Squiggle pleasure - anal probe by Cal Exotics - review by RedGoddess

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Plug your nose for this anal probe!

This toy is great for beginners on a tight budget if you can get over the plastic smell of the toy. Great curves, shape, large handle for safety, and small travel size. The smell made it really disappointing for me and was a major turn off when deciding between loving and hating this product.
Shape, curves, large handle for safety, travel size, economical, great for beginners.
The smell is horrible.
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The Squiggle is best used as an anal probe, or inserted slowly for use as anal beads.
This toy is suited for either genders, the best occasion to use this would be for anal play, but it could also be used for light vaginal play although it is very small.

Material / Texture

This flexible anal probe is made from a smooth PVC, but the smell of the product is overwhelming!
Everything that the probe touched emitted a plastic toxic smell afterward and it was almost unbearable. I thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt and washed it again at least 5 times thoroughly and when the soap's fragrance wore off, the toxic smell came back- it definitely made me not want to use the toy after!

The material does not add to the stimulation, other than the fact that is it smooth velvety textured PVC with no seams. It is a soft flexible plastic that is firm enough to bend and it bounces back.

This toy has the perfect texture for beginners, but the smell is surely going to throw off a beginner or an advanced user. If smell is a big factor involved in buying sex toys--this is not for you!

Design / Shape / Size

The concept of the design is great for a smooth anal probe, although is not made with condom use in mind because it is very thin in comparison to a condoms size.
It's curved shape makes for ease of insertion, and it tapers from small to larger curves as it advances.

The large handle could be more rigid in order to thrust the toy more smoothly, but it is great because it makes for easy safe removal.
The product is available is pink, clear, and blue- a choice for all buyers. I chose the blue because I thought it would be more masculine when my boyfriend used it on me, and I did not have any blue toys.

This toy is small enough to be discreet and could even be left inside of a person to enjoy in public if that's your thing and its flexible design makes this easy. It is perfect for travel because it is small, very light in weight, can be folded into a tight storing spaces, and economic pricing makes it forgivable if left on vacation or if you misplace it.


What is great about this toy is the sexy curves on it that make its shape. The price is cheap and great for an anal toy beginner that is on a tight budget.

The worst thing about this toy is the smell, I'm serious! You cannot rinse the smell off of yourself, or the toy. I suggest using it with flavoured lubricant because it makes the smell a little less pungent.

Care and Maintenance

The packaging accompanying the toy was great for storing it. It was easy to open and close with minimal effort, and kept the horrible smell from transferring to any of my other toys in our collection.

This toy is simple to care for by washing it with antibacterial soap and water, or antibacterial toy cleaner. The description on the site says "due to material odor wash the probe thoroughly with soap and water prior to first use." Since this product is made of PVC it should be washed before and after each and every use. Also, since PVC is not the most hygienic material because is it porous and please note that if you are going to share this product use your favorite condom.

Lube is also a must, it is important that it can be used with either water or silicone-based lubricant.


The packaging accompanying this toy was bright coloured, and fun that made me want to love this toy. It was a thin plastic piece attached at the bottom that folds open away from each other with a groove that matches the shape of The Squiggle. If the packaging did not leave an option for storage, the next best option would be a scent locking Ziploc bag or similar.

There were limited instructions in the package and the packaging itself cannot be used as a gift box unless wrapped up, but you can use the packaging to store the toy itself.

Personal comments

I really wanted to love this toy, it felt amazing when inserted and was nice to use as a beginner's toy. Regretfully, this will be staying wrapped up in the bottom of my toy box and would recommend others to do the same as easily there are comparable toys in a much safer material (such as silicone), without the smell turning you off!


The first time I used this toy I used it along side my trusty O'My strawberry Cheesecake flavoured lubricant.

The delicious smelling lube masked the plastic smell but it was still lingering on my hands. Insertion was a little difficult at first because of the flexibility of the product, but we managed. It slides in and out without ease and completed me with an increasing feeling of fullness with every inch. We got it all of the way inside of me and had vaginal sex to start with. I could feel the curves from the toy in my ass against my partner as he thrust inside of me. We used the toy as a warm up for bigger toys for that night.

My partner's only complaint was the smell and that it was smaller than expected, but great for a beginning toy.
Follow-up commentary
I am still not a fan of this toy- it sits in the bottom of the pile. It still continues to have a plastic, disgusting smell to it no matter how many times I've washed it now.

It is great as a warm-up toy, if you can stand the unpleasent smell.
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    Pity it smells so strongly. It's my favorite looking one.
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