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Thrust Everlasting

Swinger Remote Controlled Thrusting Butt Plug can outlast even your most determined date. With four vibration settings and remote control, the Swinger Butt Plug offers great versatility - allowing you to use the toy in your vagina, anus, and externally! This toy really is like no other toy I own and will surely drive your arousal skyrocketing!
Continuous thrusts to send you wild, Versatility of use
Vibrations not as strong as other toys I own
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First impression

I admit I can be somewhat lazy when it comes to my own pleasure. If I need to work too hard, it can ruin the mood for me. While I enjoy anal play, one of my complaints with typical dildos is that it can get very tiring when contorting yourself to repeatedly thrust a toy into your own butt. So, when I heard there is a toy that is not only remote-controlled but will do the thrusting for you, I was excited to give it a try!


As with other luxury EdenFantasys products, this toy comes in classy packaging. Not that I mind more explicit or conspicuous packaging, but there's something special about getting a toy in sophisticated packaging.

Mesh Bag

When I opened the box, I saw the toy itself, the remote, and charging cable in a reusable mesh toy bag.


When touching the toy for the first time, I immediately noticed the smooth silicone material. I love silicone toys since I know they are safe and easy to clean. Click here to learn more about silicone. What makes this toy unique is that the middle of the toy can expand and contract to make the tip of the toy thrust repeatedly inside of you. The material covering this expandable portion of the toy feels like a thin silicone skin, reminding me of foreskin. The tip itself where the vibrations originate is very firm.

First Use

I enjoy the versatility of this toy. It can be used in your vagina and in your anus, in the bedroom or in a bathtub (it's waterproof), alone or with a partner! At first, I assumed this toy was designed to be used with a partner because there was a remote. I imagined a sexy scene where I'd use the toy while my partner watched tv, seemingly uninterested that I was playing with myself, except when he changed the setting with the remote to drive me wild! *fans self* However, I realized that even with solo play, I prefer to use the remote.

Pictured: (left to right) njoy Pure Plug Large, Swinger Thrusting Remote Control Butt Plug, Rear Charmer Remote Control Butt Plug

I used the toy in my pussy first, then my ass. It had been a while since I had inserted anything into my holes, so it felt big. Though comparing the 1 3/8" diameter to other butt plugs I own, this toy was comparable. In comparison, my favorite large Njoy Pure Plug is 1 1/2" in diameter.


The middle part of the toy expands and contracts. When I hold the base, I can feel the toy thrusting inside of me. It's not a sensation I'm used to from a sex toy. Compared to an actual man, the thrusts are very shallow, like when my partner teases me with just the tip of his penis. I found that if I held the base of the toy, and coordinated my own thrusts with that of the toy, I could get the most reach. While the middle part of the toy is silicone, it has bellows like an accordion to allow the material to scrunch, which can feel a bit uncomfortable inside of me. With enough lubrication (water-based since this is a silicone toy) and when I was very turned on and just needed the thrusts harder and deeper, I found that I did not mind. However, just starting out, I just used the top part of the toy, above the expandable portion of the toy.

I admit that I was a bit disappointed that the base did not create a full suction to the floor (see video). However, when inserted, simply placing the base on the floor and allowing the toy to thrust up inside of me was more than enough! I realized that the whole purpose of suction cups on dildos is so you can ride the dildo. Since this toy does the thrusting for you, it's not a big concern that the toy does not stick to the floor!

Further Experience

Power Light

To turn the toy on, you simply hold the power button on the shaft until the red indicator light starts blinking. Short presses of the power button can cycle you through the different vibration settings. Using this power button on the toy itself would make sense if you are using the toy for external stimulation from the vibrating tip. Once the toy is inside you, using the remote makes the most sense so you can keep the toy inserted while changing settings. Once inserted, the power button will be inside of you and not easily accessible.

Remote with Toy

Once the indicator light is blinking, showing the toy is on, you can use the remote to cycle through the four vibration settings.

Vibration & Thrust Settings:
1) Vibrations alternating from high to low, fast thrusts in groups of 6
2) Steady high vibrations, fast continuous thrusts
3) Pulsing high vibrations, fast continuous thrusts
4) Long bursts of high vibrations, with coordinated slow continuous thrusts

To turn off, simply press and hold the power button on the toy until the indicator light turns off.

Power Button

The toy has a pin charging port in the top portion of the shaft. The charging cable plugs into any USB port.

Charging Cable

Since this toy is waterproof, you can clean it easily in the sink with soap and water. To sterilize, you can use 5% bleach or alcohol.


Vibration Map

The vibrations were strongest at the widest part of the plug, though you could still feel the vibrations throughout the toy. Compared to other vibrating toys, the vibrations were not as strong. However, the thrusting motion of the toy certainly provided the necessary sensation to drive me crazy.

Since this toy has moving components, it's a little louder than my typical vibrating toy. Though I'd wager the moans I made were louder and drowned out the sound from the toy.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I had never experienced a toy quite like this! The thrusting was so relentless and the girth of the toy was perfect to make me feel very overwhelmed. When I added additional clitoral stimulation, it sent me right over the edge!
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