Interactives anal T and egg combo - anal kit by Cal Exotics - review by Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

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Two in one?

For the price, I don't think you can get a more versatile sex package. There's something here for both partners or a LOT for one person to take on all by herself. It might look cheap, but I think this is an excellent budget addition to anybody's toy chest.
It's cheap, it does exactly what it's expected to do and it does it pretty darn well.
It looks really cheap and plasticy. I don't know how long it'll stand up to 'punishment.'
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I really enjoy anal play - so much so that my wife bought us a strap on for her to use on me. Therefore, I was pretty excited by the thought of the Anal T and Egg combo|Interactives® anal T and egg combo since it contained a good sized anal plug.

My wife, on the other hand, liked the idea of the egg. She has a Jack Rabbit vibrator|Jack rabbit she uses to great effect, but because it goes inside her, it's a bit more of a project to whip it out than a handy egg. She liked the idea of just being able to roll over and dig for it under the bed, pressing it against her clit either 'raw' or through her panties.

Since the Anal T & Egg combo contains both the egg and the anal plug, I even fantasized about using both on my wife at the same time - while I fucked her from behind. While she was up for taking the egg for a very satisfying test run, she wasn't in the mood for something quite so ambitious, so it was up to me to give the anal plug a test run.

First, the egg. It's hard and plastic, with wires running out of it to the combo handset (which has two controls, to manage the vibration of the egg and the anal plug separately). It looks cheap and plasticy, but the 'vroom' is surprisingly powerful and my wife was overall very satisfied with the results.

I tried the anal plug after dousing it with Astroglide. It 'popped' inside me quite satisfactorily and I felt pleasantly 'full' with it in. Moving about stimulated my prostate and I'd have liked having it in even if it didn't vibrate.

As it was, the three levels of vibration give great stimulation. The low setting is nice. The medium setting is perfect - I'd be very happy to have that going while I fucked my wife. The top setting, though, was mind blowing. My wife barely had to touch my cock when she turned the 'buzz' up to maximum. I exploded in seconds - an intense, powerful climax that I could feel all through my hips.

Afterwards, washing up was a breeze. The hard plastic is simple to clean with antibacterial soap and there's no aftercare. Just dry it and pop it back in the plastic case. The egg has a 'seam' which might be more difficult to keep clean, but as my wife pointed out: 'It's not like we're shoving that up anybody's ass.'
Follow-up commentary
Sadly, after a couple of weeks, the vibrator bit of the anal plug is no longer vibrating! I'm kind of sad about that, since I REALLY loved this toy and the anal plug was a big thrill. I still really recommend it - if for nothing else, because of one of the experiences I had with it using my Cyberskin Cyber Sex Buddy masturbation sleeve. I inserted the anal plug and put it on the lowest setting. Then I slid my erection into the Cyber Sex buddy|Realistic vagina and popped the egg into the hole at the other end (so it was resting snugly against the underside of my glans.) Then I just enjoyed the sensations... I enjoyed them so much, as it happened, that when I turned the vibes up to only their second setting, I came powerfully. It was amazing - and I didn't have to do anything except sit there! So RIP my little anal plug. Fortunately the egg is still buzzing away.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Does the egg also have three vibration levels?
    Keep in mind when sharing- it is hard plastic, which is not technically sterilizable. Might want to cover the insertable part with a condom for use.
  • Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)
    I think it's three settings on the egg (MIGHT be four. I'll have to go and check), but the vibrations seem a lot more powerful than with the anal plug.

    Good advice about the condom - it's easier for cleaning up too (and lubed condoms make insertion a lot easier!)
  • Dame Demi
    A toy for both partners under $15??? Even if it doesn't last very long, it still sounds like a great deal!
  • Jimbo Jones
    So the stiff material and bend make it pretty good for prostate stimulation? That sounds like a pretty good reason to pay $15 for something on its own. Then it vibrates and includes a separate egg, that really makes it worthwhile. Thanks for the review!
  • Hey Jimbo,

    Yep, it's totally rigid, but a really good shape. Worked perfectly for me and it was VERY stimulating.
  • Luscious Lily
    Too bad it died, but for a set that good, it sounds worth the money anyway!
    By the way, I love your wife's last comment about keeping the egg clean.
  • LavenderSkies
    Great review This gives alot for a small price.
  • thebest
    great review
  • pinkzombie
    Very nice review!
  • Mistress Jezebel
    Thank you for the review
  • allinonekid
    Nice review. Informative, but still had personality
  • zeb
  • NurseKitty
    very nice review I am thinking this might be a nice treat for me and the hubby
  • BlooJay
    great review! probably wont be getting this.
  • Teacookie
    thank you
  • terry62
    Great review

  • Jenny Smith
    thanks for the review
  • tortilla
  • never shy
    Thanks for reviewing
  • Dawnwill
    Good review
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