Silicone beads advanced - anal beads by Tantus - review by Yoda

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Ripples are Good for Dipping

The Advanced Anal Beads by Tantus were a delightful change from dildos and butt plugs. They have an entirely different purpose and place in anal play. They can reach quite far inside where other toys won`t fit. Made of top-quality silicone, they are safe, comfortable, and worth trying out.
Premium Silicone. Graduated Beads. Flared Base.
Could Be Longer/ Thicker.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
These advanced-size silicone anal beads by Tantus are the best beads I've tried thus far in my sex toy explorations. They have some major advantages over plastic or rubber beads due to the safety that is always synonymous with silicone, plus they are perfectly designed and shaped for anal probing or simple anal warm-up.

I have always felt that the cheaper, jelly-like, rubber and plastic beads are exactly as their price denotes: cheap. Too often they come with rigid seams that run the length of the toy, making insertion uncomfortable, and flimsy connector strings that break after a mere few uses. And another thing: anal toys should always be made of a safe and long-lasting material. They shouldn't leach dangerous chemicals, and they shouldn't harbor bacteria and germs. Tantus' Advanced Anal Beads are an awesome alternative to these unwelcome and sketchy products. They are made ENTIRELY of premium grade silicone, and there are no extra connecting parts or seams. Silicone is a FAR superior material to rubbers and jellies. It is hypo-allergenic, free of phthalates, and non-porous. Unlike jelly, it has no funky plastic smell or slimy feel. Ultimately, it is the safest material available for anal play. On top of the obvious health advantages, silicone is also very easily disinfected. There are several options to choose from: it is safe to place in the dishwasher, to use with household cleansers like soap or bleach, and it's also safe to boil.

One important note: Silicone toys will react with silicone lubricant and, therefore, should only be used with water-based lubes.

Put bluntly, silicone is also incredibly comfortable to have in your rectum. It is quite soft and yielding, not rigid like plastic or squishy like jelly. It also warms to the body, allowing the skin to adapt quickly to the sensation of foreign objects making sudden and formerly uncomfortable appearances.

Thanks to good design, these beads are quite comfortable to use. The top two beads are smaller, and for experienced anal fans, they act as warm-up. The third and fourth beads are slightly larger, not as thick as most dildos though. The real size here is in the length. At 9 inches long, these beads remind you, then remind you again, that the body is not a straight, hollow, tube. But because the silicone is soft and flexible, the toy will bend and eventually snake its way as far, or not so far, as you want. It`s a very strange but also enjoyable experience.

One great safety feature that deserves to be noted is the flared base at the bottom of the toy. Unless you have a 3-inch wide anus, this base will keep the beads from disappearing up inside you. This will save much worry and unwanted embarrassment in the emergency room should a toy get lost up there. It's never happened to me, but I hear it's a very real thing.
I loved the sensation of the beads slowly moving deeper inside me. I`m not new to anal play, but inserting a toy as far as 9 inches was something I had previously not done. Other thicker, firmer toys have always been too rigid to conform to my body`s internal shape. But these beads were different. It was slow going, but after 15 minutes or so of gradual insertion, these beads were able to stimulate parts I never knew I had.

The only weakness I can think of is that I wish the beads were slightly longer. Once I got as far as 9 inches I wished for 3 to 5 more, just for the sheer thrill. Some extra girth near the bottom couldn't hurt either.
Follow-up commentary
While still an occasional whim in our sex toy arsenal, the advanced silicone beads by Tantus are simply not as satisfying as a thicker, more sturdy silicone dildo. The beads are still fine for anal warm-up, foreplay, or as accompaniment to oral, but they just don't cut it as the main attraction.
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  • deceased
    This looks like a really fun and safe okole toy!!!! Yeah, I do think it would be even cooler if the beads were graduated! Great review.
  • Nashville
    Great points about the hygienic qualities of silicone but while we often advocate using strictly water-based lube (which is often what should be used with silicone materials only) Tantus actually recommends using Pjur bodyglide silicone lubricant because it's 100% pure and their silicone is 100% which means no adverse reactions to one another.

    To test to see if they're compatible together, put a little bit of the lube on the base of the toy, if it becomes gummy or sticky or it degrades the material they are not compatible.
  • Owl Identified
    Tantus tends to have some stiffer silicone and these beads look like they might be a bit on the rigid side. Did these feel/function more like a probe for you, or did you definitely get a bead effect? Thanks for the review!
  • Yoda
    These beads are actually quite flexible. Not like a probe at all.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    nice review! Big smile
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the review, and I agree with your comments about the materials.
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