Glo thick vibrating - vibrating anal plug by Doc Johnson - review by MidnightStorm

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This Plug Lights up the Night!

Overall, I would recommend this toy to anyone that thought they could handle it. The fun colors, strong vibrations, and glow-in-the-dark material make it an all around great plug! Besides that, it stays in well and is extremely pleasurable. Unfortunately, it is a bit large and does smell rather strongly--the scent may be off-putting for some. With no medium option, if this plug is too big you, you may want to look elsewhere!
Very Powerful, Fun Colors, Easy to Clean, Glows in the Dark
A Little Large (no medium size), Very Strong Smell
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Although I think it could stand to be a little smaller, for the most part the Glo vibrating anal plug is everything I've been looking in a vibrating plug. I fell in love with the fact that it glowed in the dark the moment I saw it and I absolutely adore the bright color choices that it offers! Since blue is my favorite color, I was thrilled when I requested to review the blue variation and was granted the review.

The Glo's main usage is as an anal toy. I have used anal plugs in the past, but this toy is the first vibrating anal plug that I've had. Because I am frequently a little too ambitious, it is about as large as my first (and only other) plug. The Glo is meant to be inserted, with or without the vibrations on, into the anus. It can then be used both for anal thrusting and as an anal plug. Personally, I prefer inserting it with the vibrations on and keeping it in once it is in. As a plug, it works phenomenally and stays in place perfectly.

Although I wouldn't buy it solely for this use, the plug can also be used for vaginal insertion--although you may choose to use a condom on the toy if you plan on switching between vaginal and anal usage. Because of it's large size, it's about the equivalent of a small vibrator and could very likely be used by those who like smaller vaginal penetration with more powerful vibrations. It could also be used to tease the clitoris or any other part of the body!
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
    • Clitoris
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

The Glo Vibrating Butt Plug is made of two variations of PVC. One is the Doc Johnson Sil-A-Gel material while the other is just regular PVC. Both are phthalate free and hygienic, and the Sil-A-Gel core has added bonuses of being anti-bacterial, cadmium free, and latex-free. This is the first PVC toy I've owned and while I do like it, I think Silicone will always hold the top place in my heart for sex toys.

The outer PVC layer of the toy is brightly colored and represents the portion of the toy that glows in the dark. While it does have some give to it, it is more of a layer of hard plastic vs the softer outer layer some might be used to in their toys. It is extremely smooth and lubricates very easily.

The inside of the toy is where the Sil-A-Gel is. It is a much softer material and feels more like overly slick silicone than the outside of the toy does. It permeates the toy's core completely and provides a bit more "squish" to the toy without making it floppy (this is a toy that is relatively stiff). Unlike the outer core of the toy, the Sil-A-Gel is clear, allowing you to partially see in to the toy which is a fun bonus.

My one complaint about the plug portion of the toy is that it does smell very strongly. While I don't particularly mind the smell, I know that some people are very picky about smelly toys, so it's important to note that this toy smells a lot. I can't really describe well--it reminds me a little of a cross between a jelly toy and some good-smelling cleaning chemicals. Another important note is that this toy will RETAIN smells as well. Should it get a bit "dirty" during use (it does penetrate rather deeply, so this could very well happen) it may faintly retain the smell of that for some time. This is one thing that bothers me about this toy, so make sure to keep it (and yourself) very clean during use!
    • Smooth
    • Somewhat porous
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

Glo Vibrating Butt Plug & Remote
The Glo vibrating butt plug is pretty typically shaped for a plug. It is a slightly smoother variation of the "cone" shape that butt plugs often have. The flare is moderately wide and the "neck" between the flare of the toy and the base is nice and long, ensuring that this toy stays in extremely well during use. The base itself is longer than it is wide and should line up with your body quite nicely, increasing the comfort of wearing this toy for an extended period of time. The toy is very large, however, so I would not recommend it for beginners. Comparing it to my hand, it's a little bigger than three of my fingers formed into a triangle shape at its widest point.

