after every use. You should use warm water with either soap or a toy cleaner. Do not boil TPR! It is also important not to forget the bullet in there too and the outside should be wiped down as well. You may even want to take the whole bullet out occasionally to clean (soap and water should do the trick) it thoroughly just to be safe. Also, you must stick to either water or silicone based lubes with this toy. I keep mine stored in the original package to prevent contact with any other possible non-compatible toys.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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