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TitanMen Trainer Tool has fantastic bulges and is very firm. If you are a beginner, you will want to take your time with this. The size is quite large for beginner anal play. Overall, a great experience!
Bulbs, Firm
A bit large for beginners, Takes time to get used to
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Titanmen Trainer Tool No. 4 by Doc Johnson is a butt plug designed to help men increase their threshold for anal play. The curves in the body can be used as stepping stones. Start by getting comfortable with the body of this plug. Taking it one curve at a time will make it more comfortable and less painful. Once you master the three curves you will achieve the ultimate goal of reaching the base. Once inserted fully, you will begin to experience the sensation of anal penetration. If this plug will be your first experience, you will feel awkward and possibly a little uncomfortable. This trainer is designed to teach you to relax and familiarize yourself with something being in your backside.

This trainer tool is meant for beginners in the anal world; However, I could definitely see someone that is more advanced finding pleasure in this plug. While this toy is designed and marketed for men, it can also be used by women. With the rounded smooth design, it can easily be inserted vaginally as well as anally. When you ignore the marketing, this toy is suitable for anyone that wants to jump in anal play as well as anyone that just needs a good, firm butt plug for their collection. Being "O" ring compatible, it also could be used with a harness.
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Material / Texture

TitanMen Trainer is made from Sil-A-Gel which rates a 5 on the Material Safety Scale. This material is phthalate-free, anti-bacterial, latex-free, semi-porous and cadmium-free. The skin is smooth all the way around. Also unlike a lot of toys, there is no seam at all which is really nice. You will definitely want to use lubrication with this plug. It has a lot of drag and almost feels sticky. Sil-A-Gel is well known for attracting hair and lint. While that is a major issue for pet owners, like me, others might not have as much issue. Yes it will definitely collect lint or fuzz but there is not much worse that cat or dog hair on an insertable toy. It’s just gross. Pets or not, make sure that you clean your toy before and after each use.

This material does not have a taste to it but it does have a very potent smell. It is not pleasant and has yet to fade away. The smell resembles a shampoo that I once bought my dog. Maybe that is why the plug collects so much pet hair! The material is very nice. It is very firm, yet has just enough give that it is not like shoving a rock up your ass. The bulging body is a nice added touch. It not only stretches you but, for me, also rubbed on the erogenous zone any time I moved my body.
    • Harness compatible

Design / Shape / Size

TitanMen Trainer has a curvy/bulging design. It starts with a rounded top that dips back in. It does this for a total of three bulges. Each bulge increases in size and width, which helps the person wearing it expand wider. I liked the design a lot. While wearing, it wasn’t overwhelming or overly uncomfortable.

Butt Plug

There are several dimensions to this plug, I listed them below.

Length: 5 1/4”
Width of 1st bulge: 1 1/2”
Width of 2nd bulge: 1 3/4”
Width of 3rd bulge: 2”
Base Width: 2 3/8”
Base Thickness: 3/4”
Circumference of 1st bulge: 4 3/4”
Circumference of 2nd bulge: 5 3/4”
Circumference of 3rd bulge: 6 3/4”

Weight: 15.5 ounces


When beginners see this plug for the first time, you might be a little resistant. Unfortunately, the looks are not as welcoming as the feeling it gives. It is big and overwhelming. However, it is not as bad as it looks. Actually, it is quite the opposite. More advanced users will probably appreciate the body and firmness.

This butt plug will be easy to take along any traveling. Given that you wrap it up or store it in a zip lock bag to avoid lint and hair, you should have no trouble knowing this is in your bag. If you don’t want to put it in your bag, wear it! I don’t know that you would want to wear it in an airport though. It would definitely be an awkward experience explaining to a TSA agent what you have shoved in your behind.


TitanMen Trainer Tool does just as the name states. It will train you to relax and accept anal penetration. While I have not tried this, you can use this plug with a harness making it easy for couples to experience this milestone together. Doing it together might make it less of a chore or uncomfortable experience. While the idea is perfect, the size of the plug might be a little too big for a “fresh beginner”. I have just dabbled in anal play and the size definitely took some getting used to. However, I really like the design. Once you work your way down to the base, it is really nice. Once fully inserted, it is comfortable enough to wear long term. The size of this plug ensures there is little to no movement while in use. The only thing I would add is while sitting down you can feel the base pressing against the center of your ass. It's not uncomfortable, just noticeable.

