EZ bend gems tiered probe by Cal Exotics - review by Maxout

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This probe could benefit from a trip back to the drawing board

This is a mediocre probe that suffers from a slightly faulty design. While the vibration and ridges were quite nice, the overall construction and bending feature was lacking. Most would probably be more satisfied with one of the less expensive toys with a simpler design.
Vibrating, multiple speeds, waterproof, pleasurable ridges.
Questionable construction, not the best for prostate massage, doesn't bend well.
Rating by reviewer:
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I must admit that I was pretty excited to receive the EZ Bend Gems Tiered Probe from California Exotic. Upon receiving, I took note that the package was very easy to open, no glued or welded plastic seams here. It also had the typical strong “plastic” smell and a slightly oily feel to it, both of which were remedied by a quick wash. It’s always good practice to wash and clean toys when you first receive them. Jelly toys can be easily cleaned with some mild soap and water.

The probe is a light blue/aquamarine color with lots of small silver sparkles embedded in the jelly material. The entire shaft is smooth; there are no textures of any kind on it. There are five large ridges (including the tip portion) that progressively get larger as you move down the shaft. The internal part of the toy consists of a vibrator, the bendable area, the battery compartment and the controls. The bending part of the toy is mostly located inside the largest ridge towards the bottom of the shaft. The battery compartment holds three AAA batteries and the controls consist of a simple rotary dial to adjust the speed.

The picture on the website can be slightly deceiving, as this toy is pretty large. The overall length of the probe is 9.25 inches and the insertable length was about 6.5 inches. As for the diameter, the very top of the toy was ¾ of an inch and the largest “ridge” at the bottom was 1.75 wide. As you can see from the picture, the ridges get bigger as they progress from the top of the probe down. Be sure to only use water based lubricants when using this and other jelly toys.

One of the most interesting characteristics of this toy is the fact that it can bend in any direction. I must say I was disappointed when trying to bend it into different angles. It seemed to only bend a few degrees in each direction and if you bent it into an angle of over just a few degrees it wouldn’t hold its position. If you did manage to bend it into an angled shape, it would always go back to being straight during use. I wasn’t very impressed with the overall quality of the toy either. The jelly at base of the probe where the battery compartment inserts into was already coming off slightly. I took it into the shower briefly and noticed that water was getting under the jelly material from the gaps that I mentioned previously. This makes me question just how waterproof the toy really is.

The probe is very simple to use, there is only one dial which turns the vibrator on and controls the speed. The vibration produced by those 3 AAA batteries was about average. A lot of the vibration was most likely dampened by the generous layer of jelly material surrounding the toy. This dampening, however, made the toy very quiet to use. The entire shaft of the probe vibrated nicely though as you could still feel them at the base as well.

Ah, now the fun part. I put a condom over the toy before I used it (which I highly recommend for keeping the toys clean and especially if you share them). I got it about halfway in before I turned on the vibration and I must say that it was wonderful. The ridges added another dimension of pleasure, especially if you move it in and out while playing. I tried bending the probe in a variety of directions, but I didn’t notice much difference between them. I think much of the sensations that could have been felt from the bending were overcome by the overall size of the toy. If it were slightly smaller, the bending would have been more noticeable and perhaps even more enjoyable in general. I also didn’t get very much prostate stimulation even after trying different angles. Though the size was a bit too much, the combination of the ridges and vibration sent me on my way to a very satisfying and explosive orgasm.

Overall, I think this toy could benefit from a makeover. It succeeds in being an average vibrating anal probe, but the bending aspect was more of a gimmick than an actual functioning feature. I wouldn’t recommend this toy to someone who is just starting to delve into the realm of anal play due to its above average size. Those looking for prostate stimulation should look elsewhere as well. I would recommend this, however, to someone who is looking for a thicker toy with the added benefit of ridges. I’ll add my partner’s thoughts in a follow up review. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!
Follow-up commentary
Her thoughts:

I only tried this toy for vaginal penetration, so my views are slightly different. I covered it with a condom and applied some water based lube over the shaft. I slid it in only about halfway at first just to get me warmed up; I always like to tease myself a little at first. After a few minutes of gently toying, I turned on the vibrator and pushed it in all the way to the base. The feeling of the ridges and the wonderful thickness of the toy was heavenly! The vibration was uniform all along the length of the toy so I could feel it stirring me up inside as well as ticking my outer lips. Once I learned that the shaft could bend, I had to try it out on my G-spot. I bent it into an angle and slid it in again. I had trouble keeping the toy bent and had to re-adjust several times. It worked okay at first but then I gave up and went back to the deep penetration. I feel like the standard curved, rigid toys worked better than this for massaging my G spot. Pushing it in and slowly sliding it back out was definitely my favorite way of using the toy; the feeling of fullness at the base was superb and was responsible for two lovely orgasms. Another nice feature was that it didn’t get hot because of the jelly material surrounding the vibrators.
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  • Miss Cinnamon
    It always sets me on edge when there are gaps in a supposedly "waterproof" toy. I've had a few that may have been splashproof but definitely should not have been marketed as waterproof. Good review!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    I absolutely love this color!
  • w-o-name
    Thank you for the great review!
  • spiced
    Thanks for the review. I hope they do give it the makeover it needs!
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