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Poppin' The Prosty Like A Pro!

The Prosty is a great toy for those who are experienced with anal/prostate play. It has a nice, smooth texture and a curved shaped that should work for most p-spots. The Prosty also has five different functions for all types of p-spot stimulation. Overall, it’s a great p-spotter for the price.
Safe-material, nice design, smooth texture, multiple functions, good vibes, for experienced users.
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The Prosty is a toy that is made to stimulate and massage the male prostate aka p-spot, through anal penetration. Due to its size, this toy is not really a beginner’s toy for anal/prostate play. However, more experienced users will enjoy its long list of features including its girthy-size and variety of vibrations. The vibrations from this toy can also be used to tickle and tease the anus, balls, perineum, nipples, etc. The Prosty is specifically made for prostate massage so it does have the flared base making it safe for anal penetration. This toy can be used alone for solo p-spotting, or as a couple during mutual masturbation sessions or PIV sex.

The Prosty is completely water-proof so in addition to the bedroom, this toy can also be used in the shower or hot tub for exciting water play. It has a curved structure that is designed to hit the p-spot, plus five different vibrating functions which should satisfy most.

It’s possible the Prosty could also be used on a woman for g-spot play but of course that entirely depends on the user’s anatomy. Due to the placement of my g-spot, this curve isn’t pronounced enough to hit mine. But, it could definitely work for some.

Material / Texture

The Prosty is made from a body-safe ABS plastic which has a 8 out of 10 rating on the EdenFantasys material safety chart. The toy has a firm feeling when you squeeze it between your fingers, with no give. It does have a nice smooth texture, and feels nice and soft against the skin.

According to my husband, the smoothness of this toy feels amazing as it is inserted and when its in place. This smooth texture is great for both advanced p-spotters or beginners alike. This material does have some drag to it, so you’ll definitely want to use some lube before you insert this anally.

ABS plastic is free from phthalates and is latex free – good news for those who are sensitive or allergic. There is also no noticeable smell or taste from the material (even straight out of the box).

The Prosty is very light weight which should help with hand fatigue, however for those who require a large amount of pressure on the prostate for pleasure, this may not be your favorite toy. It does weigh a bit more when you insert the two AAA batteries, but not that much more.

Design / Shape / Size

The Prosty is about 6-inches long and resembles a curved baseball bat. The insertable end is about 4-inches in circumference which is pretty large for an anal toy. With this design, you insert the largest part of the toy first, so there is no working up to it. You may want to warm up with another toy or fingers and lube first. The large insertable end, tapers down to about 2 ½ inches where it hits the flare. The position of the flare, allows the user to insert up to 5 ½ inches without the worry of the Prosty getting “lost.”

Due to the large circumference, this toy would be best for those who are experienced in anal play. I wouldn’t really recommend it to newbies as it might be painful during or after use. In either case, I would definitely recommend using a good lube.

Care and Maintenance

The Prosty is really easy to clean and take care of. Simply wash the toy before and after use with hot water and an antibacterial toy cleaner or you can wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol.

This toy can be used with all types of lubricants including water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based.

The Prosty can be stored in a plastic bag or pouch, then place in a panty drawer, nightstand, toy box, etc. There is no need to worry about it reacting with your other toys. I only recommend putting it in a plastic bag or pouch to keep it clean and dust-free when not in use.


The Prosty comes in a plastic see-through box that clearly identifies what is inside. You can actually see the toy in its entirety, along with some of its qualities listed on the front. This package is not discreet in any way, but it can be used to store the toy if desired. I would probably recommend wrapping this or placing it in a nice gift bag (or Eden tote bag), before giving it as a gift.

There are no users instructions included in the package, however it is pretty obvious what you are supposed to do with it.


I bought this for my husband as a prostate massager as we’ve decided to get into some p-spot play. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how big this toy was and that it’s not really ideal for new p-spotters. So, we didn’t get to use it right away. We actually started out with two other p-spot toys before we moved up to this one due to its size.

After some experimentation with the other toys, we decided to give this one a shot. It still is a little big as far as the size goes, but we lubed it up and slowly slide it into the right area. It took a second to find exactly the right spot but when we found it, we definitely found it! The rumble-y vibrations, a gentle rocking motion, and the slightest amount of pressure, gave him a super-intense orgasm. And, not only once, but twice - within just minutes. We’ve also used this to massage his prostate while I’m giving him head, and also while we are having PIV sex, and wow- is that intense!

Despite his inhibitions about the whole p-spot play, I think we’ve found a fabulous new way to make sex absolutely amazing for him. Even after all of the toys we’ve tried, I have to say I really think that this is the most intense, satisfying sex he has ever had. Bravo Prosty, Bravo!
Follow-up commentary
We still love the Prosty! This has been an awesome addition to our toy collection. We have had a lot of fun experimenting with this and using it in different ways. I'm really glad I bought this and would definitely recommend this toy to advance p-spotters (due to it's size). It is well worth the $30!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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