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Toys Are For Boys. Tools Are For Men!

The TitanMen Tool Chest.. TOYS ARE FOR BOYS. TOOLS ARE FOR MEN. My friend, toys are for everyone. Tools is an old fashioned word for a jerk. The butt plugs were a nice set. Exquisitely made and hit the p-spot every single time, without fail and comfortable to boot. The masturbator was a fail when it didn't feel real. The stretch-to-fit cock ring was way too small for "bigger tools". Titan Lube is basically vaseline if you like that sort of thing. Our high expectations went out a burning window.
Smaller Butt Plug Comfortable, Bigger Butt Plug Nice Feeling, Hits the P-Spot excellently.
Masturbator doesn't feel real, stretch-to-fit cock ring doesn't work properly, lube is vaseline.
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The Titanmen Tool Chest made by Doc Johnson is a great set for the right type of person. We say this loosely.

It includes :
1. Anal Tool Trainer
2. Anal Tool Master
3. Ultra Titan Lubricant
4. Stretch-to-fit Cock Ring
5. UR3 Supple Masturbator

Lemme just say this upfront.. When my boyfriend (who ENJOYS anal just as much as I do) and I saw this box come in the mail.. we were pretty excited. Overwhelmed. So insanely ready to rip the box open and get to working it.

The Titanmen Tool Chest is incredible to look at but pretty deceiving in the end, unfortunately. You obviously use this tool chest anally for men's p-spot, cock, and lube to let it all happen "easily". It didn't really happen easily.. It was pretty much a struggle from the beginning. It wasn't all disappointing but we wished it were was amazing as we had it hyped up to be.

These toys are best suited for male solo play or in the bedroom with a partner. Everything is waterproof and can be used in the shower but I just don't know.. my boyfriends exact words were "it doesn't work!" and "OUCH". Females CAN use this tool set for themselves.. but only the butt plug parts. The masturbation sleeve really doesn't do much for us gals or the cock ring. The lube.. maybe, but I would use your favorite lube if I were you. If you do share toys with your partner, please be cautious and know that everything carries bacteria so know about the safety of your product and how to wash them properly. I cannot stress this enough.

You don't need to know about any safety precautions for the most part since the actual butt plugs have very nice flared bases and are actually not bad butt plugs.. if you use them right. You can actually rip your asshole and bleed if used too eagerly or if you use the lube that they have so lovingly set in the tool box it came in. I can't even show you the "stretch to fit" cock ring because I had to scissor it off of him. Lol.

I just suggest caution with this "tool chest" which should be oodles of goodies.. didn't turn out to be goodies at all. I am keeping this as upbeat as possible so don't be totally disappointed in the product until you try it for yourself. -smiles-

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    • Anywhere
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Material / Texture

I want to go through the material and texture of EACH part of this titanmen tool chest. It is important that you know what everything is made of and how it feels for a man or a woman.

It includes :

Anal Tool Trainer (smaller of the two butt plugs) (strong odor even after multiple washings)
Anal Tool Master (bigger of the two butt plugs) (strong odor even after multiple washings)
And Stretch-to-fit Cock Ring (we didn't even smell this)
-- Made of Phthalate Free PVC which is Phthalate free polyvinyl chloride. In general, PVC is light, water resistant, offers a long life cycle and does not require much maintenance. Sex toys made of PVC are soft and pliable. Safety rating of 8.

The Butt Plugs are extremely sturdy and do not have much give. You can try and bend them.. but you won't have much luck. It is also quite weird because it is like they actually covered the PVC with something more sturdy.. probably the phthalate free pvc. The bottom of the product on both butt plugs is exactly squishy and kind of fun to play with.. you know.. just mindlessly messing around. The stretch-to-fit cock ring DOES stretch.. sort of. It stretches but is really hard to use. I would just recommend not using it honestly.

The material feels smooth and textured at the same time. The top of both butt plugs have this glossy look and feel to them but as the butt plug goes further down, it has a weird material that we didn't like as much even though it may be safer.. he tried it, i tried it, we both agreed after trying them.

The texture.. he really did love how the butt plugs bent just right into his p-spot. He loved that feeling of it. What man doesn't like his p-spot messed with? He really enjoyed the smaller butt plug of the two. The bigger one was a tad bit too sturdy and big for him and he considers himself a moderate to advanced butt plug user. The bigger one.. he just said it didn't feel as good. It may feel good for you but he didn't enjoy it as much as he thought he would. He did say he would try it again -- so there is hope yet!