The bullet of the plug is located near the tip, which means that the vibrations feel best during the first inch or two of insertion and then once the toy is fully inserted. I found that it was harder to feel them once I got closer to the flare of the toy, but once everything was in place I continued to receive a lot of pleasure from the vibrations. The cord from the bullet comes right out of the Sil-A-Gel, which seems to be molded around it. While there is a minute bit of space between the cord and Sil-A-Gel where it enters the toy, the Sil-A-Gel wraps fully around the cord deeper in, completely protecting the bullet from splashes and rogue fluids/lubricant.

The vibrating portion of the toy plugs in to the controller separately, meaning that you can unplug it for travel to prevent it from vibrating. As the toy isn't particularly unruly to transport, I think it would be more than travel friendly, but you should definitely take the batteries out of the controller just to be safe! The controller itself is not water (or splash) proof, but has a simple and sturdy design and is made of a smooth white plastic.

Although it doesn't affect usage, one thing that I did notice about this toy is that there are places where it feels like there are air bubbles between the inner and outer layers of PVC. Near the flare of the toy specifically, it feels as though the Sil-A-Gel core may not be completely connected to the PVC outer layer. I don't think that this will effect the toy even in the long run, but it is a small sign of carelessness on this otherwise fantastic toy.
Size Comparison - My hand vs Glo vs Mustang
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controller for the Glo plug is probably one of my favorite controllers yet. The only thing that might add to it is a "back" button feature, as the controller currently only allows you to cycle "forward." For this reason, if you pass the vibration setting you were looking for, you have to cycle through all of the previous settings to get back there. With only 7 vibration settings, however, I didn't find this to be a huge inconvenience. The only other button on the controller (connected to the mode button) is the on/off button. When turned on, the toy has a small red light that lights up. It dims, brightens, and blinks according to the vibration pattern and setting on the controller. The controller takes 3 AAA batteries and packs quite a punch, considering.

The 7 power settings go something like this:
1. Flat, Low Vibration
2. Flat, Medium Vibration
3. Flat, High Vibration
4. Pulsates from low to high
5. Pulsates on a medium-high setting
6. Pulsates more quickly on the same setting
7. Flat vibration slightly stronger than #3

The PVC gives the vibrations of the toy an unusual whirring noise, versus the standard buzzing sound that I've come to expect from vibrators. I believe this is due to the fact that the bullet is nestled completely within the Sil-A-Gel layer. Unfortunately, the toy is still relatively loud and will easily be heard under covers although probably not through a closed door. Once inside your body, the noise is largely muffled, but can still be faintly heard.

The only real complaint I have about the controller and vibrations of the toy lies in the cord, which is a little on the short side. Given that this is a toy made to go, well, in your butt, you'd think the cord would be a bit longer. I found this to be inconvenient during solo play, although I gradually found ways to work around the 28" cord.

As a glow-in-the-dark toy, I didn't find this toy to glow particularly brightly. I left it sitting on my windowsill in direct sunlight for several hours, but when I took it into my darkened bathroom to see how well it lit up, it wasn't quite bright enough to photograph, although I could faintly see it. It's still a fun feature though and I plan to test it out a little more in the future to see if there are ways to make it glow more brightly.
    • Easy to use
    • Not very discreet
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

This toy is semi-porous, so it's important to note that it can't ever be fully sanitized. However, it does try very hard to make up for that and while I wouldn't exactly give it away to a friend, I trust it between myself and my lover, as well as in the various orifices of our bodies. It cannot be boiled as this would melt the electronic components (and potentially the material itself) but can be cleaned with any soap of your choosing. If you prefer it, it's probably safe to wipe it down with a body-safe solution of bleach as well (use your best judgement there--bleach isn't my preferred method of cleaning).

Because of the scent of this toy, I prefer to keep it in it's original casing. This nullifies the smell and keeps it safe. Plus, I happen to think the Glo logo is really cute!


Basic Packaging Overview
The packaging for this toy is simple and cute. In a refreshing change from typical sex toy packaging, the Glo plug does not feature any naked or wanton ladies and instead just features the logo, a clear screen to the toy itself, and some fun typography describing the toy. While it isn't the best packaging I've ever seen, I do like it and intend to keep using it for a while just so that the toy stays clean, safe, and separated from my other toys. I did find it a little amusing that Doc Johnson does appear to use the same packaging for every one of these plugs--the color stickers on the bottom are a testament to this.
Same packaging used for all colors.
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative
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