Silicone P.E. vibe spiral - prostate massager by Pipedream - review by Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

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The Pulsating Purple Prostate Pleaser

Is it a prostate toy or a rabbit vibrator? It can't seem to make up its mind. It does neither perfectly, but makes a good effort and the corkscrew design and silicone molding make it a solid sex toy regardless.
Great corkscrew design, made from silicone for safe use and cleaning.
Not quite one thing or the other, vibes not that strong.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
At first glance, the P.E. Vibe doesn't look like a sex-toy for men. With the two-pronged design and 'rabbit head' it looks more like a traditional 'rabbit style' vibrator for women - with a long shaft for penetration and a 'rabbit head' to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris.

Yet, the packaging makes it VERY clear. This is a product aimed at pleasing a man's prostate. It even comes with an anatomical diagram to help you find the 'p' spot.

Once you look past first appearances, you can get why the P.E. Vibe is so perfect for anal play. It's made of medical grade silicone, which doesn't expose you to any BPA and also is also easy to completely sterilize. The P.E. Vibe, therefore, can be swapped, shared and used in pussy, ass and elsewhere as long as you clean it properly after each use.

The 'rabbit style' design is also fairly practical for anal play, as the 'rabbit head' and thumb hook mean that this toy ain't being 'lost' in anybody's ass any time soon (not without bringing a tear to somebody's eye!)

The vibe itself is powered by two AA batteries, located in the base. A knob at the bottom adjusts the intensity of the vibrations, although it's not that easy to adjust if your hands are slippery with lube (and if this is going inside somebody's arse, they damn well ought to be!)

The vibrations themselves aren't that strong - and because they originate in the base, they've lost even more of that intensity by the time they travel up to the tip of the vibe.

Slightly better, though, is the design of the shaft. Molded like a giant corkscrew, it's incredibly practical for anal penetration as you don't have to force a bulging cockhead through the sphincter before getting to the shaft. Also, the corkscrew design promises to be very stimulating.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of this product is the illogical design. The bulging 'rabbit head' seems totally unnecessary - at best, it can stimulate the 'taint' between ass and balls. It's size and position, though, make it an annoying obstacle to full penetration and it's still seemingly inexplicable why anybody would incorporate a clitoral stimulator on a product designed for men.

That being said, the design would make it a good choice for girls. Just as it makes anal penetration easier, the corkscrew design means this P.E. Vibe is an un-intimidating vibe for the ladies and easy to insert. Unfortunately, the vibrator in the base of the toy mean the 'rabbit head,' which falls where a woman's clit will be, doesn't jiggle very powerfully.

It's not designed to be a female sex toy and it shows - while it works as such, it's never going to be as good as a 'real' rabbit vibrator. What's frustrating is that it doesn't seem to be designed as a purely male toy either, and doesn't work as well as it could have.

All in all, it's a nice little toy, but seems to be stuck between doing two entirely different things - and neither of them all that effectively.

Big thumbs up, though, for the corkscrew design and the all-silicone manufacturing. For those alone, it's a good buy and if you like to 'mix things up' with your toys and try new things out, it might be a good compromise between two other separate, but individually expensive products.
Follow-up commentary
The other night, I found myself ass-up, with my face buried in the pillows, while my wife fucked my ass with the P.E. vibe while giving me a sloppy reach-around at the same time. Before I spurted messily on the covers, my sex-addled brain had a few moments to come up with the following thoughts:

1: Wow, it goes in easy. Some of the larger-ended anal toys can be rather difficult to insert, but the P.E. vibe made anal penetration easy and painless.

2: What the hell was the 'rabbit' bit for? It kind of nudged by taint, not really enhancing the experience at all.

3: It's nice and soft - more so than other silicone anal toys I've tried.

4: And... and... holy shit, I think I'm going to come.

5: Darling, could you hand me a towel?
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  • Mamastoys
    Maybe when it grows up it will decide what it wants to be! LOL
    Nice review..thanks!
  • her.royal.redness
    It DOES look like a Rabbit Vibrator for women. Too bad it's stuck in toy limbo. Thanks for the review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Honestly, I want to try this as a rabbit. I think a perineum stimulator makes sense but it just seems like the size/shape/position were poorly thought out. I can see how it seems confused.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Oh! Does that loop help?
  • Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)
    I don't understand what the loop's there for at all, Adriana! I guess you could hook your thumb into it to 'fuck' yourself, but it's facing the wrong direction!

    It's almost as if the designers set out to make a rabbit vibrator, but got distracted half way and turned it into something else entirely!
  • Nashville
    Would the loop fit a bullet?
  • Ms. Spice
    thanks for the review!
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