Ultra Titan Lubricant (1oz) Made of -- Glycerin, Behenyl Betaine, Isopropyl Glycerides, Stearmine Oxide, and Dimethicone.

Basically in simplier words.. It has a consistency of Vaseline. You are buying vaseline.. and not the good kind. Both of us didn't enjoy this lube. It felt like Vaseline. If we wanted Vaseline.. we would buy some. We both really enjoy water-based lubes. It just goes smoother for everything and this lube didn't work for us personally. That doesn't mean it won't work for you.. just caution that it isn't that amazing.

UR3 Supple Masturbator Made of -- Thermal plastic elastomer (mixture of PVC and silicone). Also compounded to mimic real skin. The high molecular density of these materials allows them to be flexible and resilient. Gets little lint and hairs on it like no other kind of material. It was insane.

This is definitely a one-use product. My boyfriend used it once. He did tell me he liked the way it felt around his cock and how his hand fit right in the place where it was suppose to. (it has three kind of handles on it and it fits perfectly with his hand). He lubed up his junk with HIS favorite lube because we already around out about the lube the tool man chest came with and as I was watching him.. he didn't look too enthused. He told me he would use this in desperation if he didn't have me when he was jerking off alone. We just both laughed. He finished himself off and realized he really didn't enjoy it as much as he thought he was going to. Since it was made of UR3 and we both know the material rating of this (which is a 2 by the way) and we just kind of threw it out. We didn't want to worry about the clean up when he didn't really like it in the first place. THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU WON'T LIKE IT. He just didn't like it. Maybe he is picky. -smiles- CAUTION : extremely porous material.

I asked him if he would recommend any of these products to anyone, and he said yes. I agreed. We both agreed on the fact that this titan men tool chest is a good gift for someone that is WAY experienced with anal and doesn't mind a little pain and doesn't mind wasting money on most of the product actually in the tool chest set. The butt plugs.. we keep. We are going to keep experimenting with them. He is ALMOST enjoying them already and we have only had them for a few days. The masturbator.. gone. The cock ring.. gone. The lube.. no vaseline for us.

The box actually says "PVC, TRP, and TPE".. yeah.

You may have a totally different opinion on this than us.. we just wanted so much more from this product and didn't get what we wanted out of it. It could work for you, but you need to be VERY open to the idea that the butt plugs (especially the biggest one) may be a bit big for you and may not feel right or be right against your p-spot as a man or your g-spot as a woman. You will want to experiment, sure. We just experimented for you. :) Smiles all around in some ways.. in other ways.. not so much.
    • Porous
    • Rigid
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

We actually really enjoyed the design and how manly it all looked. The shape.. I thought it was sexy and he thought it was erotic. We needed to experiment, and experiment we did!

The shape of the smaller butt plug (Anal Tool Trainer #1) is 4" in length. The width of the butt plug is 1" starting out. JUST STARTING OUT. I would think that the smaller butt plug would be.. smaller. It tapers off and has a nice curve that hits a p-spot like it is a trophy. As it goes down further it is 1 and 1/2" at the widest point then goes back down to a 1". The actual base is 3" long which we felt really comfortable with. We love sturdy bases on butt plugs and are always amazed at how good they work. When it was fully inserted.. he felt it was almost too sturdy and hurt his ass cheeks since it wasn't comfortable but at the same time felt pleasurable and he took his time with this one.

All pictures before are of the smaller butt plug and measurements.
small butt plug

The shape of the bigger butt plug (Anal Tool Master #1) is a good 5" in length. The width of this butt plug is pretty much 1 and 3/4" wide. He took a slower time with this butt plug inicially and finally got into it. As it tapers down it has a nice curve like the first one that presses up against this p-spot beautifully and he had a huge smile on his face. The biggest width of this butt plug is 2 and 2/3" then tapers off to 1 and 3/4" wide again. The base is a good 3" wide. We liked the base on this butt plug as well. He did say that it was annoying his sphincter and "he will get this butt plug back" for causing him some discomfort. -smirks- He is such a trooper.

