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The little stud sex toy review

Overall, The Little Stud is a delightful addition to any sex toy chest, as well as tool for both anal pleasure and introduction to the delights of anal sex.
The Little Stud is adorable. Excellent starter tool for anal enjoyment.
The round base does not allow plug to be held inside by the anus.
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My Little Stud arrived, as all of Edenfantasys’ products, attractively packaged.  The first thing I noticed was that it was a bit taller and thinner than portrayed in the online catalog.

Still, Little Stud|Butt plugs: The little stud by Topco is a magnificent looking butt plug with its pink flesh and darker pink blush on the “head” of the penis (it’s available in a darker color as well).

The Little Stud is a fantastic plug for beginners of anal sex because of the slender yet blunter head and gradually tapered penis shaped design.  Unlike many standard butt plugs|Butt plugs: Small butt plug by Topco-Hustler, it has a more realistic shape than the tree-like taper that widens sharply to its maximum width, making The Little Stud an excellent introduction to the joys of anal sex.

One should note that The Little Stud can be used, with proper water based lubricant, alone or with a partner.  Whether one is introducing a partner to the thrill of anal penetration, practicing themselves to learn the ropes of sex through the back door, or just enjoying the feel of gentle introduction of an object into the anus; The Little Stud is a perfect tool for experimentation.

The Little Stud has a wide base which is both part of its positive and negative aspects, depending on the purpose of its use.

For those who are just beginning to experiment with anal sex|Anal toys for 101 graduates, the wide base gives a firm sit on any hard surface.  Used in this manner alone as opposed to with a partner, The Little Stud with its blushing round head can be used to begin to become accustomed to the feeling of gentle pressure on the anus.

Once one becomes used to the pressure, they can begin to push harder on The Little Stud head and learn how to relax their muscles to allow entry through the anal gate.  From this point, as more and more of the plug can easily move up into the rectum, one may thrill at the feel of being filled in the backside and/or rock gently back and forth on The Little Stud while masturbating.

Similarly, one might use The Little Stud as a means of introducing another person to this very pleasurable form of sex or as an accompaniment to sexual play.  The Little Stud is not truly small by any means and certainly provides a good base for beginning to experiment with the excitement and pleasure of anal intercourse.

The round base allows The Little Stud to be used with a harness as well and it can be used both anally and in the vagina, as long as proper health precautions and cleaning are followed.

The one draw back to The Little Stud is, as stated above, the large round base.  The same base that makes it easy to sit firmly on a surface, be placed in a harness or be held in a hand, prevents The Little Stud from entering the rectum far enough for the anal muscles at the opening to clamp down on the narrowed area just past the flared taper of the plug.  Because the muscles of the anal opening cannot clamp down around The Little Stud, it is difficult to keep it inside while engaging in other activities or for the purpose of becoming accustomed to having an object held in your rectum.

If this is the purpose one wishes to use The Little Stud for, they would be much happier with similar products with a narrow but long base that will allow the anal muscles to hold the plug, but still be safely based and removed from the body.
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  • Contributor: Nashville
    The large base sounds great but the taper between the base and the end of the cock needs to be wider, at least an inch thick to keep it inside of the anus.
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