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This one will really make you buck and moan...

Buck is an anal probe with three gradually enlarging beads. He is made of high quality silicone and can be inserted and then left alone for a feeling of fullness or slid in and out for a feeling of constant stimulation. His one drawback is that he sometimes slips out a bit if not held firmly due to his somewhat unusual base.
Soft but firm material, gradually enlarging heads ease you into anal stimulation.
Base is awkwardly shaped.
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So, being a prostate-less trans-man, I'd never given much thought to anal toys. Oh, I'd had some things up my butt before—fingers and small dildos and the like—and hadn't disliked it, but also hadn't been terribly excited by it. On the other hand, I really like feeling full when I jerk off. I can't come from penetration alone but I come a lot harder when I'm rubbing my clit and have something in my vagina. So it was with mixed emotions that I beheld my new anal probe: Buck.

First, I read up on anal toys. What is a probe, as opposed to a plug? Well, as best I can tell, plugs are for putting in and keeping in while probes have a little more versatility. They can be moved in and out. Some can be rotated. So, when I looked at Buck, I imagined the possibilities in his three rounded nubbins of joy. I could slide him in and feel full. I could move him in and out and feel the tensing and relaxing of my anal rings. “Ooh la la,” my imagination said, “I could slide him in, slide in a vaginal dildo and then rub myself to ecstasy.”

So, I got started. I began by working my current favorite dildo, Ella, into my vagina, which felt wonderful as usual. With lots of lube, I began to rub a finger over my back door, and eventually slipped it in. After warming up with a finger, two fingers, I slipped in Ella (with a new condom, of course! Change condoms between holes, please!) and, after spending some time with her, finally felt ready to brave the great Buck.

Oh, Great Buck! Invader of tight places! Pleasurer of secret spaces! You feel wonderful! Indeed, I enjoyed the feeling of a slightly larger than previously experienced back door pal. With the warming up of my hole that I did, Buck's first nub slid in easily. The fabulous silicone which Tantus makes all its toys from came particularly in handy here as Buck was firm enough to push past each of my anal rings but soft enough to not feel like a hostile intruder. After I got used to the first nub, the second felt slightly bigger but was close enough in size that I didn't feel any real resistance to its entrance. I did feel appreciably fuller, which I enjoyed. Buck's third nub felt appreciably larger than either of the first two and took a couple tries before my ass really welcomed it.

That said, once it was in, Buck felt great. I felt full in a way I hadn't before and felt absolutely amazing once I inserted Ella in my vagina again (yes, I went through a lot of condoms tonight). Sliding Buck's last nub in and out of my ass felt great. This brings me to my one criticism of Buck, though, which is that the base is somewhat awkwardly shaped. It's flared at the very bottom but also has a half nub on its base which isn't long enough to really slide in. This is there instead of a narrower base which flared out gradually. As a result, I couldn't really grasp Buck with my anal muscles and felt him sliding out a bit especially as I neared orgasm and was clenching and unclenching my muscles pretty strongly. I would love to have a toy just like Buck but which has a narrow base so I can really go wild with my vaginal and clitoral stimulation without worrying about that feeling of fullness…shooting across the bed.

In terms of clean-up, Buck is made of pure silicone which means you can wash him with warm water and soap or you can sterilize him with boiling water. Be sure to slap a condom on him to keep him clean and use only water-based lube since silicone lube will upset him and nobody likes an upset anal probe|Buck.
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