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No Backbone

The spine of this toy should be the best feature of this toy, but it is not stiff enough. It is an inexpensive toy and it shows in the quality of manufacturing.
Price. Retrieval cord.
Material cannot be sterilized. Spine not stiff enough.
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The sensual bender|Anal Probe: Sensual bender™ by California Exotic has some interesting concepts at work in its design, but unfortunately, I feel that it fails to deliver on its promises.

The sensual bender is a jelly anal toy that is contoured with bubbles up its length that gradually get bigger going toward the base. Sort of like a set of large anal beads that don’t get as small between each bead. I don’t really like jelly as a material for anal toys|Anal sex toys: Beads and Butt Plugs, but slip a condom over it and I am good to go. I suppose I should also mention that it does have the characteristic strong jelly smell as well.

This toy is pretty long. In fact, at over 9 inches it is more than long enough for any anal play that I want to do with it. It comes with a “retrieval cord” as well, but if you put this whole thing into yourself and need to use that cord to retrieve the toy, I think you may have gone a little too far. This is because I think it would be virtually impossible to reliably clean the area where the cord enters the jelly. Please note that the material of this toy cannot be sterilized and the cord is not actually attached to the jelly; instead it is attached to the plastic spine that runs the length of the toy. This means that there is a small gap between the cord and the exterior of the toy where bacteria can hide.

While I am talking about the construction of the toy, I should also mention that the toy does not seem very well made as there are defects in the jelly exterior of the toy as well.The plastic spine is the part that I was really hoping would make this toy pleasing. Unfortunately, the spine just doesn’t stay in place as well as I had hoped. You can bend it pretty well, but after insertion, it basically loses any bend you might have put into it. At a maximum of 1 and 3/8 inches I had no difficulty with the insertion, but the spine is just too spineless. It doesn’t hold its shape well enough to provide pleasing stimulation to my prostate.

My partner tried it out as well and although she appreciated the length of the toy, she was also disappointed that the spine did not stay in place during penetration. She was not able to get much g-spot stimulation from the toy. I was really hoping for more from this toy. I guess that isn’t really fair considering its price, but it is what it is.

I give the toy two stars because I think we will get some usefulness out of it, and at this price point, you can’t really expect to get much.
Follow-up commentary
This toy stayed in the collection for a bit, but the jelly material and its inability to deliver on any of its promises meant that it wasn't worth the space it was taking up. It went to that great boiling vat of jelly in hell where all bad toys go to meet their final demise. At least that's what I imagine happened to it. I guess that's a little too dramatic. This toy may be able to deliver on some fronts, but it just didn't do anything for me.

I really haven't found an alternative dildo with a spine that holds its shape any better, but I also haven't been looking all that hard. This overall concept still intrigues me, but I'll probably be better served for prostate stimulation by stiffer materials that have a bend in them; designed for that purpose. I guess that's the take away message. Get a toy that's designed to do what you want and you'll be happier. I was hoping for versatility from this one and it just wasn't there for me.
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