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Thunder Balls...More Like Blunder Balls

Although Doc Johnson has never steered me wrong before, the Thunder Balls were quite disappointing. A poor gluing job in addition to poor material choice caused this potentially amazing product to be nothing more then a dud.
Good vibrations.
The plastic balls are poorly put together.
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When I first chose to review the Thunder Balls from Doc Johnson|Thunder balls, I was very excited to find out how amazing these balls would feel. However, the Thunder Balls were very disappointing and nothing as I had hoped or expected. The product is described to be smooth in texture and made of plastic. When I saw this description, I did not expect the plastic to be such a poor quality. Each ball is composed of two half spheres glued together with the wire running through each ball. The glue job on some of the balls are so badly put together that I was able to feel them scratching my insides. If you have ever been fingered by someone who has a hang nail, just imagine that same feeling and add vibrations... not enjoyable. At the ends of each ball, there are also rubber stoppers that cover the small openings for the cords. These rubber stoppers also feel like they are cutting and scratching inside you, although they can not be felt as often as the balls.

Although the plastic balls and rubber stoppers are not very enjoyable, the vibrations are good. The Thunder Balls offer different vibration settings that would feel amazing if the balls were smooth as described.

I tried to use the Thunder Balls differently to see if I could find a way to enjoy them. Since not all the balls were glued poorly, I placed the first ball (after cleaning them thoroughly) into my vagina while having the rest of the balls curved up to vibrate on my clit. This, to my surprise, felt amazing. As long as I made sure the glue seams were off to the sides and not rubbing on my clit or skin, everything was great. [Editor's note: plastic is not sterilizable, and the other components of this toy, rubber and string, are highly porous. We recommend condom use, especially if using vaginally after anal use.]

Overall, I felt that the Thunder Balls would have felt amazing as long as the glue was smoothed. I do not know if I just happened to get a bad product, as my other Doc Johnson products have never been unsatisfying. Not all of the balls on the product were bad either, just two of the four, which could indicate that this is not a common occurrence. However, I do not think I would recommend this product and instead would opt for something made with a different material, even if it means no vibrations.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Scratchy plastic on a string, sounds horrible! What do you think that string is made out of- fabric or also rubber?
    Please don't ever use balls like this vaginally after anal use, they can't be sterilized.
  • GenkiGirl
    It is not actually the string that is scratchy, but the balls themselves. The string is actually just wires, similar to that of a lamp, but thinner.

    I agree that it is never safe to switch from anal to vaginal use. On this particular product, it was the first ball and the third that had the scratchy plastic, so I did not put more then one in. I also sterilized the plastic balls by using antibacterial soap and hot water, as recommended in the "Guide to Materials" section.
  • ToyingCouple
    Doesn't sound very enjoyable at all. They look extremely hard to clean and cheap which is too bad. Doc Johnson usually has quality products.
  • GenkiGirl
    I totally agree that Doc Johnson's products are usually of good quality. When I saw Doc Johnson's name on the product I didn't think anything could go wrong, but this product just wasn't up to par with her other products!
  • The Temptress
    Ick. That does not sound enjoyable at all. Thanks for the review!
  • Kcito
    good review
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