Barbara Dare's overnighter kit - anal kit by Doc Johnson - review by buttslut

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The Overnighter makes for an unfullfilled evening.

Though this toy was not a total loss, I don't think I would spend my hard earned money on it. There are cheaper products out there that will provide more pleasure.
Price, came with batteries, strong vibrator.
Only two of the five attachments were of any use.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
When I first opened the Barbara Dare Overnight Kit it looked promising. It comes with a 7” vibrator, five attachments, and batteries are included. It also came in a plastic case to store the kit in. The case is comparable to a plastic blister case. It’s not very sturdy, but handy to keep the kit in so that you don’t lose any attachments. Only two of the attachments caught my eye, (the Giant Bone and Smoothy Extender) but to make this review fair I had to try them all. The vibrator itself was a standard white vibrator that comes with a lot of the Doc Johnson kits. At full power, I was surprised to see that it actually packed a pretty good punch and was not very loud.

The Giant Bone attachment is approximately 9 inches and an inch or two thick. This is a good warm up attachment for those new to anal play and don’t want anything too thick. It is ribbed just enough to add a little more sensation during play. The rigidity is enough so that vibration carries throughout the whole extension. One improvement I would make to it would be to give the end a sharp curve to hit that magic P zone.

The Smoothy extender was my favorite. What it lacked in length it made up for in girth. This extension gave me a very full feeling once inserted. The bulbous end hit my prostate just right giving me a very nice orgasm. From the combination of the head against my prostate and the strong vibrations, I didn’t even need to jerk off while playing with this toy in order to get off.

The Happy Top was not so happy. After figuring which attachment this piece was supposed to go over, I couldn’t get it onto the attachment and it ripped. This is a rubber piece that looks kind of like a French tickler. It has a load of nubs on it and I’m sure it would feel good for a woman’s parts, but as for a guy using this for anal play, I don’t know. Since it ripped trying to put it on the vibrator I never got to find out.

The Nubby Sleeve was ok. It is made out of a jelly like material. The nubs were just a little too soft to really get the total feeling from them. The sleeve itself added a little girth to the vibrator which was nice. The jelly material also seems to absorb a little of the vibration which I didn’t like. Now I saved the worst for last.

The Teasin’ Top was a total let down. I guess you could say this attachment was all tease and no please. First I had to figure how it was to be used. It has a sleeve that fits over the vibrator and then a thin shaft approximately 4” in length and is topped with a very flimsy array of rubber fingers. Refer to the product picture. Once I figured out that this attachment was not for insertion, I tried it out on my taint area and really didn’t feel much. The length of the shaft and the material it was made of made it almost impossible for vibration to carry down the whole length.
Follow-up commentary
Well, two months later and I still feel the same way about this product. As a man, this kit did not do it for me because of the attachments. Maybe it is better suited for a woman, and her naughty bits. I will say the vibrator is good, and it still gets some use, but the attachments are just sitting in my toy drawer collecting lint.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    It's unfortunate that over half of these did not really fulfill their assignments and even fell apart in some cases. Is the rating giving one star for each attachment that worked? If it only had the two attachments you were really interested in, would it have been rated higher? Would it still have been worth the money, then? Thanks for the review/warning.
  • buttslut
    I rated the kit as a whole based on a person who might spend their money on this and expecting everything to work. The rating would have been higher had it only come with the attachments that worked. But when it comes with five attachments, they should all work. I know I would be unhappy if I bought a cake and cut it into 8 pieces and only 2 pieces tasted good. I will say that the two attachments that worked were enjoyable though and I was pretty surprised at this normal looking vibrator that actually had some punch to it. Thanks for the comment, Jimbo.
  • sassy1_alw
    Glad I read this over because I was thinking this looked very interesting but I would hate to waste money ton only use two of the five attachments thanks for the warning
  • Sera
    Great review. Very detailed, and you did a nice job.
  • illmakeit2012
    nice review, keep posting more reviews.
  • barrettbn2
    good review...thank you
  • damnbul12
    Thank you for the review.
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