All pictures below are of the bigger butt plug.
bigger butt plug

The UR3 masturbator is just about 4 and 1/4" long. He actually complained that he was insulted at the length of the product because "it didn't cover his entire dick". We both had a nice laugh about that. The actual hole you stick your tool into was only about 1 and 2/3" wide and did stretch. He really liked the fact that his hand fit around the product so nicely. We did think about it and happened to come upon the fact that you want a nice thrusting motion with the masturbator so the length wasn't as bad as we initially thought. He did comment in his exact words "why would any man masturbate with this with they had a sex partner? it feels nothing like a pussy or an ass or even a throat" in his rant since he was kind of disappointed. Mind you, by this time.. we weren't really taking the product seriously. I'm sure some of you out there WILL enjoy the feel of it but we kind of just threw it out since he knows he won't ever use it again and it "just doesn't feel right". Humor is great. -smirks-

All pictures below are of the masturbator.

The 1oz Titan Lube in length is 4 and 1/4" long. The width if you ever wanted to know is 1". As we said.. we aren't a big fan of this type of lube that comes with this product. It is thick, it is sticky and oily, it doesn't come off easily, we just weren't happy with the lube. You may enjoy it. Don't just count our ONE opinion on it.. well two.. BOTH of us didn't enjoy it. We tried it with other toys and it was just a mess. It actually ruined one of our blankets because we washed it and now it has this huge stain like when you are frying something on your shirt and get wash it to get it out.. a stain like that. -laughs-

All pictures below are of the lube.

Now.. the cock ring. No pictures because it was just SO much fun to play with. One, it didn't fit his cock. I guess he has a.. thicker kind of tool himself. He didn't like how tight it was. We really couldn't get it off easily. We tried to use the vaseline lubricant it came with just for some laughs and it did nothing. We used our favorite water-based lube and it didn't really help the situation any better. He told me to get the scissors and that this meant business. We cut it off.. the cock-ring.. not my tool of choice -smirk- Sooo.. the cock-ring, we didn't enjoy. He didn't enjoy and literally once I got it off of him, he threw it in the nearest garbage basket. You may like it but we certainly didn't.

Through all our scientific experimentation since we are really scientists and wear lab coats and everything.. the size of the first smaller butt plug is good. The size of the bigger butt plug.. he wants to get used to it. The size of the masturbator.. he wants it a bit bigger but "enjoys it but ONLY if it were a last resort and he were on a desert island with no hands kind of way" LOL. The size is good for moderate to advanced users.. beginners really won't know what to do honestly. We concluded in our very extensive data that beginners will be scared and will never use it. Who knows, you may use it. Definitely made for moderate to advanced users of anal play.

These "tools" do not look realistic. It does look manly but it is in no way realistic. It is not discreet, hide this. "Hide this from yo mom, from yo aunt, from yo cat, from yo dog, from yo everyone".. sorry for the jokes.. we laugh a lot. We actually store this in our toy box. Don't travel with it. We just think that it is awkwardly shaped and people will ask some really specific questions that we aren't all comfortable with. But really, to each their own.
    • Futuristic
    • Partner play


Well.. you have read about our performances with each product. The best thing about these "tools" is that it does look manly and erotic. We love the actual idea of it. It just has some flaws that we weren't expecting. We wanted to them the "tools" but we just couldn't. We may love the butt plugs in the future but as a entire set as a whole.. buy the butt plugs individually. The lube is vaseline, the stretch-to-fit cock ring failed, the masturbator was interesting for a one-time experience since it didn't feel very realistic to him and he was seriously laughing the whole time wondering why I put him through this.

No suction cup on anything and we are pretty sure you can't put this on any type of harness and have it stay on.

Honestly, the performance wasn't the best but you could have a totally different opinion about it. We just.. don't recommend it to many people. It "tore his dreams down" and wanted his "toys to become a man!". -smirk-
    • Hard to figure out
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

For the Anal Tool Trainer #1, Anal Tool Master #1, and stretch-to-fit cock ring care and maintenance isn't that bad. The material is Phthalate Free PVC which has a good material rating of 8. The PVC toys should be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap. You may also use an absolutely universal solution - a sex toy cleaner. Personally, we just sprayed it down with some antibacterial sex toy cleaner and it was clean. So, no worries about cleaning the above two product and the one stretch-to-fit cock ring that didn't survive the night due to scissors and a handy garbage bin.

The types of lube that can be used for the above three is silicone based lube and water based lube. We recommend water based lube because it just makes everything go smoother for us in the long run.

