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Want Some Up, Down, Up Down In Your ....

Best anal toy ever! This is fantastic for prostate orgasms! It's great for solo anal sex. Just remember to power it on before inserting.
Rechargeable, Nice size, Vibrates and Thrusts
The suction cup doesn't work, Tapered design would be better to help keep it in
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First impression

The box was bigger than I expected. There was only the plug, remote, a cheap mesh bag and USB cord in there. The toy was as pictured on the product page. Upon unpacking, I noticed the plug was very firm. Which shouldn't matter as the plug is not that long. It will just sit in the first few inches of your rectum.

I pressed the power button and "Wow". It jumped to life. The power button was hard to find but lights up when on.
I put an AAA battery in the remote and played with the settings. I was very impressed with the thrusting action. I also discovered if I pressed the power button on the plug, it changed the settings. I hope you watched the video. The thrusting action is displayed there.

what came in the box
Strange name for an anal vibrator

Here're some size comparison pictures.
size caparison for vib plugs
Vibrating gem plug, Swinger, Electro Tingle Probe

size caparison of favs
nJoy 2.0 nJoy large Swinger, Naughty Mood, beginner's plug

First Use

Ever fall in love with a toy after first use? This happened to me with this fantastic machine!

I often use an anal plug while working at my computer. For some reason, just helps me to concentrate. I decided to have the swinger do its thing while I worked on this review. I used a water bulb and cleaned out first. This is a must for anal play in my book. I lubed it up slightly, powered it up and in it went. It's very firm and went in easily. I made sure to wear a tight pair of underwear. Kinda uncomfortable to walk with one's hand under their butt to hold in a plug. I turned it on with the remote while sitting on my chair.

While sitting totally flat on it, it only seems to vibrate. I adjusted my posture and felt it vibrating and thrusting away. Everything about it was powerful! I could feel it thrusting up my rectum as promised. I played with the setting and felt a prostate orgasm coming. No way could I continue working at my desk.

I quickly went to my bed to continue enjoying what was happening. I laid there in my undies and again played with the setting. It was a fantastic feeling. I lifted my ass up and was in heaven. I had a small P-spot O within a few minutes. I stopped short as I was supposed to be working. I planned on using it extensively later that night.

This will definitely replace my previous favorite the P-Spot Driver. If you only want good vibrations and something smaller, I recommend it. Here's a link to my review on it.

P Spot Driver
P Spot Driver vs New Champion

Further Experience

When the evening came, I was very excited and looking forward to playing with the Swinger. I showed how it worked to my wife. I wanted her to fondle me while it was thrusting away. She was impressed with the rapid thrusting motion. Instead, she wanted to try herself. I thought she was going to use one with one of her vibes or dildos. Figured she was in the mood for some double penetration. I immediately got out our Drei. If you aren't familiar with that, it's one of the first thrusting toys invented by Fun Factory. The Drei was also one of my first reviews here.
It's been collecting dust and seldom used.

Swinger and Drei
Swinger and the dinosaur Drei

I wasn't surprised. She often likes to use my new toys. And sometimes uses them more than me. I told her to go ahead. She used it to rub her clit first. Then inserted it into her vag. I told her it was for her backdoor. She said no, it's fine right where it was. I was enjoying hearing the toy go to work inside her. I knew what it felt like and knew she would love it. A few minutes later she brought out her eden wand, The Easy, and had a combination of the vibing, thrusting Swinger and the wand gave her one big serious orgasm.
The Easy is already an orgasm maker.

The two together would surely be fantastic for women. I knew then I would be sharing this with her.

The next night she let me use the Swinger. Right after she was done with it. Since its arrival, I use it nearly every night. Often until the battery runs dead.

Important to pay attention to. The folds near the bottom require more attention when cleaning. I hit the settings button to make it extend out. Then spray some Edenfantasys' toy cleaner on it. After 30 seconds brush it with a toothbrush. This is especially important when sharing the toy. Even more so if used anally!

Vibration Map

All four combinations of thrusting/vibrations are fantastic.
1. Steady thrusting and steady vibes
2. Fast thrusting, strong vibes
3. Thrust, pause, thrust, steady vibes
4. Fast, slow thrusting, drumming vibes

The battery life is not that long though. Guess takes a lot of juice to power such a toy.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

My prostate orgasm was great. Same as using the Drei, but came much faster. My favorite way to use this is to lie in bed with tight undies and tilt my pelvis up slightly.

Her orgasm was uncontrollable when used with a wand. Just think, intense vibrations inside and out accompanied with thrusting. As for double penetration, you will have to wait for the follow-up review.
Pleasure Meter

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I describe
my orgasm

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  • Contributor: Soundside46
    Very nice review. Great photos. They really add to the review.
  • Contributor: Leil@
    You are amazing! Thanks for the wonderful and detailed review!
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Thank you Mr Soundside46 and Miss Lei@ for the kind words.
  • Contributor: Perspicace mais érotique
    Love the information and the idea of how I could use the Swinger from your wife!
  • Contributor: sXeVegan90
    Another wonderfully detailed review! Sounds like a great toy, and that you both enjoyed it.
  • Contributor: Robin Goodfellow
    Great review! Did the folds ever cause any discomfort?
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    @Robin, No Sir. Only feel the shaft moving up and down. It's great for warm up before enjoying the suction cup dildos in the shower
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