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Butt plug by Orion

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The little Hopper

The hopper is a dainty little butt plug designed to provide great sensations but is also a very comfortable plug. Its size is beginner friendly but can also be interesting for an intermediate anal player who has a taste for a smaller toy now and then. Its great material makes this toy a keeper as it is body safe and easy to keep clean.
Silicone, original color, comfortable
too tiny for some, flexible base makes removal challenging
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The hopper is an anal toy for the anal beginner or for the intermediate anal lover looking for a smaller toy to get things warmed up for bigger toys. It is more on the smaller end of the anal toy spectrum in terms of size.

Essentially it is an anal plug, which means it is designed to be inserted and is supposed to remain in the rectum with the flanged base keeping the toy securely locked into place. The hopper can be used as a probe since the toy is mostly slender, it can easily be used this way, if one is looking for something short and thin.

The suction cup base of the toy is quite flexible, so it may not be as good at keeping the toy from being completely sucked in by the rectum compared to butt plugs with a wider or more solid base.

Material / Texture

The Hopper is made of a blue velvety smooth silicone but also comes in pink. The color is very cute, not many toys are available in the blue "smurf" color, which makes the hopper stand out.

A flame test has demonstrated that it is indeed silicone and not a silicone composite. This means that the hopper is phthalates free, non-porous and safe for sharing as it can be sanitized. It has no taste and it does not off put any undesirable stench.

In terms of density, the silicone toy itself does not have much give, it is quite rigid overall. The base, being a suction cup, is quite flexible however.

The hopper is made of a smooth silicone with a matte finish and holds onto lube very well. It is quite velvety and if it is left out too long it will very likely become "furry" with hair's and dust as the hopper, like many other silicone toys, is a lint magnet.

The texture of the hopper will be appreciated by all individuals who love silicone and will make beginners understand the love connoisseurs have for silicone.

Design / Shape / Size

The hopper is sort of shaped like a tongue, a worm or even the hat of a smurf. It has a very interesting wave like shape to it that lends itself well to insertion, making it easier and more comfortable for the beginner.

The tip of the Hopper is skinny and sort of pointed but not pointy. It sort of resembles a finger signaling "come hither". The tip slowly and gradually increases in width in a wave like motion to the neck of the toy which tapers off into the suction cup base.

The tip is 5/8th's of an inch, roughly the size of a woman's finger. Where as the widest part near the base is 1 inch and 1/4 in diameter. It is wider from the side than from the front. The suction cup base is roughly 1 inch and 1/4 wide when it is natural. On a flat surface when suctioned, it stretches out slightly.

There are three wave-like ridges along the shaft of the plug. One on each side and one down the front below the crook of the tip. The are only slightly ever present, making them very difficult to notice during insertion. There is also a seam that makes it's way around the toy however it is only evident if one searches for it and will not be felt in use.

The hopper is a fairly small plug, therefore it can fit quite easily in a purse with a packet of/tiny bottle of lube. Being small, the toy seems to be marketed more as a beginner plug but all people can enjoy this plug whether they are a beginner or an advanced anal user. Sometimes small is good.


The Hopper can be used during solo or partner play. It is small enough that adding a dildo to the mix for vaginal insertion is not overstimulating or uncomfortable, as it can be with other larger plugs.

It is a great plug during sex. It is small but with the motion of your bodies, you can definitely feel the plug, albeit not as much as you would with a larger plug. With a sufficient amount of lube, insertion is easy and painless. The Hopper's curves seem to perfectly sit within the rectum, it was meant to be there! This toy, although very comfortable, is not ideal for long term wear as the neck is quite short and can tire the sphincter muscles after 20 minutes of insertion.

The suction cup works very well on ceramic, plastic and glass surfaces but doesn't stick so well to wood or to the base of other silicone toys. The suction cup base seems to caress the body when the toy is fully inserted, and since it is quite flexible, it can be hard to remove.

It works very well as a short and skinny probe, especially if you are a beginner. The gradual increase in size makes it easy to work up to the widest point of the toy in order to be able to fully insert it.

Care and Maintenance

Since the Hopper is a silicone toy silicone based lubes are a no go, as they can damage the velvety finish of the hopper.

To clean the Hopper one can simply use toy cleaner and wipe off. For those who prefer a deeper clean, the hopper can be boiled 3-5 minutes, washed in the top rack of the dish washer (no soap) as well as wiped down with a 10% bleach solution.

As mentioned earlier, the hopper can be quite the lint magnet so make sure to store the Hopper in a plastic bag or sex toy pouch. The toy can be stored in its box also, however it does take a bit of space.


The Hopper comes in a simple cardboard box with the company logo and the name of the toy printed on top of the image of the toy. In the backdrop, there is a photograph of a woman resembling Christina Aguilera in her early years, which can seem bizarre to some individuals.

The cardboard has a velvety smooth finish. The front of the box opens to show the product sitting in it's plastic shell casing through a plastic window.

The instructions that come with the product are not specific to the toy but to all toys the company design. So there are warnings about breast suction appliances that do not apply to the butt plug. There are also warnings about keeping the toy away from other toys made of different materials. The instructions are not very helpful.

If one has and uses silicone toys I suggest they follow the regimen they usually follow for cleaning. As for beginners, follow the care instructions in the section above.


I was really shocked that I enjoyed this plug. I thought it would be too small for me and that it was likely to get sucked in because of the very flexible base, or pop out because of the short neck. I didn't really put the suction cup to rough testing as I do not feel it arousing to sit on my toilet or the edge of my bath to masturbate. I prefer to lay on my bed.

This plug is small for an intermediate anal girl like me. I was surprised how quickly and easily it settled inside me, it was as if I wasn't even wearing it, that's how comfy it was. However, I like a plug that provides a full feeling, and this one did not do it. But with the help of a dildo I was able to make the plug move with the thrusts, which pushed down onto the plug.

I was sure that upon orgasm it would pop out, and it didn't! As I orgasmed I could feel my muscles contracting around the plug, which felt really nice.

During sex my partner usually likes to poke, prod and sometimes push down on my plugs. All my plugs have very safe bases so his behaviour never worried me, but this plugs flimsy base scared me a little. So I warned my guy not to play with it. It enhanced our session, made things slightly tighter and hence, more pleasurable for us both. But the big thing is that it didn't get sucked in or pop out, which relieved me A LOT.

The best way to remove this plug is to get your thumb the closest it can to the neck and sort of hold onto the cup between the thumb and forefinger, as though you were pinching it, and pull. If this doesn't work bare down as you pull to aid with the retrieving.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with this plug, I was worried about the base being flimsy, but I worry no more. I was skeptical about its safeness and I am not a skeptic anymore. This is probably the plug I will be using the most during sex as it is the quickest and easiest to insert for those moments where my partner is impatient. I recommend it to all people looking for a small comfortable plug that will stay put, even during orgasm.
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    Thanks for the review
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    lots of info ty
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    Has to be helpful!
  • Liz2
    This is one I just passed over. I think I could enjoy this plug during a longer masturbation session. I never tried an Orion toy either.
    Great review!!
  • Naughty Student
    You know Liz2 it is just awesome for solo, it is the only plug (other than my new pure plug, YAY) in my bedside drawer.
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