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This particular enema kit is a perfectly adequate addition to most collections. It's got a good overall size for most people, although those newer to backdoor action may find the larger of the attachments to be a bit overwhelming.
Easy to use and clean, good for small hands
Larger shaft may not work as well for everyone
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Anal douching is one of the easiest ways to prepare for backdoor play; whether you be playing by yourself or with a partner. This one may not be the best fit for everybody, but it is easy to make work even if it doesn't utilize all of the parts involved.

Material / Texture

The two main components of this set are plastic and PVC. The bulb and flared sheath at the bottom of the shaft of the attachment are where you'll find the PVC, and both feel sturdy in the hand but still flexible when you squeeze. The two shafts are both made of a hard black plastic, smooth and glossy to the touch with no extra coating.

Design / Shape / Size

This kit is made of of 3 separate pieces; the bulb, the slim shaft that attaches to the bulb, and the thicker shaft that attaches to the slimmer shaft.

Start with the bulb which comes in at about 9" around at its widest point. It may feel awkwardly small in overly large hands, but even smaller hands will be able to keep a relatively good grip on it. It will hold about 6 ounces of liquid once filled.

The first smaller shaft comes in about 3" long and maybe a 1/4" wide. Once you've got that smaller piece in place and your bulb full, you can choose to slip the longer piece on top of it. The secondary shaft comes in about 6" long, with just under 4 of those inches able to be inserted due to the flared base at the bottom. The head of this shaft is about 2" around at its widest, and here is where you'll find a slit in the plastic where the water comes out during use.

It's small enough to travel easily with, but not discreet at all so pop it in a checked bag if you don't want to get searched going through security.


The first thing you'll need to do is fill your bulb, and you can do that one of two ways. If you're feeling confident about being able to insert the smaller shaft with the bulb full, you can fill the bulb directly and go from there. If you're a little nervous about that but confident in how clean your sink is, you can fill your sink with warm water and after squeezing all the air out of the bulb, insert the tip into the water and let it fill up as you release the bulb. You want to make sure that the water is lukewarm, and err on the side of cooler if you're not sure. Too cold might shock you, but too hot will burn you and that's even worse.

This kit is intended to be used with all 3 pieces in place. Once you've got the shaft with the flared base firmly attached, you'll probably want to grab some lube to help insert it more comfortably. If for some reason this piece simple won't enter your body comfortably, remove it and be extra cautious with the slimmer shaft. After you've got one end inserted in your back end, you'll squeeze the bulb gently. At this point you may start feeling an urgent need to evacuate, but hold it in until you're done. Once you've squeezed the contents of the bulb out, don't let go of the bulb as you gently remove the shaft and position yourself over the toilet for easiest cleanup. It will feel very similar to an urgent bowel movement, and you may need to repeat the process once or twice for the absolute cleanest feeling.

Care and Maintenance

It is super important to remember to not release the bulb until after the whole kit has exited your body. To let it go while it's still inside of you may result in very tender pieces of tissue being suctioned to whichever part sprayed your water, or in pulling fecal matter into the bulb.

It's not recommended to share this with other people as there's no way to properly sterilize it. That being said you can still clean everything with warm soapy water, or a diluted bleach solution. Make sure that everything dries thoroughly before putting it away, and store it in a clean dry location.

You can also use whatever body safe lube you feel comfortable with for the insertion process.


Packaging consisted of a plain plastic bag with a set of instructions for vaginal use. Everything can be easily recycled.

Note: it's not recommended to use this, or any other douche, vaginally. The vagina has this whole cleaning thing down on its own with minimal help.


No matter how many times I tried or what lube I used, I just could not get the larger shaft in comfortably. I tried and tried and tried and each time I gave up and just used the smaller shaft, taking extra care to make sure that it didn't separate from the bulb. Overall it's a pretty adequate kit, even if my small hands dropped it once. It's useful and I will use it until I find a better substitute because it is easy to clean, but I'm just not ever going to be in love with it.
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