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Shiny Pleasure!

Stunning and designed with vibrant colors, the Tantus Meteorite plug is slim and slides in easily. Based off the Tantus Slim's design, the Meteorite is a stand-out toy for those new to anal play, and with the comfortable and body-safe silicone design, the Meteorite will be a stable stepping stone into anal pleasure.
Slim size, stunning and vibrant colors, matte silicone, comfortable base.
Slim size, may tend to slip out.
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After requests for more unique and brighter colors, Tantus answered with the release of a couple of toys in a beautiful and vibrant color scheme! The Meteorite is one of those toys; it's the colored version of the Tantus Slim. The Meteorite is made up of a pink, orange, yellow, and green color, with blended hues appearing in-between each of the colors. With the Meteorite's 100% silicone material, the Meteorite is hypoallergenic and sterilizable.

With the small size, the Tantus Meteorite is designed to be a good anal plug for anal beginners. With its flexible silicone and small base, the Meteorite could also be worn for long-term play or wearing underneath clothing. No matter what gender, or if used solo or with a partner, it's designed to be an anal plug that will be multi-use and work for many uses for the anal beginner. However, due to the small size, the Tantus Meteorite may not be a first-choice for those who have regular anal experience.

Material / Texture

The Tantus Meteorite is made from silicone. Like all Tantus sex toys, the Meteorite is made from ultra-premium platinum silicone which is phthalates-free, odorless, boilable, bleachable, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. As the Meteorite is non-porous, it can be sterilized and used for multiple partners as well.

A huge difference in the Meteorite compared to other dildos that Tantus makes is the type of silicone. Like the Slim (which I do not own but am assuming from the pictures), the Meteorite is made from a type of silicone that is less "grippy" than standard Tantus dildos. It's much more of a matte sensation than a glossy sensation. Many of the Tantus dildos have a lot of drag to them, and it's hard to glide your hand across them without external lubricant. However, the matte material of the Meteorite makes the anal plug feel more slick, and it doesn't have the same amount of drag that the glossy type of silicone does.

Aside from the matte-like feel of the silicone, the Tantus Meteorite does not have any texture. The Tantus Meteorite is designed with a smooth shape and smooth surface to make it easier for anal play for beginners.

The Tantus Meteorite has absolutely no odor to it. The plug and the plug's base are both relatively flexible. The plug's insertable portion is much more flexible, but the base of the anal plug is also flexible to increase comfort while wearing it. For obvious reasons, the base is not too flexible, though, so the Meteorite plug is still safe for anal use. The silicone is slightly squishy, but for the most part it tends to hold it's shape, and it only has a slight amount of squish.

Design / Shape / Size

The Tantus Meteorite has a simple design. With a very slim tip that widens into a larger size about 3/4 down the plug, the Meteorite is made especially for anal use and to allow the user to adjust to the size of the plug gradually.

The base design of the Meteorite is pretty comfortable as well. This design was made to easily fit between the cheeks. The base is only about an inch in width, and depending on your body size, the plug should be very comfortable. It's not as slim as other plug bases, but the rectangle-shape versus a square shape does provide more comfort.

The colors of the plug are more unique than most anal toys. Each one of the gradients subtly moves into the colors throughout the plug. The tip, which is the green, is slightly see-through in bright light, but the rest of the plug is more opaque. The colors are especially vibrant in bright light, and the colors are not like anything else on the market.


The Meteorite anal toy performs well for beginners. The very point of the dildo is even smaller than my pinky finger, and the toy barely expands to be slightly larger than my other fingers. This slim size lends itself extremely well to a beginner to anal play, as the plug will be able to slide in very easily. The tip of the plug does tend to bend a bit under pressure, but for the most part, as long as the body is relaxed, the plug slides in pretty easily. It's especially easy if you have a partner inserting the butt plug for you.

Without a harness or tight panties, though, the Meteorite does tend to slide out of the butt. This is because of the small and slim size. The size works fantastically for beginners, but once gravity works against the plug, it will start to slide out because of the slimmer size. So if public play and long-term wear is in the plans, make sure you have a tight pair of panties or a plug harness.

For anyone with anal experience, the Meteorite may not be the best choice. The size of the Meteorite is barely thicker than a single finger, and as such, those with experience may find themselves craving something larger in diameter. Along with this, to make it work well for beginners, there isn't much of a retention area designed to keep the plug inside the body long-term. So if you're comfortable with a larger size and want this plug exclusively for long-term use, a different Tantus plug may be a better choice.

Care and Maintenance

As the Meteorite anal plug is pure silicone with no electronic parts, cleaning is extremely simple. It just requires using warm water and antibacterial soap. As there is no texture, the Meteorite is an extremely simple toy to clean. For sterilization, the Meteorite can be boiled or it can be cleaned with a water/bleach solution. Due to the small size, a condom can also be used for safe sex - though if any thrusting is involved, as the size of the plug is not large, be careful of the condom slipping off.

The Meteorite is compatible with water-based lubricants. It also can be used with high-quality silicone-based lubricants, but do a spot test beforehand to ensure that your anal plug will be fine with the lubricant. Oil-based lubricants should never be used with the Meteorite.

As the silicone isn't nearly as glossy, this anal plug actually doesn't pick up too much hair or lint. However, it still does pick up a bit, so it's recommended to store it in a storage bag or away from any sort of fuzzies.


The Tantus Meteorite comes in standard Tantus packaging, which is a clear, see-through, plastic box. Inside this box, the Meteorite plug is showcased in a form-fitting tray that holds it still. The packaging explains the quality of their silicone. The anal toy is easily removed from the packaging. No further instructions are included in the packaging, but the Tantus website gives a lot of information about care of the toy.

As the box tends to crack under pressure (along with the fact that the toy is much smaller than the packaging), the original packaging may not be the most suitable storage solution for the Tantus Meteorite. The packaging, however, looks high-quality, and with its box-like shape, works great for gift wrapping and gift-giving.
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