For the UR3 Masturbator.. it is a totally different story. The material rating is only a 2 which kind of freaked me and my boyfriend out and didn't like how we couldn't wash it properly and be sanitary. These materials are extremely porous, making it difficult to clean and easy for germs and dirt to hide. So protect them with a condom. Skin-like materials are extremely sensitive; they should be cleaned before and after every use with warm water and toy cleaner or antibacterial soap. These toys come dusted in a powdery material to maintain their unique texture, clean the toy thoroughly before first use. After each use, clean again and dust with a little cornstarch (not TALC which has been linked to cervical cancer) before storing to prevent the toy from becoming sticky. They should be stored individually in a dark, cool place. Store each toy separately in a plastic zip bag or thin sock because the porous surface can absorb dyes from other materials. These materials are also very incompatible with many substances. Contact with silicone-based lubricants, oil or petroleum based products will cause damages to the surface of the toy. Use only water based lubricants.

That is just too much cleaning for us for a product that we didn't particularly like.. so we probably won't be using it again.
    • Easy to clean
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


HAHAHAHA We just read the caution part of the box in the smallest print you have ever seen "as well as "CAUTION : Prolonged and frequent use of penis enhancing devices may cause ruptured blood vessels, hemorrhage and hematoma formation. These devices can also aggravate existing medical conditions such as pegranies disease, priapism, and urethral stricture. Penis enhancing devices should always be used with discretion."

Maybe, possibly we should have read that before.. hmm.. -smirks- BUT WHO KNOWS, you could love this.. -grins-

"Do not attempt to warm this product in a microwave or conventional oven" as well as it says on the box.

All over the front of the box it says TITANMEN TOOL CHEST in big letters. Real manly. Real masculine. It tells you which products are which and "EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BE A TITANMAN IS IN THE CHEST". I actually think it is quite a good box because it does look manly and every man is going to want this.. until they might happen to read my review.

On the back of the box it says "All men need a Tool Chest." "Consisting of the #1 best selling toys from the incredible TitanMen Collection, the Tool Chest offers the perfect starter kit for the man looking for new adventures"... Perfect starter kit. It may be a little bit too advanced for the perfect starter kit. Beginners might love this.. just pleaseeeee be cautious in this entire tool chest.

It also says "TOYS ARE FOR BOYS. TOOLS ARE FOR MEN!" and gives the twitter link/facebook link with Doc Johnson stuff all over it.

There were no user instructions with this tool chest which we both thought that there should be. It doesn't really need instructions but the warnings scared us enough. We are glad that we read the fine print. ALWAYS read the fine print, ladies and gentlemen.

You can potentionally use the box for storage but we don't. We threw the box away and just use our toy box for storing all our sex toys in nice little zip lock baggies with names on everything. It just makes everything easier and does keep the toys safe.

We would actually gift this box to someone at a bachelor party as a "haha" kind of joke. Just for some giggles.

    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Is there anything else we would like to share about this "TitanMen Tool Chest"? Not really. We pretty much covered it all. We recommend this to moderate to advanced users. If you are a beginner, use with caution. Read all the fine print. "BECOME A MAN!"

We have rated this tool chest a two because there are only two things out of five that we enjoyed. Sorry Doc Johnson. He is certainly not impressed and I am upset because I thought this would be the perfect present for my boyfriend who actually enjoys his man-cave time and anal.

First picture we wanted to show you is a comparison on the sizes of the butt plugs against a water bottle.

Second picture we wanted to show you is the consistancy of the lube.

Third picture we wanted to show you is a comparison of a 6 and 1/2" inflatable dildo not inflated with the masturbator.


Our experience (a man and a woman) on these products different somewhat.

He really loves the butt plugs since it hits his p-spot really spot on and that makes him have a sexy smirk.

I don't really like how sturdy they are and how uncomfortable they feel. (If you are sharing toys with a partner, ALWAYS clean them before and after use or use a condom no matter what.. I needed to state that and please take my advice)

He really didn't enjoy the cock-ring or the masturbator. The cock ring really cut off too much circulation and didn't give him the edge he was looking for. The masturbator didn't feel real to him and he would rather use his hand to masturbate if anything. He didn't MIND the lube but it was vaseline. He said he may use it for his lips as a joke but I told him I would get him some chap stick.

I didn't like that he was unhappy with the whole tool set except for the butt plugs.. I always do like to keep him happy and it totally didn't happen this time. It is all about winning and losing, we just had a lose here. It was a complete miss. No hit.. maybe the butt plugs for him which it is made for men so that is a hit for him.

We just wish it was more like we expected. We wish it was made better and more thought out. We are aware that Doc Johnson has had these products for a while.. it just didn't float our boat in the right direction.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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