While using vaginally, this plug will do an effective job. The curves and bulges make for an interesting feel. I suppose you could use this as a vaginal plug but most women would prefer to not be stretched. If you do, it would work. However, thrusting is what I found best. It will leave your lady bits wanting more. It has not brought me to orgasm but it was a nice fire-starter. It would have been fantastic if it had a suction cup base!

Care and Maintenance

This plug is to be cleaned with warm water and soap before and after every use. As we know, Sil-A-gel attracts hair and lint. To fully protect yourself, you may use a condom during use. There is a warning on the bottom of the box that says this should not be put in a microwave or conventional oven. The last place anyone would look is the bottom of the box, so that placement is questionable. If using with multiple partners or multiple holes, make sure to use a condom to protect you and/or your partner.


This trainer tool is compatible with both water and silicone based lubrication. Being compatible to both is fantastic because preferences differ between people. However, I found that silicone will cause the plug to want to slide out during use. The water based lubrication will help you insert the plug and will absorb. On the flip side, when using the silicone lubrication there was no drag when I removed the plug but there was a lot of drag when removed using the water based lube.

Storage is questionable. You will definitely need to find a spot that you feel is safe and hair-free for this plug. You could store it anywhere you would like, just make sure that you clean it before using it. I cleaned mine and let it dry under a pan lid (to avoid dust and hair). Once it was dry, I wrapped it in saran wrap and placed it back in the box.


TitanMen comes in a plastic box with the other TitanMen Tool Collection on the side. The front is clear, displaying the butt plug, and states trainer tool. It would not be hard to figure out what this is if you seen it in the box.

Front of Box

The back of the box has some bullet points about the plug, such as ultra-strong construction and flat base for easy wear ability.

Back of Box

It comes with a paper pamphlet that advertises other TitanMen Tools. Mostly directed toward men but there are a few in the pamphlet that could be used by women. The Tools listed in pamphlet is clearly directed toward homosexual men. Before you get skeptical, there is a fuckable man's ass and balls as the main one. It's a given. But as I said, there are other things usable by women and straight men in there too.



While my husband and I have had anal sex, it is always like the wimpy anal sex. You know the kind, it starts off really slow and painful then lasts for a few minutes then you tell him to get out. Yeah you know! I really wanted to fully open up this opportunity for him. So a plug it is! I admit when I opened this plug, I was hesitant. It was big and bulky. It was not going in my ass. It is designed to introduce anal sex? With what? A horse?? I sat the box on my dresser and stared at it. After pacing by it repeatedly for almost an hour, I finally got the courage up. Stupid me, I was just going to shove it in. NO WAY JOSE!! It wasn’t going and I wasn’t pushing any more. I said screw that! Finally after I calmed down and thought about it, why would I use lubrication on my pussy but not on my ass? DUH SARA! Wow, my actions amaze me sometimes.

Anyway, I did some research and went to find the “indestructible anal tool” (as the box states) that I launched like a speeding rocket across my bedroom earlier. I picked it up and re-cleaned it. After it dried, I lubed that sucker up and, once again, was going to shove it right in. NOPE!! At that point, I realized I was not going to push my own threshold. Was not going to happen! So I recruited the assistance of my oh-so-helpful husband. While I was bent over on all fours, guess what he thought he was going to do? Yep! Shove it right in! So now while I was screeching like a stuck hog and beating the snot out of him, he was laughing hysterically. Eventually, after my ass stopped hurting from being violently violated repeatedly, I figured out that I will just have to take it one bulb at a time. I made it past the first bulb with no problem. I stayed on the second bulb for a day and a half. Finally that third and final bulb, HOLY MACKEREL! I did not think I was ever going to get past it. I had to work on that one for a few days. Finally when I did, it was a breeze from there! I wore this plug around the house for about 3-4 hours at a time so far. I have not worn it outside of my front door, just yet. At this point, I say I will eventually but you never know. Overall, it is really nice. I like the feeling of it moving around inside with my body movements.
Follow-up commentary
While I had an experience figuring this plug out, I come to really like it. Unfortunately, it is just too big for me. I used it for some time and it just gets uncomfortable.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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